Why You Should Have Sex For Money

why you should have sex for money

The question of morality in our day to day love and relationship life keeps getting questioned daily, and this is noted in this very controversial post made by a Facebook User, Rapulu S. Oramali, that Nigerians girls should have sex for money when presented the opportunity.

This controversial post has since generated a lot of reactions online. Read the post below and share your opinion with us:

As a young girl in Nigeria, there may come a time when someone who is insanely rich wants to have sex with you and give you big money. Money enough to start up a life or a business for yourself.

Please I’m advising you, accept this offer. Infact, add different sex positions.

A lot of people will tell you that you are cheapening your body by selling it, they are wrong. Ask them what they are worth now, they that haven’t sold their bodies.

In Nigeria, there’s only one worth of note: financial worth.

If you are absolutely sure that this person will give you this money and that the act is not against your sexual orientation, have sex with the person and start up your life.

Opportunities like that don’t come often. It might look like a demonic opportunity but it’s opportunity nonetheless.

People are going to accuse you of making it through bottom power, don’t get angry, don’t be ashamed, own it up. There are over 3 billion bottoms in the world so it’s an honour for yours to be among the few that has a power attached to it.

They will accuse you of being part of the problem with Nigeria, own it too. Nigeria has too many problems, if they solve others and it’s only you remaining, then you are just a little problem.

They will tell you that you are pouring sand on people who are working hard and you are cheating meritocracy. Ask them how Buhari is president and osinbajo his deputy. Ask them to give you ten instances where merits and hardwork alone helped a Nigerian. If they give you instances truly, thank them and wish the merit class well.

Remind them that you are not committing any crime according to the laws of Nigeria.

Your only crime is against God and since they are not God, they shouldn’t play God.

Take this money and invest in yourself and in a business. A man who sleeps with you today and gives you a million, if you invest the million wisely, he won’t sleep with you tomorrow for a million. It’s either he tops up or he cannot afford you. At some point, nobody can afford you.

This might look like I’m cheapening you to buyable commodities, it actually is but don’t feel sad. Most guys will jump at same offer from a woman. Everyone has a price.

We live in a difficult time. We have to take difficult decisions.

Whatever you have to do that’s not a crime, do it to make money.

There’s nothing Noble about poverty.

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    Ebenezer Ekpenyong
    February 12, 2020 at 9:25 pm

    I don’t think this is a good idea, and i don’t support this

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