Heartwarming Ideas For A Personalized Memorial

Ideas For A Personalized Memorial

Heartwarming Ideas For A Personalized Memorial: Many a time, the departure of a loved one or friend is hard and devastating to the families and friends left behind. One way to keep them alive is to hold a memorial.

Applying a unique touch to a memorial is a sure and befitting way to not only say goodbye but also to preserve the memories of the departed.

However, achieving the best memorial can be a bit tricky if not strenuous. If you are planning to commemorate your departed loved one or friend, here are some heartwarming ideas to apply and achieve that personal memorial.

What Are Heartwarming Ideas For A Personalized Memorial?

1. Celebrate Life

It’s important to honour the memory of a loved one and get closure in their departure. In almost all the cases, when a loved one passes on, those left behind can be overwhelmed and even overcome by grief.

It is important to go through all the stages of grief to find closure and direction.

Holding funerals has become an all too common scenario and, therefore, the whole process has lost the personal touch that helps to give our loved ones the goodbyes they deserve.

Celebratory memorials of life after your loved one’s passing is a great way that will in years to come help you and your loved ones remember the days you spent together.

Gather all family and friends, choose a venue to congregate, and at a place where you can focus on the joy and happiness, the departed brought you, the void that’s left, as well as the best ways to move forward.

In case you are unsure of where to start, there are always counsellors to help with the whole process.

2. Bring Out The Uniqueness

As important as it is to keep the memories of your departed, it’s equally important to remember the unique traits they possessed.

For instance, your loved one might have been fond of music or they could have been an artist. During the memorial, you can plan to have the deceased’s dream artist performing.

Hey, you also have the option of composing a heartfelt performance yourself by writing a song or presenting a work of art and all in their memory.

Showing the unique traits of your departed through art will not only show the human side of their lives but also their uniqueness. This is what makes us human.

3. Go Live

It’s time to embrace modern technology and let the whole world know about the departed. Your loved one doesn’t have to be famous for them to be celebrated by the whole world.

However, you can make them famous by creating an online space for them. There, you can celebrate their life, share their joy, share your pain, and your loss.

This will be a great idea to share their memories with the world and in the process, find the healing you need to move forward.

Additionally, sharing your departed in various online spaces will be an assurance that you have people all over sharing in your grief.

4. Consider Digitized Memorial Stones

A modern and heartwarming idea is to go digital. Unfortunately, the traditional memorial stones are made of granite, gabbro, slate, or marble.

This can make it hard to go digital as the stones can make it impossible to edit the inscriptions. However, with modern and digitized memorial stones, you can rewrite an inscription of your desire as often as you’d need to.

5. Include Professional Memorial Officiants

Ideas For A Personalized Memorial


For a memorial service to go as planned and flow successfully, hire a professional with lots of experience in this field.

A memorial officiant will guide you through the whole process; pre-planning the service, the service itself, and even post service.

In case you are unsure of where to start or are unable to be involved, a memorial officiant can be of great help to help you accomplish your mission.

Talk to the funeral home director and they could recommend an officiant who will get the job done and in a way that makes the ceremony a success.

6. Display Your Emotions Through Art

The memories you shared with your loved one can be expressed through photographs and videos. Before the memorial, collect as many photos and videos of the departed, then choose those that were most relevant to your loved one.

Use these to create a collage or videos outlining all their memories, the moments that were captured in film or video, and share them during the memorial.

This way, you’ll not only get to celebrate life but also share all the memories with everyone present. Take a step further and upload these photos and videos in your social media accounts to share with those not present at the memorial.

Saying goodbye forever does not mean that your loved one doesn’t live in your heart and memories. Take time to grieve but most importantly, prepare them a heartwarming memorial.

Don’t forget to spice up the venue with flowers, delicacies, and bright colours. After all, you are commemorating a life well-lived.

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