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How to Overcome Loneliness after Heartbreak

how to overcome loneliness after heartbreak

How to Overcome Loneliness after Heartbreak – Heartbreak can be really hard and tough for anyone. Be it a long-term relationship or a relationship that didn’t last so long, heartbreak is the same. The reality of not being with that person you are in love with anymore and the pain and hurt that comes with it. But worse still is the loneliness that comes with heartbreak.

Loneliness is a very dangerous thing for anyone because it can lead to depression. Heartbreak, loneliness, and depression are like three peas in a pod (pardon my figurative).

When you experience heartbreak, the intense pain and hurt that comes with it is big enough to throw the victim into depression. You start feeling like you will never meet any other person like that person again, you feel like that is the end of the world and you are doomed to spend forever alone but this is not the case. You don’t have to be alone, you don’t have to be lonely and you are not meant to spend forever all by yourself. All you need to do is to gear yourself up into overcoming that feeling of loneliness and not let it rule over your life.

Here are some tips on how to overcome loneliness after heartbreak;

1. Accept that you are lonely and heartbroken

The first thing you should do is to accept that you are heartbroken and lonely. This is reality no doubt, so fighting it is a waste of strength. Accept that reality because his is what will make it easier for you to move on. However, if you try to fight it in the bid to look and act strong, you might not be able to really move on. This means that accepting the heartbreak and loneliness is what will make it easier for you to surge forward and move on without looking back.

2. Let it all Out

Do not try to act strong and okay because you are not. Let it all out. Trying to hold your emotions, hurt and pains will only make it worse so you have got to let it out. You can try starting a journal and write your feelings down. Write everything down, how you feel, how the heartbreak is affecting you and how lonely you are. If you can not write it down, then, speak it out. Sit in front of a mirror and let everything out by talking to yourself.

3.Reconnect with your friends

Perhaps when your relationship just started, you became distant to all your close pals. Most people do this because they want to spend all of their time with their lover so they let relationships with their friends suffer. But when the heartbreak finally happens, who do you turn to again? These same friends that you ignored because of your relationship. So, seek your friends out and let them know that you value their friendship. Discuss everything with them and they will be sure to make you feel better.

4. Reignite Your Social Life

Most people tend to let their social lives suffer when they enter into a new relationship. They would rather spend all their time with their partner than go out to hang out and meet people. And when the heartbreak happens is when they realize that their social life and skills are a bit rustled. Then, the best thing to do to get over this loneliness would be to reignite your social life. Start meeting new people, go to new places, hang out with your friends and have fun. Have a night out with your close friends, go see that new movie that is in town, and resume watching those football games you used to miss because of your lover then. In one word, start catching in on all the fun you missed while you were living a lovers’ life. Meet new people, make new friends and establish new connections.

5. Do not wallow in self-pity

Wallowing in self-pity because of a heartbreak is the last thing you should ever let yourself do. Now, I am not saying that it is not normal to wallow but wallowing on for a longer time than normal is what is absolutely not okay. Fine, you are heartbroken, you need to cry and you need to vent but never let it go on for long. Wallowing in self-pity isn’t going to solve anything so get on your feet and make the decision to be strong for you alone. Don’t ever start to pity yourself because of a lost relationship. Accept that the person left because they were never meant to be a part of your life in the first place. Don’t be hard on yourself. Be strong and be ready to move on from the past because that is now the past.

6. Start regular Exercises

Exercises have been proven to be excellent stress reliever so, get into the routine of a regular exercise. Once you exert your energy doing exercises, there won’t even be the time and strength to mope around or wallow in self-pity.

Start some exercises that are okay and enough for you. You don’t necessarily need to hit the gym. It could be an early morning jog or an evening walk. It could be yoga and it could be cardio exercises. It could be any type of exercise so just start the exercises. You will definitely be healthier and happier. What better thing could you wish for?

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7. Heal and Move on

If you definitely imbibe in all the ways I mentioned above, then, healing won’t be so hard for you. Don’t dwell on the past and don’t waste your time thinking about what could have been and how it could have been. Know that it ended because it was never meant to be. It wouldn’t have ended if it was meant to be. Although the healing process might seem long, however, I am sure you will heal. Make yourself open to new relationships and do not shut yourself from the world. Just heal and move on.

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