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Relationship Milestones You Need To Reach Before You Totally Commit to Marriage

Relationship Milestones You Need To Reach

Relationship Milestones You Need To Reach Before You Totally Commit to Marriage – In any committed relationship, it is only normal that couples start to think of marriage after they have been dating for a while. I mean you are both in love, you can’t do without each other and now, you can’t wait to start living together as one, to have kids and to spend the rest of your lives together with each other. Getting married to start living together and having kids might seem like the easiest thing to do but it’s not a child’s play if we are going to be sincere with each other.

Before you start having thoughts of marriage, there are certain milestones you need to have reached or set in your relationship. There are many things you need to consider before deciding if you really want to spend the rest of your life together with that person you are in a relationship with. What you need to know is that marriage is different from each other. So many people might tell you that you are getting old or you are old enough to get married and all these things single people who are eligible to be married hear every day but the truth is you have got to look before you leap.

In your relationship, before intending to commit to marriage with your partner, you need to sit down and think. Is this the person I really want to spend the rest of my life with? Are we really both ready for marriage? Am I ready to be totally committed to this person for the rest of my life? And so many other questions are what you should ask yourself. Then, if you think that you are ready to commit, there are relationship milestones you need to have reached before starting the marriage talk. If you haven’t reached these milestones in your relationship, then know that marriage should be far out of sight.

1. Be comfortable with each other

In a committed relationship for which marriage is in sight, couples should be super comfortable with each other. Comfortable like to be able to do anything in the presence of your partner. Perhaps when you just started dating, you used to apply makeup for every date or you used to put extra effort into your dressing whenever you were supposed to meet, now that you are both committed, you should be able to meet up with your partner without putting extra effort into looking nice. I am not saying that you dress shabbily in his presence or anything, but you have to be comfortable with wearing anything in your partner’s presence.

You should be able to give your partner the keys to your apartment or the password to your phone without having anything whatsoever to fear. You know that feeling when you feel like you can just do anything in your partner’s presence or when you feel like you can just tell them anything? That is what it means to be super comfortable with each other.

2. Get acquainted with family and friends

Before you start thinking of marriage in your relationship, then it means that you are already acquainted with your partner’s family and friends. Now, I don’t mean anything like being introduced to his family as the future husband or wife but you need to know at least some of his family members. You know maybe his siblings or his favorite cousin? The ones he is close with? Yeah, when you begin to get acquainted with members of his family, it definitely means that there is a future for you both together. Moreover, getting to know your partner’s friends shows that you are gradually getting to really be a part of their life and that is a relationship milestone for you if you are looking to commit to marriage. Although most people do not see this as a big deal, it definitely is.

If your partner that you are already in a committed relationship with is not showing you off to his friends or family members, then, you need to rethink twice before having thoughts of settling down with that person for life.

3. Have absolute trust in each other

This is a very important relationship milestone you need to reach before thinking of committing to marriage. Trust is absolutely important for any relationship to thrive and survive. Before you start thinking of getting married to your partner, then this means that you both already have absolute trust in each other. When you can fully believe whatever your partner tells you, when you do not listen to third-party intervention in your relationship, when you can absolutely place a bet on your partner’s loyalty, this means that trust is prevalent in your relationship. And this means that you can be looking forward to settling down with this person for life.

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4. Discuss everything with each other

When your relationship has reached that point where you can both discuss anything everything with each other without any secrets whatsoever, it is a sign that you can now think of committing to marriage. Couples that are in a committed relationship should be able to discuss anything with each other. You should be able to have discussions on your finances, your careers, your pasts and everything else that is happening in any of your lives.

For most couples, finance is a very touchy subject to discuss. However, it shouldn’t be for two people who are hoping to spend a lifetime together come rain come shine. Being able to discuss your past relationships comfortably without holding anything back from your partner is important. Also, being able to discuss your fears and limitations with your partner without the fear of being judged is a milestone that you need to reach in your relationship before you both start the marriage and kids talk.

If you have reached all of these milestones in your relationship, then it is no longer a big deal to see marriage with each other. But if you haven’t, then it is advisable that you keep marriage talks for when you finally do.

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