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How to Solve Communication Problems in Relationships

How to solve communication problems in relationships

How to solve communication problems in relationships. You need to know that it is not all relationships that you need to bail out from.

There are some that are worth saving especially if the relationship issues balls down getting to know how to solve communication problems in relationships.

See! A lot of relationships have happened to be at its lowest ebb because of the serious gap in communication. You will also agree with me that partners in relationship sometimes decide to take time off their relationships because there is no clear communication between them.

If you try to look one of the basic issues that arise in relationships, communication comes first in most partners’ lists. Thus I see it proper that we discuss how to solve communication problems in relationships.

Are you with me?

A post I read somewhere online about how to solve communication problems in relationships, attempts to explain communication between lovebirds as that of a lady communicating to make her thoughts and feelings known while a man communicates to find solutions to certain information.

Is that true? Well I’d leave that to you to decide.

Whichever way you seem to look at the above. What is important is that you know there is a PROBLEM, that moment when your encoder does not understand what you are communicating.

Communication isn’t really about who is talking, but about who is LISTENING. So when you are communicating and the listener does not understand the information you are passing, then there is a GAP

Try to visualize this seemingly scenario that is so particular in relationships:

Imagine Grace was trying to tell Richard about the gab in the communication between them

Grace said: You went out with the boys yesternight and you failed to let me know. Was that the plan?

Richard replied: Why are you offended nah? It skipped my mind.

Being the guy that Richard is, he would have believed that Grace would understand his statement and acknowledge that he forgot to inform her. However there are two conclusions Grace can infer from the statement. Either she moves away from the issue in acceptability or gets more vexed with the statement because it does not quite solve the problem on ground.

You will agree with me that challenges posed by the communication gap should not be strong enough to cause a breakdown of love and affection between partners in a relationship, but believe me if I tell you that lapses as basic as this can lead to destroyed relationships.

You still don’t believe?

I will break it down

Have you noticed a lot of relationships breaking down due to basics like:

My boyfriend does not understand my point!

Anytime we communicate, we argue and then everyone gets angry and storms off. No consensus is reached

I find it difficult comprehending what she says, even though I nod my head in agreement.

These and more are examples of basics that hurt the very existence of intimate relationships. You should understand that even the slightiest of all relationship breakdown should not be neglected and be dealt with properly.

Now you get me, right?

Let me break down communication errors that deal terribly with budding romantic relationships:

Before we can touch how to solve communication problems in relationships, we need to check out the communication mistakes more comprehensively.

When both parties fail to share problems between themselves

The foundation of the very best relationships are laid on the ability to pass genuine information between partners in love, the ability to talk about all the ‘shenanigans’ associated with falling in love. No matter how reasonable or unreasonable it is, the ability to discuss anything and everything provides the tenets for all long lasting relationships.

The more uneasy and unreasonable your conversations are, the more the foundation of trust is deeply rooted in your love life.

When you ask passive questions all the time

You ask your boyfriend:

How was your week?

This demonstrated your genuine intentions of care and concern, but when it becomes a repetitive term of discourse, the other party may see it as a lack of empathy and effort. A lot of couples do not actually know that this is a major communication mistake relationships and as such they do not place a lot of emphasis on trivial but delicate communication mistakes, but this damages more than we all think!

When you fail to pass compliments

Yes, I know you pass compliments, but it is once in a while yea?

Seriously this type of relationship mistakes damages a relationship and the earlier you realize that it does the better for your relationship. Sometimes our partners want to hear our compliments like all the time and when we take this as a pinch of salt, our partners may find it difficult to really see whether we truly love for them for who they are, or we just compliment them based on impulse.

These are basic and negligible but believe me when I say it damages a relationship and renders it passion-less as it may seem.

When you don’t even share or exchange information at all

Need I say more? What is a relationship without proper and adequate communication? What is a relationship without sharing of information between love birds that are deeply entwined with each other.

You are turning the knob and ushering the fire of love away gradually from your relationship. The earlier you know now, the better for your knowledge on how to solve communication problems in relationships.

Now to see you understand the delicate ways on how to solve communication problems in relationships:

The first thing you need to know on how to solve communication problems in relationships is first of all understanding that there is gap.

There is a problem, YES! A gap in your communication etiquette. You must first look out for the signs of unhappiness and lack of contentment in your partner and see reason for the signs. There you would see that there is a problem already!

If you are the one on the receiving end of the communications gap, then the first step is still to COMMUNICATE that there is a problem. You need to let your partner know that something is threatening the longevity and sustainability of your relationship. In a situation where you need your partner to take the initiative in saving your relationship and he/ she does not, then you need to take the mantle and make the move.

When you love your relationship and want it so bad, then you do everything to solve the subtle killer of emotions and the fire that lights up your relationship, in any way.








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