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Best Happy Easter Wishes and Happy Easter Greetings

happy easter wishes and happy easter greetings

Sending happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings have been a part of me from when I was a child. If you are in the same position as I am, then this post is meant for you.

I remember back then, walking into church with my parents, Dad as a local church steward robed all up in his church gown and Mom as a church Usher dressed in her suit with her pretty hat on wishing church members the best happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings. I kind of caught up with the bug.

I remember we the children particularly excited that the Easter period will herald freshly spiced and spiced chicken all rolled up in Mom’s pot of Easter stew. I also remember the privilege we get to visit neighbours and friends all in the name of wishing them the most amazing happy Easter wishes and Happy Easter greetings that would be accompanied by boxes of chocolates, plenty food and lots to drink.

Easter has always been a fun time for me, and the Happy Easter sayings that abound around my house and locality then rubbed off on me. A year does not pass by without me wishing family and friends warm happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings that would light their years. I know that it is time to share my amazing Easter greetings sayings with you so that everyone will know that greetings are not only left to Christmas and New Year. If you need messages and quotes on Christmas, then I have shared it here for you to make use of.

I have created a lot of examples of the very best happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings that would be suitable for you to send this Easter period. Sit tight and let’s get on with it:

happy easter wishes and happy easter greetings


Sweet happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings for your use

People love to get sweet happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings on their phones. Why not become one of the first set of people to wish them with the beautiful happy Easter quotes I have prepared for you:

1. You know why I love Easter? because it is time to share the joy in your heart with all the people around. It is also the time to share the knowledge of God the Father through Jesus as he has given us life to live and hope for tomorrow. Happy Easter

2. Won’t you celebrate this time with me? It is the resurrection of Christ. Happy Easter to you

3. What will you be doing this Easter? I will be celebrating with family and friends. Will you like to join me? let us revel in the joy of the Lord our saviour. Happy Easter to you

4. My happy Easter wishes to you is that the peace that ha started to reign in your family will not stop, that the heavenly father will shower his blessings upon you and your family. That you will never lack any good thing at your house. This and more are my happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings to you and your house. God be with you.

5. All we need to is to believe in Jesus and cast all our worries to him. He will surely solve all our worries and bring us joy, peace and satisfaction. I wish you a very happy Easter

6. On this Easter, I pray that God’s unfailingly love will not be away from you. I pray that God’s forgiveness will reign in your house. I pray that God’s peace and mercy will be your portion today and forever. Happy Easter to you.

7. Have you thanked God today? he gave us a new chance through the resurrection of His son Jesus Christ. He gave us another chance to become better than who we were before. happy Easter to you.

8. Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Hallelujah! May the resurrection of Jesus Christ bring you joy unspeakable and happiness that will shock everyone. Happy Easter

9. He said ‘forgive them father, because we are ignorant of what we did! and he was nailed to the cross, punished for our transgressions, so we could live yet again! I hope the death and resurrection of Jesus will not be in vain. Happy Easter to you

10. The Easter period is the best time to appreciate all that God has done for us and celebrate him as well. Happy Easter to you

Happy Easter greetings, SMS and text messages

11. This is the time for you to repent, forsake all your sins and move closer to Christ. This is the time to be appreciated and acknowledge God in your life. Happy Easter to you and your family

12. Let us spread the joy, love and happiness of the resurrection of Christ and the impact his resurrection has brought onto Christians worldwide. It is time for the reflection and how his death impacted us spiritually. Happy Easter to you

13. Finally, the Easter period of the year is here. May the joy of the lord’s resurrection bring compassion to your heart and bring you never-ending happiness. Happy Easter

14. I just want to be the first person to pop into your inbox and wish the best person in this globe happy Easter. May God bless your home

15. Let this Easter be an amazing one for you and your family. But remember that it is time to get ourselves prepared for the second coming of Christ. he is coming back for all of us.

16. I wish you the blessings of our lord Jesus Christ. May happiness and joy never depart from your home. have a truly amazing Easter

17. I pray that the face of our lord will shine on you and your family this Easter and beyond. I pray that the angels protect you and your family. I pray that sadness will your be your portion and that the love of God will never leave your home this Easter and forever. Happy Easter.

18. Seen the happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings that you need? Pick as much as you like and begin to text to your family and friends.

19. I wish you the very best Happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings for you and your FAM! Enjoy!

20. Remember that Easter is a period of God’s promise to us every year. I pray that the promise of God this Easter will continue to be your portion now and forever.

21. The most amazing thing with Easter is celebrating with family. Happy Easter

22. Let your loneliness be filled with the loving resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let his glory fill your house now and forever.

23. I send you this beautiful text to start your day. I pray that the almighty bless your paths. I send my happy Easter wishes as a prayer for you. May God bless everything that concerns you this Easter and beyond. Happy Easter

24. Happy Easter is not just an ordinary word from me to you. It is a call to action that we exemplify the true attitude of Christ our Lord as he died and resurrected to cart away our sins. Let this Easter be a true reflection of sobriety for you and your family. Happy Easter.

25. Remember to give a vote of thanks to God today as you wake up to Christ arisen. When you have a lot to say today, just mouth a word of thanks to God for the gift of life. Happy Easter!

26. When you rise up this morning, be grateful for the awesome privilege to be alive to witness the resurrection of Christ. Happy Easter to you and your family.

27. This moment is that amazing celebration of the gift that Christ has offered us, and the gratefulness for the bountiful opportunities that wait right in front of us. Please channel your energy into doing the good things as Christ has taught us. This Easter period, I want you to lend a helping hand to the less privileged. I want you to support the downtrodden just the way Christ has supported you with his death and rising up so that the prophecy that saved you and I can come to fruition. Happy Easter friend, God be with you.

28. The season of rejoicing is here again. Hurray! This is one important holiday for all Christians across the world. It is the time to appreciate the goodness and mercies of God and also revel in the euphoria that we are sons and daughters of the living God. We should also remain thankful for the advantage we have as sons of daughters of God. Let us remember the resurrection of Christ and celebrate it decently as he would have expected us to. let us also not forget that he is king and his second coming will soon happen, as such, we should be prepared to fly away with him when the time comes. Happy Easter to you and your family

Inspirational Easter messages, best Easter wishes and Happy Easter sayings to your lover

29. I told you I will be with you till the end of time as Christ showed to us. This is to further re-emphasize on my love to you this Easter and forever. I will be with you till the end of time. Happy Easter my love.

30. I was thinking of an inspirational message to send to you out of my inspirations text messages, and this came up. I will always support you and stand by you through your shadowy periods. I will support you and show you love like never before. I will pray for you just as Christ prayed for us on his ascension into heaven. Happy Easter dear. I love you always

31. Easter is here again and I think a lot about you. That you get all the happiness that abounds in this world. Enough to make you happy from now till eternity. I pray that the blessing of the almighty never departs from you and that you live to reap the fruit of your labours. I pray that your parents and friends will never have any course to cry over you now and forever. happy Easter dear. God be with you

32. I dedicate this Easter to you and I am sending this as part of my Inspiration Easter messages, that you are my number one fan and I value your trust and support over the years. I am truly humbled by your selflessness and I am forever grateful to you for being a part of my future. Happy Easter Love. God bless you and yours

33. I know Easter is not a different occasion from Christmas and New Year, but this particular Easter feels so special because you are the true definition of a God-sent person. Your wisdom overshadows my naivety and you are God’s blessing to my poor soul. This is my message of love this Easter and I pray that our love never comes to an end. Happy Easter my love.

34. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Let every living soul praise the Lord because the Lord our  God is the highest and he reigneth forever more. He is the most amazing God and we indeed should be thankful for the gift he has bestowed on us. The ability to shine through his grace and compassion. I see the light of God in your life and in our relationship and I am indeed thankful for such an opportunity to see Christ reflected in you. May all your heart desire come to pas this Easter period. May the almighty shower his blessing on you and may your joy never cease as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Easter my love. God bless and be with you. Thank you for being a part of my life. Happy Easter Darling.

Best Happy Easter Wishes and Happy Easter Greetings

35. This is another Easter season for good friends and wonderful family, I want to use this opportunity to thank every one of you.

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36. Your success is one of the most precious things in my life, may you succeed better than you ever have been, I just want to say happy Easter.

37. What a wonderful festive period with lots of promising success ahead, the greetings of this year will be full of many breakthroughs.

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38. I am glad to say happy Easter to the best friend of life, may the Lord in His infinite mercy bless you accordingly.

39. Every year comes with a new dawn, may the favour of this year profit you day and night. I wish you a very awesome Easter.

40. Enjoy this wonderful moment with those that really matter to you, I can’t do without extending my precious greetings to you.

41. I just want to wish you a lot of precious moments ahead, may the Lord bless your hustle and protect your endeavours against all evils.

42. I am so proud of you because you are a reliable friend and the best friend of the year. I wish you tremendous success in life.

43. Wonderful people with a precious smile are rare, that’s why I will always value you more than everyone else.

44. May the Lord protect you beyond your expectations and bless your hustles beyond how you ever expected. I wish you all the best on earth.

45. Thanks for being there for me, you are simply the most beloved person in my life and I will never forget you.

46. We are celebrating a popular day in a year, so my entire greetings go to my amiable friends and precious family.

47. Dear Dad, you are the best mentor in the world, I pray for your special breakthrough this year. Have a splendid Easter.

48. I just want to be happy with you, so I decided to come back home to celebrate this year’s Easter with you. I wish you all the best.

49. May the Lord in His infinite mercy consider your promotion this year, may make this festive period a reason to promote you this year.

50. I am pleased to send this wonderful Easter message to you in order to brighten up your day for a precious moment.

51. I am so glad of you, so precious, so nice, may the Lord continue to bless you for the rest of your life. I wish you all the best.

52. Thanks for being a great friend and an amazing wife,  success will be your portion all through the year. I wish you all the best.

53. I wish to be yours all the time so that we can move up in life as true lovers with common ambition, I also want to say, happy Easter dear.

54. Easter is a festive period of salvation and love, we are proud of this day because it makes us bonded than ever. I wish you all the best.

55. Easter is a festival of great sacrifices, receive your salvation as you celebrate this day in peace and harmony.

56. I just want to be grateful for every good thing that has happened since the year, I wish myself a splendid Easter.

57. What a precious moment today, may the Lord protect us to find peace and harmony in all we are doing, I wish myself all the best.

58. It is not east that we all witness a day like this. Many have died, and most have run mad but we are alive and healthy.

59. The Easter is finally here, I think we need a lot of fun to call it a day, I wish myself all the best, may the Lord bless us all together.

60. I can only give an advice that everyone should take good care of themselves, this Easter makes me happier than I used to be.

61.  We are full of excitement; as I am sending this blossom message to all I have met so far in life. I wish you all the best.

62. Congratulations to everyone alive today, we were saved by God to witness a joyous day like this, it is really worth a big celebration.

63. Every year is a great testimony because it records a good day the sacrifice was carried out for a great human transformation.

64. Your wishes be accepted by the Lord, may your weakness become a strong success for you, now and forever.

65. I want to be proud of you all the time, to make you smile and find peace and harmony in all that you do. I am happy to celebrate this Easter with you.

66. Continue to soar in love and happiness, that’s exactly what you need the most, I really appreciate you for whom you are.

67. May the blessed love of God descend upon you this day, may the Lord bless your aims and objectives all the time.

68. I am so glad because you are the best for me, I wish you all the best now and forever and pray you to continue to excel all your life.

69. The best of my Easter greetings goes to my family, friends and well-wishers, I pray you all benefit the blessing of a new dawn.

70. May the Lord protect your hustles and guide your action to the point of success, I am so glad to have you as brother.

71. Every moment is very important because it draws us close to success, I wish you the best of luck, may the Lord bless us.

72. You are the most precious person in my life, and you have always been there for me when I need you most.

73. May the Lord bless your hustle and protect your dignity from now on. I wish you all the best on this earth.

74. May the most merciful shower His blessing upon your business this year and give you a turning point forever.

75. I want to be with you all the time but time is not always by my side, so enjoy your Easter in a cool environment. I miss you so much.

76. Every precious day shall be yours to enjoy, I am glad that you are part of my life, may this festive period mark the beginning of your joy in life.

77. I am glad you are part of this success and as an opportunity, I want to use this medium to be proud of you and to extend my Easter greetings to you. I wish you all the best.

78. Did you enjoy these happy Easter wishes and happy Easter greetings that I have shared with you? Go on, SHARE with your friends by CLICKING the Share button below.

Have my very best Easter wishes and Easter greetings for you and your family this Easter.

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