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I really hope love is that easy like it is been portrayed in the movies. I was recently seeing a movie series whose story line was based on love. They made love look easy, they portrayed it like all you need to make a relationship successful is love. They portrayed love as something you can have today and tomorrow you can decide to let it go.

Relationship break-up was portrayed as something so easy. You break up today and tomorrow you feel so comfortable seeing him/her kissing another. Like nothing is wrong at all.

I wish love is as easy as our movie makers try to portray them to be. I wish relationships are all that mushy like they want to make us believe and I should sincerely appreciate their effort. They have successfully built unrealistic expectations in people’s minds, broken a lot of promising relationships all because someone watched a very romantic and love laden movie. No doubt, a lot of lessons have been taken from movies for relationships but the larger part of it has misled a lot of people.

If we must be sincere with ourselves, a successful relationship requires hard work. Love is a conscious effort that requires deliberate decisions. Love is not something we simply have today and throw away tomorrow. We can both agree relationship is more than eating two baked pies and going to the cinema. Relationship is not a fairy tale, it is never easy like our movie makers portray it to be but I want to be on the side of the movie makers. I want love to be like what they portray it to be. Easy!

I want a relationship that is full of love, fun and no period of tears or pain. I want a relationship where we will go on and on, sharing dreams and having them being fulfilled like we dreamt of them, having our list ticked off one by one. I want a relationship where my princess will always be my forever, who knows what I want even before I voice it out.

I want a relationship that will leave me speechless everytime, where everyday will be like christmas and holiday spent together in each other’s arms. I wish for that kind of relationship such that all we do is smile and have happy memories together.

I wish for the kind of relationship that’s never ending…..with the happily ever after feel to it.

But we both know if wishes were horses, then we can go back and forth, as much as we can. Every successful relationship takes hard work and deliberate decisions to make it work. So I will turn off the TV and wake up to reality.

Reality is where love is sown, watered and cared for. I will wake up to reality where even the best relationships have misunderstandings. I will wake to reality that there is more going on underneath than the all mushy the make believe world display for us.

Love is sweet, relationship is sweeter but it takes more hard work than they give credit to.

=======Dedicated to all the Telemundo fans on PayTV!…..I hail oh! Keep Dreaming!

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    Dennis kamwela
    March 24, 2017 at 2:51 am

    Touching feeling.

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