How to Write a Dissertation When You’re Really Busy and Love to Travel

How to Write a Dissertation

How to Write a Dissertation When You’re Really Busy and Love to Travel: Writing a dissertation is a difficult task, and most students struggle with it from the start. Things are tougher if you have a busy working schedule which involves traveling. For instance, if you plan to work on your dissertation during your summer vacation, you need a different strategy than when working on the project from home or school.  This article offers crucial tips to help with dissertation writing for students with busy schedules and who also love the road. Keep reading.

1. Narrow Down Your Dissertation

One of the greatest mistakes masters students make is to try to solve too many problems with one dissertation. This results in a very broad topic which might take years to complete. If you plan to work on your dissertation while on the road, it is advisable to narrow down the topic and focus on a few objectives.  Now that have limited research time, it is important to clarify the project and write down the new aims.

2. Create Communication Channels With Your Supervisor

Before you hit the road or start that new gig which involves traveling, you need to consult your supervisor. The last thing you want is to work on several chapters of the dissertation over summer only for your supervisor to reject everything. Discuss your work plan and open new channels of communications for constant monitoring of your project.  You will receive invaluable guidance on the paper while on the road.

3. Create a Clear-Cut Schedule of Work

Things change throughout a trip and you might not have a solid plan covering all the months you will be on the road. However, you should create a schedule for your dissertation writing and set a clear deadline for sections of the paper.

A long-term deadline will lead to procrastination and for this reason, you need to break down the project into workable bits. Set short term deadlines for shorter bits of the paper and you will find yourself doing more.

4. Innovate

When traveling, you have an idea where you want to go but when it comes to your research work and writing, things are not clear-cut. For instance, you can’t select a place to study beforehand until you get to your destination.

You have to innovate to create time and space for your research work. For instance, in between your meals, you can do some research at a diner using free Wi-Fi. Every city has a library where you can pop in and get some work done during your trip.

5. Seek Objective Feedback

While working on your research at home, there are many people to talk to about the progress of the project. The feedback you get on the paper is not always objective, but when traveling, you have a chance to meet new people and share your thoughts. These outsiders will give an incisive view of your work and new perspectives.

Writing a dissertation when traveling is not easy but if you have a clear strategy, you can do it. Make sure you utilize all the resources you can find and if you need thesis statement help go online and find alternative research ideas.

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