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I Know You Are Asleep But Paragraphs For Him

i know you are asleep but paragraphs for him

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Guys love all the love-dovey, and romance based attitudes that girls give the. Sometimes guys may look like they don’t want or like it but trust me, beneath the facade is a guy who loves all the mushiness that comes with falling in love. There is nothing really bad in sending your man an I love you paragraph and midnight messages when you are awake and you feel he should be asleep wherever he is. If you really love your man, sending a midnight paragraph should not be a big deal for you.

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I Know You Are Asleep But Paragraphs For Him

I know you are asleep right now, but know that I love and kiss you. Whenever we are not together, my spirit is with. Because where the snail goes, the shell follow. I am stuck with you darling and I will never go away from you. Forever was the plan and always will it be. I am yours forever. This message is just to let you know that I am currently awake and thinking about you. Have a lovely night rest.

Anytime you wake up, and you see this good night paragraph, know that when I sent it I was awake and thinking about you. You have taken my life to a whole different level and shown me the true and real definition of love. No matter how hard I try to think of something else. Your face creeps up and I just smile. I am totally in love and obsessed with you.

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