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timi dakolo has a side chick

Things are really going from bad to worse. Timi Dakolo has just been alleged to have a SIDE CHICK!

Okay so, social media has been really trending with respect to the hot exchanges between Timi Dakolo and Daddy Freeze after Timi Dakolo voiced his opinion on cases of divorce in Marriage. I got the gist on here for you!

Just to buttress his part of the story. Freeze shared a screenshot of a lady who called Timi Dakolo out, stating she knew the singer’s side chick.

Side Chick again? This is honestly getting more interesting.

However it seems this whole brouhaha is not on Timi alone as Freeze is also getting his bit of negative reactions as well. A post made by Freeze’s ex wife, Opeyemi Olarinde has said that she would also drop some gist about her failed marriage with the OAP.

See the Instagram post below:

In another post by Daddyfreeze, he made remarks to Timi Dakolo with a song, following the shocking revelation of his alleged extramarital affair. In the outburst Freeze said:

Why is it so hard for some people to learn, when you live in glass houses don’t throw stone. Side chick toh bad. Side hustle, side step, reserve bench, deputy bae.

I pay my tithe, but I have a side chick, and all that kingdom work….

Let me sing you a song, Oh my side chick I love you, side chick side chick, sheeew…side chick….

See the video of the post on Instagram:

Oh..We are still waiting for Timi to make a statement about this accusation, I can only imagine what he would be going through right about now.

Meanwhile Timi Dakolo also shared this post on his Instagram page. Whatever it means, I’d leave you to figure it out. LOL

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    Omagxii Tha Paparazzo
    October 29, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Hahaha. The guy na player o. Keep up your good work ogah photographer.

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