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I need an abortion

I need an abortion in Nigeria

Nigeria as one of the most religious countries in the world frowns against taking another man’s life and most especially snuffing life out of an unborn child, even if it is still a blood clot at its development stage, you have no reason whatsoever to terminate the pregnancy, unless, in rare occasions where giving birth to the child will lead to complications and eventually the death of the mother.

Abortion in Nigeria is a criminal offence that attracts a punishment of having to spend 14 years of the offender’s life behind bars. Regardless of this scary jail term, the number of abortions carried out in Nigeria on a daily basis is quite alarming.

Often times, these abortions are carried out by quacks and unqualified doctors, this in turn creates complications for the women involved. Even though there are specialist doctors who can help safely with an abortion, many Nigerian women who do not want to keep their babies, are broke or too shy to approach a certified doctor for an abortion resort to unsafe abortion methods which in turn increases the number of abortion related complications.

History of Abortion in Nigeria

According to a research carried out by Guttmacher Institute, the report estimated that close to 500,000 unsafe abortions are carried out in Nigeria yearly. According to another research that came into play as a result of the collaborative effort of Obstetricians of Nigeria, the Society Of Gynecologists and Nigeria’s Ministry of health gathered that the number of Nigerian women that engage in the act of unsafe abortion on a yearly basis can be approximated to 20,000.

Only 40% of the women having unwanted pregnancies willingly visit hospitals with improved health care facilities with well trained physicians at their disposal to carry out the evacuation without a hitch. The other 60% are either too broke or they just want to try their hands at doing things for themselves.

What the Abortion law says about I need an abortion term

A look back into how well the Nigerian abortion law has been holding off will reveal that the law was not entirely accepted by groups and movements with opposing views and these organizations pushed for the abortion law to be revisited and reviewed. No review has been made to the abortion law ever since its implementation as those calling for its review were denied the kind of support they needed from the society. The abortion law has really been controversial as lots of people are calling for the acceptance of safe abortion for women with unplanned pregnancies that is injurious to their health or ones gotten through forced sex.

Several regions in Nigeria have been known to involve in unsafe abortion practices, particularly young women with no access to adequate medical care. The absence of standard medical facilities made many turn to evacuating their unwanted foetus their own way and any complication that arises from this is rarely treated which in turn result into the death of more than 40% of pregnant women across Nigeria. This is the second largest cause of death in the country.

You can download and read the abortion law in Nigeria HERE!


Looking for the answer to I need an abortion in Nigeria? Read on…

Since the inception of health care systems in the country, little or no provisions have been made in developing a better healthcare system that will suit the future needs of the teeming population. The government’s priorities are not set straight and policies that mar the planned progress of the healthcare systems are the ones being put in place. Nigeria as a country has been struggling with maintaining a balance between religious and cultural factors and that is the primary reason why certain issues regarding abortion has not been addressed by the government.

Many of the issues regarding unsafe abortion circles around teenagers, though, they are not the only set affected by the phenomena of unsafe abortion, married and matured women are not left out of this menace. The belief is that, teenagers with unplanned pregnancy do need special care in handling when it comes to the issue of abortion.

An alarming rate of teenagers in Nigeria are the ones in dire need of abortion services as most of these teenagers neglect the practices of safe intercourse, most sexually active teens reject the use of contraceptives and protection to avoid unplanned pregnancy, they would rather risk their chances of getting pregnant and look for measures to abort the baby while still in the womb.

Little or no effort is being put in place to educate the teeming population of teenagers about the use of contraceptives, in an environment where there is high fertility rate and the aborting statistics is alarming, the government doing something about this is one of the best ways to curb the practices of unsafe abortion.

The reasons why you might want to abort a baby and probably of these is the reason why you landed on this page in the first place includes:

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