If you are on the lookout for the perfect love message for long distance relationship. Then jump right in!

Long distance relationships can be challenging, and one of the ways to cushion the effect of loneliness is to send love message for long distance relationship.

Have you read the story of my friend and his girlfriend who were away from each other for three years and just recently came back together? The story will blow you away. One asking them questions about how they were able to deal, they gave one valid point; Communication.

Truly, communication is king in any relationship, one of the reasons to send the perfect communication is by sending love message for your long distance relationship.

The deal breaker for your long distance relationship just has to be communication, and you need to do everything possible to ensure you both stay in touch. Messages, texts, and calls brings the long distance home. It shows that you are trying as much as possible to act as if you both are a stone throw away from each other and that it the true essence of communication and writing love message for long distance relationship.

Remember one of the ways to bridge the distance and emotional gap in your long distance relationship is by sending romantic love messages.

The love message for long distance relationship are what you should send from time to time to your partner to keep the desire alive, make the connection more solid and fuel your emotions through the long distance.

Love message for your long distance relationship:

Hey Boo

I know this long distance between us is killing. So many months away from you has turned me into a wreck, because I miss you every single day. Your vocal love messages and true touch reminds me of when you were still here.

I know I am a day closer to when we will be together again and I can’t wait to have you in my arms. Always remember that I would send this love message for long distance relationship, and I hope they will make you think of me, as I think of you.


Dear Babe

It hurts so hard to be away from you but I am sure our souls are connected one way or the other. I will say good morning, good night every day in my love message to you, and I hope it brings our long distance relationship home.


My Love

Every step you have taken in your life decisions is one that will cement the bricks of our future, and that is why I have supported you along the way. I know you traveled for the golden fleece, in order to create a better world for you and me, and that is why I won’t cry for missing you.

I know there are 36 more months away from me seeing you but I know we will keep our fire of love burning through these love messages. I love you today and forever baby, and I can’t wait to have us back together again. I will always be with you in your heart.


The thought that I am a day closer to being with you tomorrow keeps. I miss you so much my love. My lonely heart keeps counting each day till the next time we will see again and be finally together.


Your love has truly grown in my heart and so you know, this life belongs to you and me. We will live together forever in oblivion. I know there is distance between us now, but I am happy I would see you real soon. This is the reason why I have decided to keep your love growing in my heart.


No matter how strong the wind blows, no matter how hard the rain falls, no matter I terrible the sandstorm is. My love will always remain with you forever. Even though you are not here today. I know that I will be with you soon. Take care my babe and always remember this love message for long distance relationship.


I remember all those memories of us together; happy memories they are. The more reason why I have decided to send this long message for long distance relationship to re-affirm my total love and commitment to our love. Let our affection bond the two of us till you come back. I miss you.


Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I would just want to snuggle close to you and smell your hair then lay on your chest but I would then remember that you are a far away from me. See what I do, I will roll over whichever way and talk to my pillow as if I am talking to you, then pick up my phone to send my customary love message for long distance relationship


One more hour, one more day, one more week, one more month and one more year of mentally tasking and power draining aloneness because you are not here with me. All I know is that one day, you will be here and my mental stress and energy draining boredom will soon be over.


Lone distance relationships can be extremely difficult to deal with but they are nonetheless amazing. That moment you decide to cherish, adore, trust and believe in the very essence of your relationship and provide succor no matter the distance between both of us, then we are truly unstoppable in whatever we intend to achieve. For me I have decided to send this love message for long distance relationship to you. I hope you believe in it and believe in us.


The distance between us can never be a problem or an issue, it’s just a jolt to make us realize that our love is true and can stand the test of time.


This love message for long distance relationship is what will continue to leave my phone everyday till you return to me. Your love has enlivened my soul and set me on a path of emotional fulfillment. I believe in us baby and I can’t wait for you to be back.


You fill my thoughts every day, you remain in my heart every night, and your smell occupies my room every morning. You are not here but I feel your presence strongly. I just can’t wait for you to be back my Boo.


I feel so envious of people who get to see you over there every day. I am supposed to be the one person who gets to enjoy seeing you and reveling in your awesomeness but I know you are there for both of us. I am counting the days and I believe you will soon come back to me. This love message for long distance relationship is to make you know I will wait for you till you come back to me.


Just yesterday I cuddled my pillow and you appeared in my dreams. I look forward to the day when I would cuddle you and then dream about my pillow. That day is very close and I can’t wait to be with you again.


I know that forever is just tomorrow and that is why I am ready to forebear the time spent away from you. Tomorrow will soon be here and I will lie so wonderfully in your arms. You are my sunshine and rain baby and I am ready to count down on the days, as I wait to have you with me again.


My love message for long distance relationship to you will be to always pray for you as you forge your path on your journey through life. I know we will weather this loneliness our distance has causes us, and the future is bright enough for us to see that tomorrow will definitely be better than today. Please take your time baby, as I will be here waiting for you.


Yesterday I was thinking about how much I have missed, yesterday loneliness choked me real bad and I cried so hard. However, I calmed down with the realization that you are just 1 year away from me and all I need do is begin count down the days to when you will join me here. I will wait for you my love as I hope to see you soon. This love message for long distance relationship is both for me and you.


You see my love, time may draw us apart. I know.
But remember I have always been here and will remain here for you
You have always been in my heart and I see you in my dreams everyday
Providing the solace I need with the reassurance that you will soon be back


The more I think about how close I am to seeing you again, the better I feel with smiles and complete love with that realization. I cant wait already and I hope to see you soon. My love message for long distance relationship.


Hey Babe
Know that I never left you, I am just away for a little while, securing the future both of us want, so we can live happily ever after. SO you just relax, think about me every day with joy in your heart and pure bliss that you will be there for me when I return into your arms.


Whether we are together or away from each other.
You will remain the first and the last in my thoughts
As long as you promise your love forever, then I have nothing to fear. I miss you so much.


This is not just an ordinary love message for long distance relationship. It is the heavy spams of my heart sending beats of loving music to you, informing you that I miss and think about you every day.


A smile just spread on my face, and it was just because I was thinking about you. I hope this love message gets you to smile as well. I love and miss you.


The thought that I am a day closer to seeing you helps me through the day. I miss you love


Let this love message for long distance relationship be my eyes and stare into your soul. Let this love message be my hands and hug you so tight till you are back here with me again. I hope to see you soon sweetheart so that my love messages will turn into the physical hugs and kisses I have always longed for.


I have come to realize through all these months apart how much I truly love you and deeply long for you. I never knew my love for you was this immense until I traveled and had to stay here for so long. I can’t wait to be done with this project so we could cement our love forever. Thanks for always standing in for me.


Remember this love message my love
The long distance will never make me stop loving you, you are the perfect gift of God to me . Your affection is the drive that propels me. Your love gave me the opportunity to live a s=sane life in an insane world. I just cant wait to return from this trip and have you in my arms again. You are God’s blessing to me.


It seems you don’t know how much your absence affects me so much. I miss your kiss, hugs, smell. And It is that fact that I am going to see you soon that drives me here. I love and miss you baby. Hope to see you soon.

Although I was sure I would miss you, I never knew it would be this immense and tough staying away from you. We have a few months away from being together, and I don’t ever want to be away from you again. I love you so much


Yes, the distance is there and I can’t get to see. But I am sure that our love provides the energy that brings the distance close to home. Do not ever think I will stop loving you because you are my very essence of loving again.


Now that the love message for long distance relationship has been shared. Have you started texting away? Or you have more love messages to share. Then get on with it, and drop your love messages in the comment section below.














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