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Prayers for Someone Traveling

prayers for someone traveling

Need to send some prayers for someone traveling home? Then check out this beautiful collection of safe journey prayers that we have for you. You’d surely love them.

Prayers for Someone Traveling Home

Safe Journey Wishes In Islam

1. May you find the mercy of God on your way as you move up to your destination.

2. May the Lord protect your journey, guide your way to your destination and make you smile in the end.

3. I pray that the Lord accept your prayers and make you smile at the end of the day. Safe journey dearest angel.

4. I really miss you deeply to the extent that your image can be seen on the four walls of my home. Safe journey, may the Lord guide your way home.

5. As you are set for this journey, may the dangers are already on your way be transformed into a fortune.

6. God will always protect you anytime at any moment. This journey will not be the last for you by His grace.

7. I pray that you find peace in your heart. You will never regret going for this journey. May you find it easy to achieve your goals in life.

8. God is the owner of the road through which your journey will be performed. I pray that you find it easy to enjoy. Thank you for everything.

9. As you set to embark on this beautiful journey, I pray that you find the mission already easy for you. I love you so much.

10. Thanks for everything you have done that benefitted me. Thanks for the entire sacrifices you made to make me happy. I beseech the Lord to protect you throughout the journey.

11. I will never forget your humane presence, your interesting companionship, and the entire kindness you showered upon me. May the Lord grant you journey mercy.

12. You will be proud of going for this in the end. You will be blessed abundantly. I love you.

13. It is nice to have met you in this world. You are more than a diamond to me. You are a treasure that cannot be taken for granted.

14. God, I praise you with due honor, I slate your holiness for there is no one like you in heaven and earth. You are the savior that can grant journey mercy, please grant my parent’s journey mercy.

15. May the Lord accept your prayers, and give you the chance to do great things in life. I wish you the best of luck on your trip.

16. As you are laving this place l today, we pray that everything you ever desire should be fulfilled for you. Your choice in life will not hunt you down.

17. The most merciful will not forsake you in anything you are doing and your destination will be well secured for you before you get there. Safe journey

18. We shall live to celebrate your arrival together, you will meet us in good condition and we shall rejoice to welcome you back in our midst.

19. May your face bright up with sunshine this morning. May your ways be easy for you to pass through until you finally reach your destination.

20. May your journey finds the mercy of God. Our Lord shall be your companion throughout the journey.

Prayers for Someone Traveling Romance

Wish You A Safe Journey Prayer, Safe Journey Messages

21. Baby, you know I love you, and my heart longs to see you soon. I pray for a safe arrival as soon as possible.

22. You are my heart flower, the most beautiful lady in the entire world. I beseech the Lord to bless and honour you with abundant joy.

23. You will always be that fresh lady I know. I can’t wait to see you at any moment from now. May your reach here in good health.

24. I love you beyond the volume of an ocean, you are like a flower plucked from paradise, you feed my heart with your beauty and good character.

25. Safe journey to my one and only angel, my beloved wife, the most gorgeous lady that let’s smile on my face. I wish you all the best on your way.

26. It has Lhasa been long we see, but my heart has always nurtured hours love. You are my closest soul, and I pray that we meet any time soon. I love you.

27. Thank God for everything you have done in my life, I pray that you find peace in all you do. You are a great pleasure in my life. May your journey be free of armed robbery and kidnapping.

28. May the Lord pour the fuel of mercy know on your road to burn any evil person from attacking your vehicle until you finally reach your destination.

29. Your fate will reach you in great condition, you will be favoured by the most precious fate ever. You will be happy all your life. Safe journey.

30. Lord, you are the greatest, the most merciful, the best and the one I cherish with all my heart, from the cranny to the nooks of my heart. May you meet me safely

31. We love you, and our prayer is to see your gorgeous face as soon as possible. We pray for that to happen anytime soon. I love you.

32. You are our number one hero here, so come back home to meet us as soon as you can. We pray for journey mercy for you.

33. God, you are the loveliest person in the world. I must tell you that you are the best lady a man should marry for a better future ahead. Journey mercy.

34. May your family enjoys your presence in their lives, may your smile b a remedy to others sorrow. You will be welcomed in love, happiness, and endless joy. Safe journey.

35. Dearest, you are the sweetest lily in my heart, I love you as though the world will be transformed into a chocolate ball for you alone.

36. My prayer has always been for me to see you grow in life. You will be protected against all evil by His grace. You will reach your destination in peace and harmony.

37. The Lord in His infinite mercy will forgive your mistakes and grant you success in your journey. You will not lose any of your limbs on this journey.

38. Lord, the best, the most merciful, may your light serve as a guide and guard for my beloved daughter throughout her journey.

39. As you rise for a journey of love, may the Lord convert it into an act of worship for you. Your good intention shall profit you.

40. Loving you is a great feeling, I can never deny that fact because it really drives me crazy. I love you.

Safe Journey Messages for Wife

Find Your Collection Of Safe Flight Messages Here

41. Dear wife, I truly miss you and your kids, I hope that you find rest of mind wherever you are right now. May the most beautiful God protect you.

42. Loving you is the best gift ever received from God since the day I got married. You have been a very good woman to me. I love you and wish you the best journey ever. You are such a great gift. You are my pleasure, safe journey.

43. Thanks for always been there for me. You are indeed a great lady, you mean a lot to me. You are a lovely person, and my heart will always remain for you. Safe journey.

44. Don’t think you are there alone, I am always with you in prayer and in love. May we meet again soon you can prepare my favourite for me.

45. The Lord has chosen you for me, this is a great achievement in my life. Thank you for being a good wife with her husband. I love you.

46. May the Lord of love protect and bless you with endless love, may your smile be the one of joy and endless success. Safe journey.

47. You will always be blessed in an awesome way. You will never regret your stay with me. I call upon the Lord to guide your way home.

48. Whatever it takes to make you happy is my number one priority this day. Your beautiful face is missed for too long and I pray we meet once again. I love you.

49. Truly, you alone I chose among other ladies. You are my one in a million kind of woman, loving you is my heartfelt matter.

50. Good morning, have you eaten? It is my pleasure to say I love you and do have journey mercy. I wish you the best of luck.

51. It is nice that you are in my life. You have made my day for the good news of hour coming home. I love you.

52. No matter what it takes, you will always be my favourite, my friend and best wife in the world. I pray to see you soon. Thanks a lot.

53. Lord, you are the most amazing, the saviour of the world protect my family from the evil of accident, be with them when no one is with them.

54. May you find it easy to enjoy your trip as you planned. The Lord that gave you those kids will protect them along with you. Safe journey dear.

55. Thinking of you every day of my life is something awesome, nice, precious and above all, the most interesting. May you meet us soonest.

56. As long as you are my wife, this journey must favour you by the special grace of God. He will not forsake you in any way. Good morning and have great pleasure on your way.

57. I pray for a good woman and the Lord blessed me with the best wife in the world. She is now on her way to Lokoja, Lord I commit her soul on your mighty Hands.

58. May the Lord look at you with His powerful Eyes, may He destine your journey mercifully. I love you, dear wife. Put a smile on your face.

59. Thinking of the possibility to reach you as fast as a microsecond, but it is not yet possible. Thank you for always being a good wife.

60. Your trip shall profit you, you will never regret coming to this world I wish you the best in this world. Safe journey dear love.

Long Paragraphs for a Safe Journey for Him

Have A Safe Flight Back Home, Wishes and Messages

61. You are the joy that lingers in my heart, the pure bliss that the Lord sent to me. I cherish you and pray for your arrival as soon as possible I wish you the best of luck. The help of God will follow you until the end of the trip.

62. Nothing will stop you from reaching us here. It is our prayer to see you as soon as possible. Don’t forget my favourite, don’t forget the great fun we have together. You are more fun to be with than to watch UEFA champions league.

63. Watching your face is more interesting than watching a complete season of a football match. You are more amiable to me than PS 4 or Xbox. You are my social media. I love you and there is no doubt about it. I love you.

64. What really makes me happy the most is the glances I get any time you are around me. You will always be the most beautiful woman in my life. You will never regret getting married to me by the grace of the most merciful. Your journey shall be guided by the Light of God. I love you.

65. May your journey comes along with peace, joy and great harmony. I believe that the Lord will see you through this trip. Your mission shall be accomplished successfully. You will never fall into the hands of the evil ones.

66. May you find peace of heart. You will be loved by everyone you come across in that journey and they will render you the best of help ever needed. I love you, darling angel. Thank you so much for your respect for me. I love you.

67. To the best woman of my life, you have been the true love of my life, all my prayers in this world are to see you happy every day and night. You are far away today, but my prayer is to see you come back home in peace and sound health condition.

68. I love you with every single breath, my choice, the one chosen for me. I love you with all my life. You are cute so having missed your beautiful face, I pray that you meet me anytime soon. I love you and pray for your safety on your way.

69. Traveling is something that is risky, riskier than business, but I put my trust in God, I pray that He guides you all your way. Any predicament coming your way shall be waved away from reaching you. Good morning dear.

70. I don’t know why the flight was a bit delayed, but all the best, the most important thing is to see you come back home in good condition. Sorry sweetie, I know you will be tired now but I will be the gladdest to see you soon. I love you.

71. Safe journey dear, may your mission be fulfil-able; I appreciate you for being there for me all this while.

72. Today is another special in the life of a special person, may your journey shed light on what is not clear. I wish you all the best.

73. Journey mercy dear, we are expecting your safe arrival. You are the most beloved person on my list, so come back safely.

74. We are so special to each other, so my prayer is to see you soon. Have journey mercy, my dear love.

75. I want to be where you are but there is no way we can reach out because the distance will not comply now. Have a safe journey.

76. I commit your life to the hand of God, may He protect you against every sickness or insecurity on your way. I love you so much.

77. May the Lord bless you with love and happiness, may the most beloved God continue to protect your journey.

78. I just want to say thanks for being there all the time, may your safety arrival be planned by God. I wish you all the best.

79. We are together as five and six, may we meet again. Safe journey to my beloved friend; I wish you journey mercy.

80. To my best friend and wife I wish you journey mercy, may the most merciful bless you with new achievement today.

81. May the beginning and the end of your journey be governed by God, may you meet us in peace and harmony.

82. We are eagerly waiting for your arrival, the Lord in His merciful nature shall grant you journey mercy. I wish you all the best.

83. You are my beloved mother, and I cannot wait to see you soon, may the Lord guide your way back home. I miss you.

84. I am so excited today because you will be coming back home, may the owner of the universe safeguard you all through the journey.

85. When your loved ones are about to travel, you are sad because you don’t want to miss and lose them. I am wishing all the best of journeys.

86. You have been so nice to me, may the Lord bless you in a more precious way. I am so glad to have you around.

87. May the blessing of God reach your home, and bless you with bliss and flowers of joy. I wish you a safe flight.

88. May you enjoy this day to the fullest, lest I forget, I heard that you are on a trip to Malaysia, may the Lord bless you all the time, your journey will be free of success.

89. Darling, thank God you are coming back soon, I have missed you too much, may the Lord bless your journey, land safe.

90. I wish you a safe landing on this day, I can’t wait to see you soon. I pray the Lord will be your protector throughout the journey.

91. Lord, we commit our lives upon you, we may land safe, and we may not, so we beg you to help us land safely.

92. The Lord is your safety, you shall meet us well, may the Lord protect you from this pandemic disease.

93. We love you so much, and our prayer has always been to see you soon. We appreciate everything about you because you are so nice.

94. God bless you in a very precious way, one of the blessings of God is a safe journey. I wish you divine protection on this journey.

95. Dear Lord, I beseech you to handle the trip of my younger brother with care, send him angels to protect him all through the journey.

96. Lord, you are the most everlasting God, the pearl of success and the most merciful, thank you Lord for a safe trip.

97. Lord, I seek your protection in everything I do, I ask you to protect me in every single moment of my trip. Bless me, and actualize my dream for me.

98. May the Lord in His infinite mercy intervene in your trip, every danger ahead shall be nullified by the most merciful.

99. I miss you so much and pray you to find that love you have been searching for, may you arrive safely too. I am on my way.

100. Some journeys don’t favor humans, may you not encounter such a trip for the rest of your life, I wish you all the best.

101. I am so proud of you, I am so happy because you are the best for me, may you find that lovely joy you hope for after this journey.

102. As you begin this trip, the umbrella of God shall cover you against all evil, and no harsh sun shall beat you. I love you.

103. May the Lord protect your car from stumbling, may the pure bliss of the Lord be there for you all the days of your life.

104. What will make me be so proud of you if not your cute personality? I am so glad because you gave me a reason to be happy. Safe journey.

105. I have a lot of stories to tell you, they are only possible if you are around, I can’t wait to see you soon. Safe journey my dear.

106. You are my dream comes true, the most wonderful love of my life, may the Lord guide you safely to this place.

107. I pray you enjoy this day more than you can ever imagine. how is the journey going? I just want to wish you all the best.

108. May the Lord bless you more and more, may the Lord protect your journey and grant you the best of luck.

109. Thank God for being a special person in my world, I love you beyond your expectations, I will show you something special about you when I am back.

110. The very moment I set my eyes on you, everything became easy, this means you are the right man for me. I love you.

111. Surely the woman of my life is here, she is the most amazing friend and bestie to me. I can’t wait to put a smile on your face. I love you more.

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