I Want to Give My Sister’s Husband The Beating of His Life

i want to beat my sister's husband

I am in my late twenties and yes, sister is 30 and she is being abused, YES! Verbally, emotionally and to make it worse, PHYSICALLY.

That was not the way it started, really. We all knew him to be caring, sensitive and loving. But everything turned out terrible.

She is a beautiful and soulful person but obviously found herself in a bad marriage. He appears normal and respectable but truly he is just not IT!

To make matters worse, Bisi (my sister) never really told us anything until we noticed ourselves. Anytime they come to our house with their two kids, I noticed that my sister was always overdoing things, always trying to please the man. Laughing unnecessarily and making everything seem out of place. Like she was keeping up appearances.

We never thought anything was wrong because they seemed very happy together!

Not until I went to her place to help her drive her car to the mechanic workshop. I was surprised as to why she could not drive herself only to discover that she has been bruised in the face all over. On further interactions with her, she told me she was slapped by her husband!

I was shocked, slap will make someone’s face look like McGregor’s face when he was battered my MayWeather? I had to report to my parents and they took it up. Had a family meeting and resolved everything amicably or so we thought but the abuse never stopped.

I have told her repeatedly to leave his house, but the shame of leaving a man’s house with two kids will not leave her be. My sister always try to make excuses for him, saying he is a good man but will we wait till she is beaten beyond fixing by the GUY?

This 5th time however, when she was pushed to the wall and she fell, I was fortunate to get into their house when this happened, and this time I am going to take up the issue myself. First of all to report to the nearest police station, but before I do that, I want to arrange with some boys in my area to give him the beating of his life.

Am I validated for this? I just want him to have a pound of his own flesh, and to know what it means to physically abuse a woman; MY SISTER.

Please should I go ahead?

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