Dee Love Paragraphs

I Will Do Anything To Make You Smile

i will do anything to make you smile

I will do anything to make you smile – I will try all my best to stand by your side. Even when the tides of life comes, I will hang in there and make sure your love pushes me the brim of my efforts in staying here, not getting carried away by the tide of life.

You are a better person and  I will always try to rise up for you even when it seems like I am down. Girl I will always hustle so that you will be fine. I will give you everything in life so that you can believe in me that I will be the father of your kids. I love you so much girly girl and I will continue to work hard to be the best

You are the only girl in the universe right now. You are beautiful and special and I really adore all your efforts in making me a better lover. I can never forget all the things you do, they make me fall in love more with you. I will give you anything to make you a better lover. I will work hard and be a better man/ woman for you.

I love you so much and I can climb the highest mountains just to make you realize that. You will be my one and only, you will be true boo and I will show the whole world that I love and I’ve found you. You are special in all ways and I am not shy to say this, I will do anything to make you smile.

Anything we fight, always know that I did not do that so we could break up, but that needed to be done so we can value ourselves more. You are a great, amazing and truly inspiring lover. Thanks for loving me.

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