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I Promise To Make You Happy Forever

I promise to make you happy

I promise to make you happy – It is a promise from my heart to yours, to always make you happy. It is a rule I have chosen from my heart to dedicate my future to you. I will always make you happy. My promise to make you happy messages can also double as I will always try to make you happy quotes, I will do anything to make you happy quotes, I will do anything to make you smile, protect the ones you love quotes, I will always protect you quotes, quotes about defending someone you love, I want to protect you quotes, I promise to love you quotes

I promise to make you happy my love

Loving you is a great and exciting feeling. Love you is different from loving someone else. Loving you is all I ever wanted to do. I will always love, respect and adore you and it is my promise today to make you happy. Nothing will come between us, nothing will separate us. This world is just for you and me. Ignore anyone who wants to come between us because we have both come a long way. I love you and I will never make you sad.

God created us as one and I am not surprised when you came my way. You are a beautiful and soulful lover and you affected me in so many ways. You turned my negative energy into positive energy and you create a life of difference in me. I do not have silver nor gold to give to you, but I am sure that my promise to make you happy is forever.

Your love is amazing, deep and spiritual. Only someone like me can truly understand the kind of love and lover that you are. This is a promise never to take you granted darling. I promise to make you happy always.

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