How to Identify Married Men Claiming to be Single

Married Men Claiming to be Single

Our favourite Facebook Lifestyle group, RANT HQ was buzzed with comments when the question “How to Identify Married Men Claiming to be Single” popped up and we couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

The comment section was filled with hilarious and eye-opening comments. You should check some of them out below:

You will do proper research, ask him to take you to his parents, visit his house, get close to people living close to his house both young and old so that they can hint you about him. Because some men are very smart. Their wives might be in the village or outside country. Such men can remove anything about a woman from their houses so that you can believe they are single.

Infact this happened to my friend. My friend give birth and her husband ask her to go to his mother’s place to do omugo, after my friend left. Her husband brings his girlfriend home, infact they were like Romeo and Juliet. This girl believes she has found a husband, but when it is a week for my friend to return, this man threw the girl out.

I caught one through a comment somebody made on his picture

I traced and traced till I got to his wife’s profile then I marveled and I confronted him later and he confessed. That was the end of everything.

If he only comes to your house or takes you to a hotel just know he’s a married man.

Try calling and also video call him late in the night and very early in the morning if he does not answer or did not answer well just know he’s a married man.

If he does not hang out with you just know he’s a married man. If you are yet to meet anyone that knows him just know he’s a married man.

That’s how one of them parked into our compound some years back when I was still living with my parents. He saw me and my sister and started promising us marriage not knowing that he’s married with kids. Men can lie sha.

One of my numerous experiences was that the guy was an old toaster for many years till he got married.

I decided to give him space. Last year he called me that we should meet. We did and he told me his wife was dead.

I even pitied him because he started displaying depression signs he told me he would like us to date. I decided to consider and think about it.

As God would have it, I saw his supposed dead wife driving his car. I called him up to 50times, he was so lucky he didn’t pick up. After 3 months he called me, then, I was already less angry and confronted him.

He wanted to deny it, but I had a louder voice and he knew there was a “caught”. So he told me they were having serious marital issues so they were separated and she traveled abroad, but she just came back and decided to work things out.

I kept quiet because he was even inviting me to his house to make me believe they don’t stay together. I decided to stay put and keep calm.

One day, God decided to catch him again. I was returning from a journey and I saw both of them together with ‘anco’ and witness bag on a Saturday, then I knew the MF was still lying.

I called him up and warned him sternly never to reach out to me again and blocked the MF. The worst part is the guy looks so innocent, a Jehovah witness, and very brilliant. You would never suspect a thing.

It’s only God because I am over vigilant but God made the “caught” possible. The wife is tall, dark, and slim while I am fat, fair, and 5.7ft.

He wants to eat egusi (me) and ogbolo (the wife) at once. Haba… Lmao. Mumu man. Men eh.

Patricia Ashanda:

Some married men are compulsive liars. Like they lie even when there’s no need to.

My advice?

Do a thorough investigation before you even say let’s start dating

The one I met lied about everything. When you hear things like you are my family or I want to build one with you, can call you 10times a day but call once, he will never pick.

Run my sister.

This one calls 24/7, told me his wife is a sister and friend to the family. He even mentioned that a lady has been pregnant for him for over a year and the complications are called cryptic pregnancy. Kai, the lie even plenty. He even lied about his age.

Each time I ask of his family and himself, he turns it into misunderstanding and makes it look as if I am troublesome. Just talk to people and make an inquiry about him.

If he doesn’t wish to tell you anything about himself, ask his friends on Facebook and see dead-end.

You will hear revelations about from him like I was waiting for God to reveal this to me. Don’t be moved by their emotional blackmail, goldy life, godly quotes, and texts, with plenty of fake promises.

Pray, and do your research.

You will know with his attitude towards you.
The urge to have sex.
Taking you to friends’ house.
Taking you to hotels.
Giving you condition when to call him.
Too many excuses.

Dominica Onyi:

They stay out late because they want to make good night calls to those ladies that have refused to read between lines.

They busy your call when at home or wit their wife and sends you SMS saying “I am busy, will call you later.”

Their video calls are mostly when they are out, in beer parlours precisely. Whenever he is at home and you call, he’ll tell you he is in a meeting.

He calls you like 20times a day.

They are seasoned liars, they do the visiting. They take you to hotels and to their friends’ houses.

Check his stomach

Omawumi Obozuwa:

Call him randomly. He will never pick up immediately. Give him 5/10 minutes, he will call you back. Also when you guys are together, pretend like you want to take a selfie of both of you. Watch his reaction. Lol.

Chris Edako:

Stop going after already made men. Very few men with cars, good house, money and a relatively good job are single. They have someone in their lives.

As a lady, if you want to marry, look for a guy who has the physical attributes you like in a man. Stop looking for who has made it. You’re a graduate, same as he. Making money is not gender-specific.

Why look for a boyfriend who has the qualities of a husband and turn around to ask if he’s married?

That’s Oliver Twist!

Ite Paul:

Most of them don’t hide their families especially if they are very rich.

Because they know you are in for the money. Why others have two to three phones and give you a phone number that neither you or his wife can suspect and mostly it’s always switched off or there’s a network problem.

Gloria E. Effanga:

I didn’t want to comment but after going through some comments I decided that I share my experience with you especially with those of you saying call him at midnight.

I did all that and he always picks. You won’t suspect anything but only my spirit was telling me this person is not single as he claimed. One thing I know about my spirit it doesn’t deceive me.

I started my investigation even though I started too late but at least I satisfy conscience. The guy’s lies were just too much to tell me that he stays in his family house and that because of this COVID19 lockdown, the mum is scared of visitors coming to the house.

That even him as a medical doctor that when he comes back from work the mum does not want him to come close to her bcos of fear of COVID. At first, I believed him knowing how old women behave but my spirit kept telling me that he is too matured for his mum to tell him not to bring in visitors, and if he stays in one flat and the mum stays in one flat as he said.

So I started calling him on midnight calls and he will pick sometime be will be in the bedroom or in his parlor. I do the calls unexpectedly video calls and he always picks, even when in the hospital.

He too will call me late at night.But my people the God that knows that I don’t date people’s husband I hate it keep telling me to go deeper in my Investigation.

I check his Instagram and Facebook page nothing I even check comments nothing. Whether he warned the wife not to comment on his post because honestly, I searched every comments in his post, I didn’t find anything or suspected anyone to be the wife or girlfriend.

I check his list of followers on Instagram very few I carefully went through it one after the other. There I saw somebody that bears his name I link up to the lady’s page. Chai, my man has been married for 10yrs with 2kids.

I carefully munch their pictures, his kids’ pictures, their court marriage and just save it, waiting for the day we will see.

I didn’t want to discuss it on the phone. I think he noticed that I have changed due to the way I reply to him whenever he calls or chats me.

He was now trying to be nice. “Baby do you need DATA, somebody just subscribed N3k for me last week. LOL. Send your details, let me transfer a little money to you. I laughed. They think money is everything. I got angry and sent him the pictures 2 days ago.

Guess what my guy said “Baby, what you are seeing there is a very long story. Please I will explain when we see.

I don’t know what lies he will be cooking now, but I’m waiting for him.

Opinion about married men claiming to be single

1. You can’t be a poor married man and be running after single ladies. LOL. It is easy to catch a poor cheating husband than a rich one. Money clouds everything. Don’t you think?

2. Nowadays, rich married men do not hide their families from single ladies. They know there is a thin line between morality and money so they stretch the line. They also know the single ladies like money and comfort, so they play the money card.

3. If you meet a man who is EVERYTHING you want in a man, believe me, HE is MARRIED! No single guy can be everything without another woman who complements him. Women bring out everything in a man.

4. When a lady really wants to investigate a man, she’d go to any length to do that. Only gullible single ladies will swallow everything a man tells them hook, line and sinker.

In 2020, Only an unwise single lady will be dating a married man and not know. A simple research of one’s digital footprint will show you almost everything you need to know about your man.

What do you say? Let me know your thoughts.

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