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Important Things to Learn From Your First Heartbreak

things to learn from your first heartbreak

Important things to learn from your first heartbreak – The feeling of love is beautiful. Falling in love and being loved back by the person you are in love with is even more beautiful.

When you are in love, you always have that feeling that everything is right and nothing could ever go wrong. There are no worries, none at all. You are only soaring in joy and happiness. It is a perfect feeling.

However, when you break up with that person you are in love with due to any reason at all, there is a feeling of intense hurt and pain that comes with it. This is what is called heartbreak. Heartbreaks are a very terrible thing to experience but the truth is everyone must have passed through at least one phase of heartbreak.

Heartbreak can leave you feeling so lonely, depressed and devastated. Suffice to say, heartbreak is not something we all want to experience but we must. There are lessons to learn from the very first heartbreak you get. Heartbreaks teach you so many things about love, relationship, and life. Everything in life generally teaches us a lesson and that is why there are invaluable lessons to be learned from your very first heartbreak.

Below are things you learn from your first heartbreak:

1. The Promise of Forever is a Lie

The first thing to be learned from your first heartbreak is that the promise of forever is a lie. Unless you have chosen to live in Fantasy Island, then you’d realize that forever is a scam.

You might have been promised forever by that person you were in love with. You must have made promises such as I will never let you go, we will be together forever or nothing will tear us apart from each other. But what’s the end? You are no longer together. This will help you learn that people will always come and go from your life so it is important that you learn to value some relationships.

2. Loving yourself is the Real Deal

Heartbreak teaches you to learn to love yourself first before loving others. Loving yourself is as important as loving others. When you love yourself, it will be hard for others to walk over you and tell you “you are unlovable”. You learn to love yourself more because, apart from your parents, no one else will love you as much as you love yourself.

3. Put Some Value on Yourself And Add Tax

Another lesson that your first heartbreak will teach you is that you need to learn to put some value on yourself. See yourself as important.

Do not let anybody tell you otherwise. Do not let yourself be walked all over. Learn to place value on yourself. Treat yourself importantly and others will learn to treat you the same. Set standards for yourself before you get into another relationship and do not lower these standards for anybody. If they love you as much as you love yourself, if they value you as much as you value yourself, then they would stay.

4. Prioritizing yourself is Important

One of the things you will learn from your first heartbreak is that making yourself a priority for yourself is absolutely important.

Heartbreak teaches you to learn to put yourself first always. It teaches you to never go out of your comfort zone to please anybody because when they leave you in the end, then, it will be you alone by yourself once again. This is very similar to loving yourself. You can’t prioritize yourself without loving yourself. So, learn to always make yourself a priority. Never place anyone above yourself.

5. Movies are Different from Real Life Situations

You know when you just fell in love, when the love was still going strong and when the promise of forever seemed real enough, you actually thought that your love would be like in the movies. In your head and in your dreams, you both get married, have kids and live together forever. But once the reality of the first heartbreak sets in, you realize that movies are nothing but fictions and fantasies. Life is not always like it is in the movies and love is not always like it is in the movies. It is never that easy.

6. Anybody can Change

Heartbreak teaches you never to be dependent on anybody because like emotions, people are fickle. That person that promises to be with you forever can wake up tomorrow and decide they don’t want to spend forever with you anymore. People change constantly and you never really know the true side of anyone. Emotions and feelings can change too. You can like somebody today and decide that you don’t like that person again by tomorrow. So, never ever depend on anyone. Be your own dependent because like I said, anybody, can change.

7. Life is a Surprise

Just when you think you have figured it all out and it is going as you wish, life can throw you the biggest of surprise. When you suffer your first heartbreak, this is exactly what you learn. You get to know that life is a big bundle of surprise and anything can happen, just like in football. So, never be too sure of yourself or anybody for that matter because life can surprise you when you least expect it.

8. You are Stronger than you think

Heartbreaks are tough to get over. It is never easy to get over a heartbreak. If you ever get over a heartbreak real quick, then it is because you were never in love with the person. So, if you experience your first heartbreak and you come out of it as a stronger and more confident person, it means that you are stronger than you think. You are strong enough to overcome any difficulty or trouble life throws in your part just like you overcame the heartbreak. So, believe in yourself and never let yourself down.

There are many lessons to be learned from the first heartbreak but these are just some of those lessons. Whatever heartbreak you face, be sure to come out of it stronger and happier. Do you also have other additions to these things to learn from your first heartbreak. Drop them in the comments below.

Remember to stay happy always!

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