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Just Before You Propose To Her, Read This!

Dear Single men

Hold yourself for a minute, and think. What do you want for your life and love? Is marriage meant for you? If so, have you taken that in-depth look at the woman you love?

Go out, take that woman you love to a serene place. Find it, let it be calm. Do a getaway, create time for you both.

Ask questions, spend real time together. What are the plans for the future?

Can you love her beyond who and what she is now? What if things change and she is not the woman you married, will your love still remain the same?

Are you matured enough to manage her nuances? Can you deal?

What about your financial future? Is it secured? Or you are still waiting on God to bless you when you get married! How can she support you when enough is a luxury? Ask her, have you?

Just before you decide to take the mighty step. Ask these questions.

Then you sit down to analyze on all fronts. To decide if this is really what you want to go for. Find out if you can bear to see her wake up by your side every minute for the next 60 years.

Look at yourself inwardly, will it be appropriate for you to be deemed fine enough for her? What do lack in facial features, do you have it in your personality?

Look at your bank account? Is it lean, will it be lean forever? Have you made strategic plans to ensure that it grows with time?

Are you a spendthrift? Do you get broke all the time? Can you manage being broke with being married?

Have you checked her family? Can you deal with the various degrees of in-laws and outlaws that would be associated with you by the virtue of holy matrimony?

Take a look at your penis? Can you satisfy her properly? The frolicking around you do while dating is just a tip of the iceberg! When you are married, you would be opened to even more s*xual opportunities outside your marriage. Can you keep making love to that one woman even when you seem to think that variety is the spice of life?

Can you deal with her giddiness and argument? Can you control your temper without laying your hands on her? Can you be consistent in value and appreciation?

There is more to marriage than a wedding! The real responsibility as a man comes when you are married!

And finding out these things means you are first on the right part to true loving – a life of understanding and service.

May 2019 be your year.

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