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I went on Facebook and I saw a post like this “Qgqqqq” on someone’s wall. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered to take the second glance on that if not because I saw “6 likes, 1 comment”.

That got my attention and for some few minutes I tried to decipher what that could probably mean, at least to explain for the number of likes,but I couldn’t.

Few minutes later,the owner of the post wrote under the comment section “so sorry,the post was a mistake”. Wow! Six likes for a mistake, that sounds even better. Six likes for gibberish.

I sat down and I was thinking about the post. Just a day before that, I had posted an important link to one of my write up and barely got 2 likes for something really sensible and profitable and here is someone who wrote not only a meaningless post but also incomprehensible.

Then I realised some people will just love you no matter what you do or don’t do.

This thing called love sef, I sincerely can’t comprehend at times. That’s why you will see some people been treated as shit by their partner and yet still go on like an unrepentant defaulted ring tone “but I really love him”.

We sincerely can’t choose who we fall in love with (at least so they say) but we can sincerely choose to pursue this love or leave it to die down? Just don’t love blindly, love should make you feel safe, confident, beautiful, happy and not damage you, your self esteem and not do all sort of unhealthy things to you.

I know we all love some people without even knowing why. I just love that guy,I just like that lady for no reason but I sure hope it is an healthy love? Keep loving but most importantly dear,be loved!

Guess the notification that just came on my phone now? Another like for our gibberish post #rollmyeyes# LOL!


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    August 23, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    Ehm… Were you one of the “like” donors? Lol… So you mean peeps like me who read and pass, sensible or not, are not into this love thinga?

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