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Last Sunday Of The Year Prayer For Me And You

last Sunday of the year prayer

What is your last Sunday of the year prayer. Well, I’ve got a couple of them here and I thought to share with you. Read through and pray along as we take a step into the new year together.

Last Sunday of the year prayer(s) from me to you

1. Dear Lord, your name is worthy to be praised and adored. I give all praises to your name to making it possible for me to see the last Sunday of the year. Truly you are a great God. There have been good moments, and there have been not too good moments as well. Certain things have gone well, while some others could have been more greater, but still I am thankful for the privilege and amazing opportunities. You have given me problems to solve and challenges to overcome. You have created unplanned situations so I can be ready to deal with uncertainties. You made me an overcomer, a redeemer and brought me closer to you. You showed me why you are God and why I need to trust you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the new friends and family, thank you for protection and guidance, thank you for all the positive you have brought into my life. You are a great God. The year is ending and I can’t wait for the plans you have for me. I look forward into the new year with eagerness and vigour, take absolute control my Lord and my saviour. Amen.


2. Dear Father, I thank you. Dear God I give praises to you. It is not by my strength that I am here living in your glory today. There are so many people that started 2017 with me but are nowhere to be found, I thank you for keeping me safe, hale and hearty. I adore you for everything dear God. You are just so amazing and great. I commit 2018 into your hands, take control. Guide my feet and lead me to the right part. Amen!

Do you have other last Sunday of the year prayer you want to share? Feel free and drop them below, let’s pray together into the new year. Happy new year Fam.

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