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Sweet Good Night SMS in English

good night sms in english

Why not send the good night sms in English to your lover right away. Send him/ her the latest good night wishes and good night msg love in SMS format to the one you love. This is another good night sms collection on the blog. If you are therefore looking for the best collection of good night SMS in English to send to your man or woman, then you are just on the right post and the perfect blog.

This will provide the best collection of good night SMS in English that you need and I will try as much as possible to update as much as I can. You can also feel free to share your comments and feedback in the comments section below, because your views and suggestions will definitely come in handy as well. If you also have good night SMS in English that you may wat to share with your loved ones, that can also be dropped in the comment section as well. Who says we can’t have our fun and share the love together?

What do you think? That makes sense right?

This is the first time I would be sharing these amazing good night SMS in English and inviting you to join in sharing your comments, views and good night SMS as well. Do take care of yourself, share some of these good night SMS to your lover and have a pleasant night rest.

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Sweet Good Night SMS in English for Someone You Love

Check out these sweet good night SMS for your lover:

1 I was staring out of  my window this night thinking of the perfect good night SMS in English to send to the one person I love, and the only words that just came to me was ‘ I cherish my darling ‘. This Good night SMS is to tell you that I cherish you so much baby. Have a great night and sleep tight.

2 If at any time you start feeling tired, ill, bored, sad and indecisive. You know what the problem is? You are suffering from the absence of me around. Just holla at me and I will be available as soon as I can. Good night love. Have a pleasant night rest.

3 In this peaceful and loving night, I pray that the white moon shines all through the night for you and serve as your light in the night darkness. I pray that the cool breeze stimulates your soul and grants you the sleep you so desire. Have a beautiful night baby. Rest well.

4 Let your nose be very close to the window, breath in and breath out again. Look up into the sky and you will two bright stars staring down at you. Those are my eyes and they are looking down at you telling you that I have you in my thoughts. Good night darling, sleep well.

5 I am laying calmly in my bed thinking about you. I know that you are excited about tomorrow as I am as well. I pray the cool breeze gently puts you to sleep. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow darling. Have a pleasant night rest.

6 Just before I go to bed. I want to mouth a word of prayer for you. I pray that all what you have wished for come true, and that you don’t get to battle an eyelid before enjoying the grace of the almighty. Good night and have a pleasant night rest.

7 I am sure my prayers has gotten to heaven and God is already providing responses. I just have that feeling that blessing is coming your way in this new week. You are bound to witness amazing grace that will surprise you. Did I hear you say AMEN? Good night my LOVE.

8 Wow! It is amazing how time just flies by. The day is over again, and I want to ask you what you have achieved for today. Nothing? Don’t be despair or sad, God’s got you and he knows the reason why you did not achieve a lot today. Tomorrow will bring in good things for you, if you believe. Good night my love.

9 It’s been quite a long day for me, and I am really really tired. But just before I go to bed, I just want to say that may the peace and the calm of the night surround you as you lay to sleep. May God be with you in your sleep and bring you awake in the morning. Good night darling. Sleep tight.

10 That moment when the moon is smiling brightly at you in the night. I hope you have the most exciting dreams with me in it. I hope you had a really great day, but now I have to wish that you have an amazing night rest. Sleep tight baby.

11 Dawn is away from us, and the night is right in front of us. You don’t have to weep dear, because it is time to sleep. Good night, rest well.

12 The day will come when it will just be me and you on my bed
The day will come when you will wrapped in my body and I caress you while you doze off to dreamland
The day will come when it will be my cuddle you’ll always get instead of the pillow and teddy bear
A day will come when all of this will be for the rest of our lives
That day we will love from then till forever
But for now I just want to wish you a very good night.

13 Sleep at night is an extremely important thing to do.
Apart from the fact that we get to rest from the rigours of the day
We all get the time to relax and calm our nerves for the work of tomorrow
As you lay in bed to sleep tonight, I pray your body is calmed enough for tomorrow
Good night darling. God is with you!

14 The night is special and different. Whether you are indoors or outside on your verandah, you can feel the cool breeze hitting your face. Now the time is near for you to rest and wear off today. I hope you had a splendid day. Good night my love, and have an enjoyable night rest.

15 Your bed is just waiting to hug you, so go ahead, hug it, and rest well. The time is here for you to rest, so you can wear off all the stress. Have a good night darling. The blessings of God reach you in your sleep. I love you.

16 Hello dear, you had a long day right? Well the long day is coming to an end already and soon it will be time for you to sleep. Please close from work for the day and head home to relax your body. You have done enough. Have a great night.

17 Now the day is over, and I am sending my warm regards to you. I hope you have a good night rest. Stay safe

18 take away your mind from all the worries of the day, let your mind be free from the hustles that have bugged. Do away with the tension from your body. The night is here already. Rest and let the moment of bliss soothe every part of your physical and psychological self. Good night dearie. Sleep tight.

19 The night does only come so we can lay on our bed, and reminisce of things we could have done right during the day. The night also provides the perfect opportunity to think about what we have achieved and set expectations for tomorrow. So, look on the positives today and let tomorrow be better. Good night darling.

20 You don’t have to sit back and regret all the things you failed to do, rather use this night as the perfect opportunity to make tomorrow better than today. Good night my lovely baby, rest well.

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