Letter to my wife during hard times – Why not share the letter with you wife. There are certain issues that are better put in writing. Even after discussing with wifey, you can also re-iterate this by putting in writing as well.

Makes sense?

See samples below and let me know what you feel.

Sample letter to my wife during hard times

1. Soft letter of love to my wife during hard times

Things have been pretty difficult and rough for us both I know. Please remember that this will not change the way our relationship and love is. Although we have argued about how funds will be managed in the house, but you should know that it is what is convenient for us both that I want, every day and night. I know that we say things that are bad and hurting to one another, but I want you to be rest assured that I am stuck in love with you. These times will soon pass, that I am sure of and this is why I am trying to work really hard to make sure lines fall back in great places yet again. I love you darling, this too shall pass.

2. Emotional letter to my wife during hard times

I see you more now that you are the definition of an amazing wife. These hard times together has changed my perspective about life and I say that you are the greatest man ever. This current hardship has truly brought us closer and I am sure God has a reason for making this happen. I love the way you encourage me when I am at my lowest and for making me know that everything will work according to the plans of God. I could not pray for a better wife than you as you have shown that you are more than a wife, you are a sister, motivator, helper and supporter. I love you more darling. Thanks for being a support.

3. Loving letter to my wife during hard times

I am here thinking about how fantastic our marriage has been. I thought of how you have been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. We have had good times and bad times, but you have always stayed consistent. You are an amazing human. Know one thing today baby, I will love you for the rest of my days, because you deserve this and so much more. You have been my best friend, my confidant, a woman after God’s heart. Living with you and loving you is one of the best decisions I’ve made and I go down on my knees everyday and thank God for this heavenly gift. Our love is real darling, that I am sure of and nothing can ever come between us. I love you so very much and I pray that lines fall into beautiful places for us soon. Amen

4. Plea letter to my wife during hard times

Even if this does not really add up to exactly how I feel, then just know that it is because I am not exactly good with words. You have displayed many times that you are a great woman and you have what it takes to hold on to a house as an amazing wife. We have gone through difficult times and you really have shown me what it is to stand by my side. You told me many times that you are here as not just my wife but my mother and I am indeed grateful to God for this. I look forward to forever between us darling, and I am sure it is going to be me and you.

5. Loving letter to my wife during hard times


Through the good and bad, you have been. Through the terrible times, you have supported. You put up with so much me, things that would even question my own judgement. You showed me what it means to be someone who will add value to another’s life. I am grateful so much for you being a part of my life. Know this, that we will always be together. Nothing will come between us darling. May God bless our family.

6. Appreciative letter to my wife during hard times

Regardless of how hard and tough it has been, you stayed with me. Remained faithful and dedicated to this marriage, a feat not everyone can accomplish. You are the best thing that have even happened to me. I appreciate how you have shared your body, mind and soul with me. You are a great and special woman, and I will forever remain the happiest man on earth for falling in love and marrying you.

7. Motivation letter to my wife during hard times

Many years and our love game is still going strong. My wife, my lover, my spiritual partner, my best wife, being together has been like its been a lifetime. A lot has changed between, our live and marital journey has altered by the gentle waves of love current between us. In all my years of knowing you, everything has changed for the better. Now that we have a little along the way, I’m sure we would get past it, just as we have gotten past a lot of issues in our marital journey. I love you darling.

8. Letter of happiness to my wife during hard times


We have been through a lot. Trials, temptations, tribulations – from little things of the kitchen to big things like huge financial constraints. Sometimes we feel sad that we don’t know what we are doing and sometimes we feel so happy that things will work for the better. This last year has been the craziest though, so much issues and things to fight about. We sometimes sit across each other plain confused and not knowing what to do, but we have always drawn solace and calmness within our inner strengths. You always support and I do, and this is why I am saying you should stay put this time. Let me put all the efforts, things will turn out well and fine.

9. I love you letter to my wife during difficult times

You have given me a love so real and true. You have made me stronger and I believe I have done that as well. You have shown me what it is to love, to cry, to be happy and to be sad. I am grateful for all the life gifts that I have received from you. In this troubling times, I will always be with you and believe me things will work out well. I love you darling.

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