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It was the first time Tade would ask me exactly what was going on since the whole issue started, he had relied on hearsay from third parties to judge the situation and I appreciated the fact that he did.

I fumbled for answers. I had come a long way with my boss, we had spent a lot of time together and I had gotten so much involved in is marital affairs, we’ve been carried away with emotions and he had allowed himself to be vulnerable around me. We had even kissed and smooched a number of times, but they were just careless actions that came as a result of my negligence and not being able to stand my ground, it wasn’t that we were having an affair.

He was just a poor, distressed married man in need of a shoulder to cry on…These and other thoughts raced through my mind in a few seconds.

“No!” I replied confidently. I wasn’t lying but was definitely not telling the complete truth. He asked if I was sure and I answered in the affirmative. He didn’t ask further questions. He accompanied me to take a cab home and I was soon in my room.

I knew I wasn’t completely truthful to Tade but I was a bit relieved that things were taking form. The idea of managing both relationships; my friendship with my boss and courtship with my fiance appealed to me.

As much as I tried to prevent it, I still found myself spending time with Mr. Mark; we spent most of the time talking about his wife, his proposed divorce and his plans after the marriage has been dissolved.

He hadn’t filed the divorce yet because he was trying to relax and find out what his wife was up to and check if she would come back soon so they could have better grounds for the divorce.

The lawyer had advised that he take things slowly and wait patiently for some time because the divorce would be pretty easier if she come back. Now that my fiancée wasn’t fussing about being around my boss anymore I spent most evenings with him without guilt.

Something very pathetic happened one evening that stopped me right in my tracks. My boss and I had shared an evening together after work. We had dinner in an eatery not too far from work and he had come to drop me at home like he always did after such evenings.

When we arrived at my place we talked more in the car. We talked about everything and nothing in particular. Then he started getting emotional.

I quickly picked my bag to make my way out of the car, but we kissed wanted to leave but he kept holding me back and holding me tight, he fondled with my breast. He held me tight and kissed me affectionately.

I knew it was a bad idea because it wasn’t completely dark yet and people in my neighbourhood liked to pock their nose into other people’s affairs.

After a few more minutes of sensuality, it was time to go. He looked at me with lust-filled eyes, I opened the door and hurried to my room, I met Tade in front of my room with his arms held round his waist and his eyes full of rage and disappointment.

“Where have you been”, He asked. “Fellowship” that was about the first thing that came to my mind. “Oh really?” he asked sarcastically.

“Fellowship with Mr. Mark? The cat was out of the bag, he saw everything that happened in that car.

He was almost in tears.

It’s over Adesewa, he said walking away..

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