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Locations in Lagos Perfect for Couples to HangOut this Festive Season

Locations in Lagos Perfect for Couples to HangOut this Festive Season

It is no longer news that we are in the festive season, this is when families and friends get to spend time together as well. Lovers are also not left out of the razzmatazz of the festivities as they seek opportunities to hang out.

For those that want to go on date, this festive season is another good time to go all out and explore. This is because there would be no such excuse since the festivity and holiday make you available to explore. You have all the time in the world to spend with your lover.

A Twitter user, Doctor Isaac pulled together this amazing list of perfection date locations that are also suitable for couple hangouts this season, and we can’t seem to get enough of it.

I am sure you would love it too.

If as lovers you would love to know the best location in Lagos perfect for a date, then you need to stick to the end of this article.

Rufus and Bee

Locations in Lagos Perfect for Couples to HangOut this Festive Season

This is a perfect place for a fun-filled date. Going here with your date you need to hold a lot of money; this is because this place is expensive.

When you and your date/love/hubby or wife get in, you are going to get an access card in which you are going to choose the number of chips you want to eat which is usually from N5,000 and above.

It is quite expensive, so you need to prepare as well. Nevertheless, this place is superb and if you are looking for a place where you can chill and spend some money with your date, then this is the place you should go for.

The place also has a bowling alley which is mind-blowing on its own.

Rufus and Bee is just located at Twinwaters Lagos, Okunde Bluewaters scheme, off Remi Olowude St, Eti-Osa, Lekki.

The Upbeat Center, Lekki

There is something unique about this place, and that is the fact that this place is specifically for younger couples. Why this is so is that you will do a lot of physical activities that older couples may not be able to do when they come here to have fun.

Here, you will consume calories by eating and all, and then later you have to burn the calories when you and your partner do a lot of physical activity like games, wall climbing, ice skating, etc.

There are also VR games and a whole lot more. Who would not like to have such an experience? This place is suitable for younger couples, they have all the energy needed to play all the games and do all the fun activities.

You can find the Upbeat Center at 11 Admiralty Rd, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

The Lekki conservation center (LCC)

This is not really a strange place; a lot of people would have known this Lekki conservation center. It is a very popular place in Lagos that a  lot of people know about.

It is also a very good place for you and your partner to have a very nice time, relax and also be around nature. You will get to see the longest canopy walkway in Africa and then a floor chessboard which is so large to play.

When you and your partner want to relax you can have a proper picnic there also. That is how good this place is. You are not going to have regrets going there.

LCC is at Km 19 Lekki – Epe Expy, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki.

Slay Karaoke House

Locations in Lagos Perfect for Couples to HangOut this Festive Season

This is a very nice and cool place that you can hang out with your partner. One cool thing you are going to experience that you will so much love is the fact that this place has a rooftop lounge with snooker and other board games.

You will also have a variety of songs that one can perform while the karaoke is on. If you want to get something to eat, you can as well get something nice to eat in this place and you are going to love it.

Locations in Lagos Perfect for Couples to HangOut this Festive Season

Slay KaraOke House is just at PENNY MALL, 1 The Providence St, Lekki Phase 1 101233, Lekki.

The Sailors Lounge

Locations in Lagos Perfect for Couples to HangOut this Festive Season

From the name, you should be able to have an idea of what this place looks like or what is being done there. This is usually by the seaside.

When you and your partner come here, you will have enough space to chill and eat what you want. There is also a comedy show that can help to raise your spirits and crack your ribs a bit.

One thing you will definitely love is the sea breeze. You are going to love the fresh air that accompanies the beautiful ambiance. Also, take note that this place is a bit on the high side, so you need to have some money for you and your partner to enjoy this place to the fullest.

Sailors Lounge is at 12, 1 Admiralty Rd, Lekki Phase 1, just beside the UpBeat Center.

Locations in Lagos Perfect for Couples to HangOut this Festive Season

Pearl Tower in Eko Atlantic City

Locations in Lagos to HangOut this Festive Season

From the name, you will know that this place is a very high tower which allows you to have a very wide view of the whole place. That is one thing that a lot of couples do come here to experience.

Take note that if you do not have much money with you, you may not be able to enjoy everything in this place. Simply put, if you are coming here, make sure you have enough cash for you and your partner.

Once you come here with a lot of money, you will definitely enjoy the experience and you will even want to come back.

Locations in Lagos to HangOut this Festive Season

Folixx – Elegushi

Locations in Lagos to HangOut this Festive Season

We all know that Elegushi, but take note that this is not Elegushi beach. This is Folixx which is usually a multipurpose venue.  There is a club and also a restaurant and bar that you and your partner can go ahead to chill and have a good time.

You can also have virtual reality games which are also known as VR games and snooker boards. This is a very good hang out spot. You and your partner are going to enjoy this place for good.

Locations in Lagos to HangOut this Festive Season

Imax at Lekki

This is one place that you will find in Lekki. It is strictly for movie lovers, if you are not a movie lover then you should not be in this place at all because you will not find it interesting.

When you get in there to watch your favorite movie you will notice that the Air conditioner is perfect, what this means is that it is not too cold and at the same time it is not too hot.

You are going to enjoy it. The sound system there is also marvelous. You are going to have a 3D/4D experience while you are watching your favorite movies. This place is one good place for you and your partner if you both are lovers of movies.

But if you both are not movie lovers, then you should find another place to go hang out so that you do not end up wasting time and perhaps, money.

Imaxx is at Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive, The Rock Dr, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

These places that we have highlighted are the best places that you and your partner can go on a date in Lagos that is perfect for this festive season.

If you and your partner are not movie lovers, you should not go to a cinema, you should rather go to a place that has lots of physical activities that can help you burn a lot of calories, as you will also take in a lot of calories through the food you will be eating.

If you are a younger couple, you will enjoy the fun games, the board games, the virtual reality games, and all the other physical activities that help you to stay active and burn some calories.

Final words

It is advisable that if you are an older couple, you should not go to those places where you will have to play so many games and do a lot of physical activities.

You could go to the Lekki conservation center, have a picnic, eat some food, and then relax and chill. You should be resting more than partaking in physical activities.

The Sailors lounge is also a good recommendation for older couples because there is more music, comedy that will help you laugh and also food to make you feel good and drinks to help you have a good time.

Take note that one thing you need to consider is your budget, this is very important before you set out to go to any of these places. If you go there and you are you run out of cash, that will be embarrassing.

To avoid that you need to plan ahead of how much you will be spending there. If you want to see more of nature while you relax and eat your food, we recommend the Lekki conservation center for you and your partner.

There are trees around, there are grasses and you can as well play some chess games with the large floor chessboard that will make the game look like a reality. All these places are within Lagos, if you are in Lagos you will be able to get there early enough, that is if you leave early.

But if you are staying outside Lagos and you will like to visit one of these places that we have mentioned above, then you need to leave early because during the festive season, places are usually filled up with people and there will be so much hold-up on the way.

Looking forward to you having a go at these places and coming back to share your review.



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