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Lovely Dope Rap Lyrics For My Crush

lovely dope rap lyrics for my crush

You have a girl you are crushing on? Then check out my lovely dope rap lyrics for my crush that you can use to get her to begin to like you and eventually fall in love with you.

Have you seen the love dope rap lyrics that you an share with your crush as well? I wrote it here.

Lovely dope rap lyrics for my crush

Go ahead with me and make me yours for real
Let our love oppose the things they wanna compose
We were never too late even when they thought of hate
They said they came but we never entered their lane

See how your love make me feel, I want you to be my deal
You have set my soul on fire and I will make you my heart desire
You told me you feel so much but I promise to take it away like the rain
You desire the best, and I will make your test away from the rest

You put a lid on it i’ll rock my ring around it
You stand and swear, I’ll laugh and come near
When you tell me it’s too late, I’ll bow down on my knees and pray
The world will be ours only if we do not rest on our oars

Give me a reason to come for you and I will tell you it’s my season to love you
Let me try and show the world you are mine and trust me everything will be fine
You have shown me your vulnerabilities, I’ll let you see my capabilities
We will grow so old and bear beautiful kids in multiple fold

Show me your love baby and I will let you into my empire honey
Yo, Rock your mind so well, and you may just be the might in my hell
Eventually when you are subdued and cranky, you will how I’ll end up happy
You are my crush from now till eternity and I won’t rush from here till infinity

Lovely dope rap lyrics for my crush

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    January 10, 2020 at 12:25 am

    I’m writing this to my crush

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