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Love Letter To My Wife

love letter to my wife

A love letter to my wife: Looking for the best love letter to share with your wife? Then check our collections of love letters that we havev for you here.

You will like them.

Love letter to my wife 1

I am writing this letter to put a smile on your face. It has actually been long we see since you traveled home to see your old man. This is a great distance that cannot be easily close to my mere calls. Your presence really matters to me. It is the reason why I never lack joy in me. I love you beyond what my heart feels right because truly, there will be a better way of loving you in the nearest future. You are my heartbeat, my joy and the one I cannot stop loving for the rest of my stay in this small world.

Our children have really missed you but all are in good condition, hearty and energized. You are special, the most interesting one I can never stop thinking about even for a second. Let this love that exists between us last forever. You are my best friend and the most trusted heart I have a wife. Loving you increases good health in me. You are closer to me than my thoughts. You are my special angel created to give me the kind of joy I deserve.

Greet your dad for me; tell him I will never forget him because he is special to me. In your eyes is this kind of special burning flame called love, sometimes, I am happy that you became part of my life. You will dwell in my heart forever. I miss you, hoping that you will meet me as soon as possible.

Love Letter To My Wife 2

The very target of this letter is to ensure that you are fine and to also express my feelings for you since the day you left. I hope everything is well over there. One thing you don’t understand is that, since the day you left, I have been lonely and the life of loneliness only makes the heart weak and sad. This will make me respect those wonderful moments we spent together. There is no other thought in my heart than to see you come back home as soon as possible. I want to be loved by my wife; I want to feel the hand of my wife around my body.

I am using this opportunity to reach out to you after a long time. You know, I have been so sad because your presence is nowhere to be found. My heart beats with a special feeling for you and I hope to receive the best hug once again. When you were around me, I was happy because anyone with you must surely feel the impact of love in a special dimension. I love you, adore your face, admire your character and wish we could spend the rest of our life together.
I am thinking of the day your hot kiss will calm my cold once again. My night has been bored because you are not beside me. Your love in my heart grows every day; it gives me joy that you are my wife, a good mother, a precious companion and the most amazing jewel living in the depth of my heart. I love you so much my dear found rib.

Love Letter To My Wife 3

By the time you start reading this letter, I will have already been soaked in my tears because we are separated. The real purpose of the letter is bury in the mood of my writing, try to find out and fill the gap that is due. To my surprise, I realize that there is no one as special as you are, you are the flower of passion that never gets tired of feeding me with her fragrance. Though, I am only living no one knows I have been dead since the day you left and only your presence can bring me back to life. I am so addicted to you that even a day without you is like hell.

The day has come to reconcile with my beloved wife. Living far away from each other only makes life harder. In this world, I will never forget about you for the righteous impacts in my life. I love you beyond the sky and hope to see you soon. I love you more and more and will always do for the rest of my life. I am waiting for that special moment we will meet again.

If it is possible to lead a life without you, I will still maintain my wait. To God who created my soul, I have missed you complete and pray that we meet any moment from now. I hope to see my kids too because we are one family meant to live together forever. I love you so much.

Love Letter To My Wife 4

This message is meant for my beloved wife. Anywhere you are or everything it is that you are doing, I will always be there for you. You are my happiness so why should I leave you in sadness? If you refused to marry me the other day, what will I do but still you took the sacrifice to leave your loved ones to live with me for the rest of your life. I love you more and more and will always do forever.

Life will come and go, people will fall and rise, some will rise and fall so on this special day, my life is dedicated to you after God. Tell me anything you want and I will give it to you. I will never in any way be part of the reason why you are sad. I will try all my best to be your loyalist in love anytime you wish.

Remember, when a man loves you, will do everything to make sure you are happy always. You have been the closest companion I have and your advice touched my life in the most positive way. It is rare to find a wife full of wisdom like you. I am also happy that I found you that lucky day. You are my perfect match and time has spoken. I love you, my love.

Love Letter To My Wife 5

The moment you told me that you will be leaving for a very long journey, I felt like the world will crumble. How am I supposed to live without you? When I am sad, you are always there, when I am sick, you cry, when I am angry you calm me down, when I speak anyhow, you teach me how to talk, when I am lonely, you become my companion.

You are not by side to tell me sorry when I hit my leg on an iron. Those little compliments from you have become my companions since the day you left. I love you so much, I wish to meet you any moment from now and will love to meet you once again. I will not hesitate to go out for a love trip. You are my happiness, my beloved angel. I love you in a million ways.

You are the best lady in this garden of love you created in my heart, anything I am doing reflects upon the sweetest moments we have shared together. I love you my pearl and the most interesting angel, ever met. You are my soldier of passion, anytime you are around, my heart is at comfort. It is like a voyage of happiness, I see you in all my dreams since the day you left.

Love Letter To My Wife 6

When you reach your destination, recall that you left someone who cannot live without you behind. Fill the empty space of love with a constant call. Do everything you can to get back to me; I will try my best on my own angle to ensure that we keep reaching each other all the time.

In this world, there is a limit to everything but as for the love I have for you, I set no limit because it is the reason why I can’t sleep every night, in the day time, I am restless just because you are not by my side. I am so much addicted to you and I can’t deny it. You have my world and it is the truth about the kind of person I am today. I love you, my beautiful princess.

Take care of my daughter; she is the photocopy of her beautiful mother. Whenever I see her, I see you exactly. I see everything about you, your stubbornness of standing upon what you know is right, your beauty has been completely inherited. Greet my own carbon copy too, tell him that father loves him. I wish all of you a safe journey until we meet never to depart again.

Love Letter To My Wife 7

I am asked to choose another family in heaven, I will choose you because there is no other family for me on this earth and hereafter but you. The other day, I chose the choice to live with you forever because I realized that you are the one more compatible for me. You have been the best friend I can always count upon. My joy, my love and the happiness that grows in my heart have been far away from me since these years, I love you.

While coming back my dear angel, don’t forget to buy me the entire best products for a lucky man. I am always in love with you, that’s why your smile alone makes me go crazy. I am happy that the most gorgeous princess belongs to me. If I come back to this life another day, I will still search for you so that we will always live together forever. I love you my dearest love. You are the best woman for me, your love in my heart will continue to grow for you because you are special.

No one understands why I used to cry anytime you are not around, they never understand the reason why a brave man like me cries for an ordinary woman, but they have forgotten that you are my wife, not an ordinary woman. You are my princess, not an ordinary lady. You are my pearl, not an ordinary plastic. Your beautiful face reminds me of the beautiful day we met. I love you beyond what you are thinking.

As my wife, it is my right to see you anytime soon so that I will be happy once again, I hope you are getting better. Did you take your drugs today? You know I don’t like it when you are sick. I am developing this supporting spirit every day just to be your love and protector assigned for you from the Almighty God.

Love Letter To My Wife 8

If there is no joy in you today, I am already writing this to make you smile like never before. You actually know how much you mean to me. You have been there even before I ask. You are the sweetest love in the whole of this world for me. I really miss you. Every single drop of tears from my eyes signifies how deeply in love I am with you.

At this moment in time, I have come to realize how important it is for a person to be with his wife all the time. You have been the most beautiful pearl sweet to touch; you are simply the best pillow to cuddle every night to find a complete comfort where this no one. You are the most blessed queen when it comes to the skill of loving a man as supposed.

Believe me, I cannot do without you. You have become my second nature, which means I can no longer do without you. Every microsecond of my life is filled with millions of thoughts. You have changed my life the way I have always wanted it. You put a smile on my face every single day. This is a welcome development since the day I met you. You are my happiness, the best I can always count upon, you are my growth, my luck and the best of all. Whenever life looks someone how to me, I quickly recall every moment we shared. The kisses, the hugs to show our affections for each other; you have been the most precious woman for me all my life. There are people we cannot do without them, and you are one such people very rare in life.

I must confess that the day we met, I hoped for the best wife in the world. I asked God for a favor and He gave me an angel. A caring angel, you are shining with a blissful face. You are a bright treasure and whoever has you in his life has found the best gift in this world. I love my dearest.

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