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Seductive Text Messages For Him

Seductive text messages for him

Seductive text messages for him: We can seduce our husband, it is permissible since it enhances love and a coital relationship between us. There is one thing about turning our partners on, it makes them fall more in love with us if truly love us. We use our seductive skills to draw their emotion close to us. This is natural between a man and a woman. These are the constant things that we are supposed to be doing every day to keep our relationship strong with our spouse. Seduce him to be in the mood always, as so doing, you are helping him to release some sexual fluid that helps increase his libido for the benefit of both of you.
We are not going to show you any video clip or full video of how to seduce your husband, but we shall present some seductive words to turn him on for you.

Nice Seductive Text Messages for him

1. I love touching your body that is as soft as saffron; smooth as clay sand and sweet as honey. I love the effect of your hands around my body.

2. My body is for you, use it as you want. I love it when you are with me caressing my body. I love the feeling I get any time you squeeze the two gifts I have before me.

3. I am so much in love with you because the taste of your kisses is like divine chocolate. I am always half fainted whenever you have s*x with me.

4. Your skill of handling me in the bed makes me fall more in love with you. I am lucky to have you as a husband.

5. Any style you need today will be given to you as you want. You really impressed me the first day we have it together.

6. Your innocent face is not as innocent as what anyone will judge; you are one of the most skillful woman handlers in the world.

7. I thought I could withstand your pressure, not until you b*ng life out of me. What a great footballer you are.

8. Whenever you touch me, I feel some imaginary jewel in a garden of pleasure. I can’t open my eyes because the sensation is too much.

9. The best way to love a man is to give him your body as his wife, care for him, take care of his children because he loves you too.

10. What is it that I cannot give to you? In as much as you are my husband and a responsible husband, my entire asset belongs to you.

11. Your lips are always my center of attraction, whenever it grabs mine, I become wet immediately and wish to see you already coming in and out of me.

12. You are like a blossom of joy; your smile is so powerful that it turns me on whenever I see you. I love you.

13. I can do everything for you. I can offer my body to you to enjoy every bit of it. I will give my heart to you to take care of it.

14. You have stolen my heart, but I won’t complain because you have been taking care of it as suppose. I love you.

15. I will not stop offering you my attention because you are a prince of seduction, and I love the way you make me feel.

16. I am right here in the bed waiting for you to join me. I am not dressed in any close that can hinder your entrance into my paradise.

17. Loneliness is like a cane, you keep crying as though you have been flogged with a cane. I love you, my sweetheart.

18. Your smile is always powerful; it can make me collapse at any time due to a deep sensation that circulates my entire body.

19. I feel your touch in me like an endless sensation. I can’t stop loving the feeling that comes with it every minute of my life.

20. If you know the way you turn me on, you will stop smiling at me. This is my weakness with you. You always get my back down with your powerful smile.

Great Seductive Text Messages for him

21. No matter how serious I am, once you are around, I lose control of my heart that cries to have you around.

22. The flesh of love is the one given to you; no wonder when you caress me, I feel like I’m swimming in the ocean of pleasure.

23. Your kisses taste like honey dug out of passion. The pleasure I feel whenever you have it with me cannot be comprehended.

24. As a passionate husband, I won’t stop loving you. I wish you all the best in this world. I love you, my dearest treasure.

25. I have not seen this wonderful man in my life before. A man of integrity but a king when it comes to the other room.

26. Hold my hands for the whole day I will not bother about every other thing in life for that day. Do you know what that means? Passion.

27. Your saliva is important to me, so this means everything about you is important to me. I love you like ice cream.

28. I need a man who knows how to lick a woman like chocolate. Thank God you are an expert when it comes to that course.

29. Did you go to s*x school? I am surprised that you have the knowledge of how you handled me last night.

30. Strong men are rare because most of the time, even the muscular men cannot survive more than a minute in a woman’s bed. As for you, there is a P.hD degree attached.

31. I am right now in the bed naked waiting for the man given to me. I am ready to make you happy today.

32. One kiss from you is like a million chocolates that the taste will not end till the end of time. Whenever you hug me, I see paradise.

33. You are as sweet as a pleasurable cane—I mean sweet sugarcane. I won’t mind having you eaten every day of my life.

34. If I have a husband that is good in bed, what else do I need in life? Beauty is already there for me; love is already mine.

35. Wealth did not attract you to me; what made me fell in love with you is your kindness. You are such an interesting man.

36. Give me more of your time because it is sweeter than an ocean full of milk. I love you more than Queen Elizabeth.

37. Have one of the most precious moments in the world. I love last night because I spent it with you.

38. I became restless when you told me that you will be arriving today; I can’t stop imagining how tonight will look. I love you.

39. I will love you like tomorrow will never come. I will allow you to touch every part of my body just to make you feel at home.

40. You own me and my body; anything that belongs to my body belongs to you. You can squeeze them or suck them all.

Some Seductive Text Messages for him in the morning

41. I belong to you on the wings of love. I own you and you own me. Anything you want to do with me is authenticated.

42. I give you the free will to make me happy. Is there anything you want me to do for you tonight?

43. I’m scared that I have you far away from me. Sometimes, I think of how to reach you because I can’t stop loving you.

44. With you, everything will be fine; you are my life, my cute love and the most treasured gift in my life.

45. I am always proud of you because your presence in my life has really affected mine on a romantic level.

46. I love you more and more every second in my life; you are the most handsome husband in the world.

47. I can’t regret the fact that you are part of my life; your love for me is like a brilliant star. I can see the light shining all my heart.

48. You don’t know how I used to melt whenever you touch me. This signifies that I will not be able to control myself before you.

49. Please, free my heart from the sweetness of your love. I never knew that I will fall in love with you.

50. May your love profit me; may your touch send me to the city of pleasure. I love you so much and need your kisses at any moment from now.

51. I have you in my life, thank God for such a great privilege. The way I feel whenever you are around me, cannot be comprehended.

52. Having found a lovely hand that touches my body every day, this world suddenly became a peaceful village.

53. Thank you for my heart robber, you stole it away to have all the best of pleasures in the world. I love you.

54. Tonight, I will be ready for you because you turn me on always with your passionate smile. I love you with all my heart.

55. I always see you in my dreams, touching every part of my body restlessly. You are so much a great lover.

56. I have been lost in you and nothing else can find me but your honest kisses that send me down to the home of pleasure.

57. You own me more of your love than I do because your presence has enslaved my heart to you. I can no longer think without you inside.

58. I wish you understand the level of my love for you. Precious love is awaiting you from the bottom of my heart.

59. I cannot give my love to any other person in this world if not you; your handsomeness is overwhelming my heart with fondness.

60. Except that I didn’t see you, my heart beats 100 times in a microsecond. I am so much ready to give myself to you.

61. I don’t know how to make you happier than this; you are such an interesting lover that keeps making me feel like a woman.

62. The reason why I can’t stop dreaming about you is that you are extremely sweet. I love you my sweetness.

63. You are just like chocolate; your love in my heart sweetens me like a woman sucking strawberry.

64. Happiness is found only in a heart that has a honey orange like you to suck. It is funny but the truth.

65. I can’t sleep until I see you. I wish you understand the pleasure of my heart for you. You are an affable treasure in my heart.

66. Truly, I must confess that I have not seen a lovable man like you; your lifestyle always fascinates my Dearing love for you.

67. Your smile alone is a charming success. It means a lot of things to me. I wish you could open my heart to see how I feel whenever I see you.

68. Thank for the love you have been showing to me; it makes me grow younger. I love that romantic part of you.

69. I will not stop been happy with you because of you worth more than a million treasures to me. I wish you are dwelling in my heart.

70. All I need is your hand touch; it makes my day any time it occurred. I don’t what planet you were born, but in terms of love, you are just superb.

71. Have the most beautiful night ever; oops sorry, we are having it together in the most pleasurable way tonight.

72. I don’t know why I am always ready for you to battle to battle. Do you think you are strong? I am stronger than your line.

73. The way your lips form a love shape whenever you want to kiss me, makes my heart blow into a blazing flame. I love you.

74. You are my desire which I love being on top of his chest. You taught me how to love with all my heart.

75. I can’t stop loving you every single day of my life; your happiness is what makes me happy. I love you, baby.

76. Your smile alone is like a precious stone; I never get tired of watching it role like a diamond falling from a princess’s hand.

77. When I have a man like you in my life that will make me understand what it looks like to be sad?

78. When talking about pleasure, believe you are the very joy derived from it.

79. A man like you is like a precious stone shining all over the places like a pool of love and passion.

80. When I tasted your lips, I saw myself in a paradise; when I opened my eyes, I saw your handsome face.

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