Short Love Poems For The One You Love And Miss

love poems for the one you love

Our collection of short love poems for the one you love and miss. What is a priceless jewel to you? It is priceless right? My lover is priceless to me. How about you?

That moment you realize that your lover is priceless, then is the moment to really send short love poems for the ones you love and miss.

It is one thing for your love to remain priceless, it is another to miss your lover so much. Our lovers are everything to us. From being our soulmate to being friends and even being brothers or sisters. Their worth can never be measured in our lives. For me though apart from buying my lover gifts, I also try as much as possible to put my thoughts about my lover in short love poems that I try as much as possible to send to her to show her that I truly love her and I miss her

Why do you need my collection of short love poems for the one you love?

My pen is a sword to me, it is that artistic and creative part of me that I love to show a lot. Love brings the best out of me, and when love brings the best out of me, why not put it down in writing and appreciate the one I love! I have seen a couple of times when lovers cry whenever they read short love poems by their lovers. That is the strength of what short love poems to the one you love can do!

You need my candid advice on what to do on that special day of yours? Anniversary? Birthday? or even Weddings? A piece from my collection of short love poems for the one you love with do the trick and get her falling head over heels in love with you again!

Poems are art and lovers love a beautiful mix of intricate arts wherein short love poems fall into. So what are you still waiting for? No need to do too much creative thinking! I am here to put all the creativity to use for you with my collection of short love poems for the one you love!

Do not think about it twice on my collection of short love poems for the one you love, you don’t need to! Just pick as much as you want and share with the special person in your life. You will never regret it! TRUST ME!!

Emotional short love poems for the one you love

1 Wura Mi
You are my diamond
You are so priceless

Wura Mi
You are a Gem
You are so beautiful

Wura Mi
You are my strength
You are so special

Wura Mi
You are my love
You are my life

2. If I come to this life again
I will choose you
You know why?
You are the most precious element in my life
You love has made me alive
You truly are the one for me and no one else

3 Can I ever price you out there?
You are so priceless
You gave my life a list
You deserve nothing else in this world
Thanks for being the best for my love
You are my best and now

4 Your sweetness mesmerizes my soul
Your sweetness dazzles me
Your sweetness surprises me
Your sweetness places me on CLOUD 9

5 I want to be your strength
When you are weak
I will always try not to let you down
Because God has blessed me with you

6 I know you care about me so much
I will give you my love so much
I will stand by your side
Every step of the way
You deserve this and more

7 I see my future with you so clear and crisp
I envisage our togetherness so perfect and shiny
I promise to remain true and honest
You are my good good loving

8 You are my sugar mummy
You are my sugar baby
I adore you so dearly
I cherish you so so much
You are the best gift ever

9 I know you are mine
And for this I will love you
In every sense of it sincerely
Every sec, minute and days of my life

10 Here is my promise to you
To love you so incredibly
Every day, months and years
Of my life on earth
You are my love

11 Your love has made me sane and true
With you I can put all my money without fear
I am yours forever baby
There is definitely no doubt about this

12 I stand committed to you
I stand with my love and you
I say NO to infidelity in everyway
I will love you and make an impact
With my beautiful engagement ring

13 Wait for me sweetheart
It is just a matter of time before
You see that my love is true
I mean everything I do

14 Listen to the beats of my hearts
Look into my eyes and you will see
How true, honest and sincere my love is
I pray God gives you the eye to see
My love so true

15 Let our love be the sword
Let our love be the rod
Love our love be our togetherness
Today, tomorrow every step of the way

16 You tickle me so hard and much
Your love makes me want to swim
In the ocean of true affection
It is you that I love and no one else

17 You are the best investment decision
I ever made
You are the best job description
I ever take
You are the best person in the world
I ever chose

18 You have bewitched me with your love
You have charmed me with your affection
You have made me a slave to your love
I am sane yet insane because I love you

19 You are the realest
You are the best-est
You are the best new thing
You are my sweet sweet thing

20 The love that I have always longed for
Is sitting right next to me
By your support, I have been strengthened
You are the best love ever!

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    Liza Olaniyan
    April 26, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Your poems are written from a heart full of love. The words describe what is strongly felt in the heart. Thank you.

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