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Lovers Share Beautiful Stories of How They Met Their Partners on Facebook

love stories

Love is indeed beautiful; Love stories even make it more special, and we had no choice but to share the different love stories posted by different lovers on how they met on social media.

It all started with a Facebook post by user,  Osaremen, and this has since been generating a lot of responses and reactions. Even from us here on Deedeesblog!

Some stories will make you ”awwww”, “awwwwn” and “LOL”, while some will move you to tears like it did to us. Love is just amazing, and finding love makes it more fun. What social media has brought together, let no one put asunder.

One thing is certain though, Facebook keeps bringing people together and they are finding love and happiness on that space. Are you single and searching? Maybe when you read these stories, it will urge you to respond to their DM that has been sitting in your inbox for ages.

Ihejiamaizu Emeh Chiamaka

We met on Facebook,
He was my ex-Boyfriend’s Friend.
You know the person that is always settling fights. Well, a lot happened,
Broke up with my Ex.
Uncle started disturbing ahhhhhh,
In my head, these people want to use me to play football pass. He kept coming and I kept pushing him.
He proved how serious he really was and the rest is history. 3Years and Counting,
He is the best thing that has ever happened in my life,
Can’t wait to say I Do. Love sweet ooo

Collins Ogonnaya Arikor

Na like wey Hanty like my Facebook comment for one yeye group like that I come dey feel like Shakespeare and Einstein. Na so I go inbox ooo. The rest is our-story.

Promise Alero Nana

Facebook oo. My phone got spoilt and uncle noticed he has not been seeing my comments on a page we both follow. He came inbox to ask why I’ve not been active and he misses my nonsense comments.

Saw the message when I finally fixed the phone. Told him my phone was bad. I got a new phone and a boo. Months later boo came down from SA to see this small girl that won’t let him rest.

Almost three years later small girl still won’t let boo rest.

Deborah Ebimoboere Dan-Asisah

He said hi like 1am on Facebook messenger. I replied because I was up trying to read for a test and I was bored with my books. We became really close friends for like two years plus. Then the relationship I was in at the time ended and I was messed up.

Texted him I was coming to Lagos and we would fuck when I do. We done did it, a year later and I use it to tease him all the time.

Chijioke Brendan

In a group on Facebook.

But I was booted out not long after because of my mouth. We were friends, in the group following each other on posts up and down, due to distance and some other reasons we never thought it would get to us dating. We took our friendship from the group into the inbox.

Well, the story has changed today, see me and bae, breaking records and odds.

I actually made her travel to the north for the first time in her life to come to visit

Mercy Blossen Lawan

Facebook! Dude was in my DM for 5years and I ignored him. Fast forward to 2016 end, when he made a post on wife material and I insulted him and told him to ask himself if he’s husband material enough.

He entered DM again and that’s how he said: “I will marry you”. I took a screenshot of his chat and sent to my then-boyfriend and we both laughed at him. Llike play, he warmed his way to my heart the rest is history

Mimma Dessycalm Ovio

Met him here. We weren’t even friends but we have a mutual friend – Sammy.  On his birthday Sammy posted his picture and wished him a happy birthday. This was May 2017. I saw the pictures and I commented and told Sammy that his friend is fine oh should I slide in?

That was it. Oga saw the comment and sent a friend request. After 3 days he sent an inbox message and I took it from there mehn. I shaa helped him finish work and now we’ve been married since March.

MO JO Lade

Through Facebook, I was going through a heartbreak and everything just seems boring to me nah so I just stroll to my inbox to reply some messages there, his name caught my attention because his first and second name is the same thing with my ex’s own, I was like the guy is playing another trick to come back. I had to go through is profile before I realized it’s another person entirely. Everything just happened fast and I found myself in another relationship where I am happy and have my peace of mind.

Dear Facebook thank you for this beautiful gift.

Nna Nna

Facebook friends…
I don’t know who sent the other a request but I think she did actually. Then one day, she posted a picture…tall, dark ‘melanin’ somebody…My kind of woman. I commented and complimented.
My antenna stood still and got signals. That was how a local man slid inbox.
Then our journey began.
I’ve had flings here and there with people I met on SM but never believed I could get serious with anyone here.
Initially, I thought it would be business as usual because even when I told my friends I’ve found the one they were like ‘is it not you again’ but 2years + we are still standing strong and getting better every single day.
Her presence in my life has changed so many narratives.
I’m a better man because of her and I’m walking and working towards being the best for her.
Love is indeed not a myth.She’s the best of the best.

Harrison Okoye

On Facebook 2012. Saw her pics and chatted her up, took her days to reply but it was worth it. I was amazed by her intelligence and nack for understanding. We chatted on Facebook for 4 months before she could even give me her number.

Even with the number sef she hardly picks my calls or returns them. I was pissed but I didn’t give up because I saw something great in her. Our relationship took another turn when we finally met after one year of chats. Today, we are happily married with 3 kids.


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