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Many Social Media Users Should Be Charged for Attempted Suicide

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Maureen Alikor is the convener and founder of Demystify Abuse Campaign, an outreach with a vision to put an end to rape, sexual abuse and every form of stigmatization against victims. A survivor herself, she loves to share her story hoping it inspires more people to own their story and chase their dreams in spite of their experience.

In her Facebook post, Maureen shared how users content on social media can have a dangerous effect on others. This is quite important for you to read.

Many of us on social media should be charged for ATTEMPTED SUICIDE

I know when you hear suicide, you think it is only when you have attempted to drink sniper, stab yourself or point a gun to your forehead.

I hope you know a suicide attempt is not limited to all I mentioned above.

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. And it could be done via any means.

I hope you are aware there are different kinds of death before the one we all fear which is the cessation of breath.

I hope you are aware that you can be the living dead (no, I don’t mean the series).

Too many times we do and say things here that could have a hand in one of the many deaths some people die before the cessation of breath.

It may look subtle and unimportant, but:

1. Carefully pay attention to the kind of contents you allow into your mind space. Be intentional about sieving these unhealthy contents.

2. Carefully and dutifully sieve your friend’s list of toxicity (deadly toxic people)

3. Ensure you are also not the one who seeks out what is toxic for your health (it could be mental, emotional, sociological and spiritual).

4. Find time to clear your head, your mind, and your heart, do this periodically. It helps you rejuvenate and gives you a threshold to handle some of the anomalies that greet us daily on social media.

5. Work on your resilience, self-control, and finger-discipline (you don’t have to make a point in EVERY issue)

6. Above all, do EVERYTHING motivated by love. I don’t mean that gross selfishness we call love that forces or leads us to favour someone else because you believe they will be useful to me someday.

Trust me, it will help you sieve where you should be found on social media.

7. Realize you cannot save everybody. Try much more than your best and rest when you can’t can anymore.

I love you and wish that you live a transformed life that pays attention to your health so you don’t die before you die.

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