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Looking for some amazingly long paragraphs to send to someone you truly love and care about? Then this collection is just what you should go through and trust me, you’d thank me later.

Long Paragraphs for her to make her smile

1. You have made us happy already, you have given us rest of mind, and everything about the day of our anniversary was easy because you people accepted to join us in celebration of this wonderful day. Whatever you also aspire to do on this earth shall be easy for you too. Thank you, have a nice day and everything you need will always be possible henceforth by the special grace of God. Thank you for joining us in celebration, we really appreciate you all. I love you like never before. You will be the gladdest after this day because I will shower you with the kind of love you deserve. You are the best for me, the one I want to spend the rest of my day loving. That thanks for always being my helper and supporter at the time hardship. I will be the one that will make you happy the most.

Paragraphs For Her to Make Her Day

Long Paragraphs for her to make her day

2. Sometimes, we quickly realize that life brings us together in order to love each other for the better. Life makes us friends so that we can help each other for good. We don’t know why things are the way they are, but we know that nothing can stop us from loving each other at the point we have reached today. We are for each other as one. For a long time before now, I have been praying for the Lord to give me a wife that will love and play with me. I have been begging God to be there for me so that your heart will not change. You are the most beautiful jewel whose light makes things better. I have decided to spend my days with you to the end of time. My sweet love, there are many reasons why I cannot resist your beauty but for now, I want you to know that I am so much in hurry to see you waking up next to me. I love you more than you think. You are the most gorgeous lady in this world and there is no doubt.

Sorry Paragraphs for Her To Share

Long Paragraphs that will melt her heart

3. The say I set my eyes on you, I was shocked because I have never seen a woman like you before, I am yet to see a lady that can make a man feel comfortable like you. Throughout the end of this year, I will be the happiest if the Lord spared our lives. We will be glad we met because I am sure you are going to shower love on me and I am going to do the same as well. You are my grace and the closest person to me. Life will be a bit hard without you. My joy on this earth will be that I have a great God who gave me a great woman to love and be with. How have you been and what really makes you happy the most so that I can improve on how to make you happy? You mean the world to me and I dream about you almost every day. This could be as a result of the special love I have for you. I realized that I can’t stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try.

Sweet Paragraphs For Your Crush: The Best Collection

Incredible long Paragraphs for her

4. There are many reasons why we love those that matter to us, your reason is beyond what I can comprehend. The special love that lives in my heart for you is a great passion growing in light and blessing. I am not perfect, so don’t blame me when I misbehave being close to you. I love you more and more every day, every minute and every second. You are the eyes of love sent to me, no wonder anywhere I turn my eyes, your beauty flashes at me. What a great queen you have become, a pure bliss full of endless love, joy, happiness, and great passion. You will always be the number one angel of my life. This means, no other woman can take your place in my heart. The most important love of my heartbeat, you are chosen for me as the most wonderful lady that suits the kind of life I want to live. May you find rest of mind in all you are doing. The Lord shall not let you down especially at the times of need. Your success will last with you. Your kids will benefit you just as you will benefit them too. I love you, baby.

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Special long paragraphs for her

5. Anytime I think of you, joy and happiness roam in my heart. I become more loving to everyone because the blessing of your love had been a source of happiness for me. This is how lucky we used to be when you finally found the right person for you. You begin to think of how special you are to someone that really values and appreciates you. I wish to be the kind of person that will be able to take good care of you. That kind of person that will love you like never before so that in the end, your past pains will be wiped away. You are the dream that became a reality today. Let me tell you something, being in love with you is something special. It is special because it is a source of great love to me. You are good wife material, and as such, why don’t I love you like crazy?

Long Paragraphs for her in the morning

6. If you received this message, it is because I love you. I can prove this to you in so many ways, I can make you the queen of my heart for Many years and this will not change anything about you. I love your presence but your absence is what really kills me the most. Thank God you are in my life to change many things. You will not even understand the kind of love I have for you because I have built a very strong accommodation that I am sure will last forever. You are my love, the most interesting girl in my life.

Great paragraphs for her

7. Love is a kind of feeling you can’t even explain. Love is the reason why some people want to die for another human like them. You are the best angel of my dreams that queen I used to see every day and night. You will come to know that the kind of love of has for you is beyond what you can easily think about. You are my life, my choice and the most beloved person in this world. I wish you more and more comfort in life as you are the tears that roll down my cheeks. You are an epitome of love and beauty, a space in my heart is reserved for you and no other girl will ever have that privilege until the end of time. You may not believe me but that’s just the truth. It is something that will always make me happy every day.

Long Paragraphs for her copy and paste

8. I am writing this note to you to know that I really miss you. How is everyone at home especially my little angel? You are pretty and your eyes are glowing like the light of joy, happiness and above all, it glows like sunshine. It is the reason why I have decided to be with you all my life. I don’t want to change my about you even for once, because there is no other lady that can play your role in this world. You are more than being sincere, your attitude can raise your altitude as you have become the most loved girl in my life. I cherish your face, it should be called the land of beauty. Your smiles alone are life changing agents, I can’t remain the same, anytime I set my eyes on you. I will forever be yours all my life. Thank you for revealing that you truly love me. I will always wish you the best of luck. I miss you to the core. Thank you for your submission and respectfully displayed attitude. You can have everything you ever want.

Long Paragraphs for her to make her day

9. The trees, the flowers, the birds and everything that breathes can testify that I am in love with an angel. They can tell you how much I have fallen in love with you because there is no day o wake up, your matter roams in my heart. You deserve best of love. You are worthy of being loved the way I do. However, baby, I don’t want to share your love with someone else as you are the kind of person that should be with me forever. I will always be the peaceful one with you because you deserve respect and by His grace, I will treat you with great respect. Thank you for your sacrifice just to ensure that I am happy. Thank you for the blessing showered upon me day and night. I will love you to the core and hold your hands when there are no more hands for you to hold. I will be your shadow that will not run in darkness. I will be the light that can withstand every darkness of your life, don’t be surprised how all these will be possible, because I will tell God to make them easy for me to do. I will finally make you happy.

Bae paragraphs for her

10. The sky is bright this morning, the sky is a passion that will always be there for long. Do you know you are my sky? You are that treasure that keeps me happy every single day. You are the most shining diamond in the garden of love, passion, and happiness among other women. I love the fact that your presence in my life is a divine joy and blessing. You will not understand the reason why I love you and your kids. The very day you enter my house, I realized that you will be a very good woman. You will be the most beautiful person my heart can always be pleased with. This means you are the one chosen for me. You are the dream of joy, the dream of love and the dream of grace sent to me from the highest. I never want to stop loving you because such an impression is a great feeling that cannot be easily forgotten.

Long Paragraphs for everyday text

11. Loving you is my choice, it is something that makes me happy unconditionally. I will be with you even at the time of pain, I will be with you. I will love you as you deserve. I will make sure you don’t regret being my wife. Now and forever, everything you need will be given to you. I cherish you because you are the best of all, the great lady of my life, no one will stop me from loving you. You, I can feel the impact of your love in my heart. You are to me as a person of love, joy, and happiness. You cherish me more and more, you make me happy every day with the special love shown to me. Thank God for your sincere love, thank you for staying by my side when I needed you by my side. I love you.

Long Paragraphs to make her melt

12. The kind of love that makes me happy is the type you show to me. The kind of love that skyrocket in my heart. I wish you all the best and will never forget you. No one will ever understand how much I love you. It is my pleasure to have you in this world. Your beautiful smile is loving, your character is outstanding and many other features you possess that makes me happy is a great feeling. I love you like a superstar, need you like watermelon, and wish to eat you like a beautiful apple. You are my brave angel, the most lovely person that makes me smile the most. Being in love with you is the most important feeling that I can’t deny. It gives me a great reason to love you more and more. You belong to me.

Love paragraphs

13. Whatever it takes to show you the depth of my love for you is the priority on my mind. I want to ensure that you are always alive so we can enjoy this world together. You are just the best partner for me, I swear there is no doubt. Whenever I look at you, tears of passion can be seen crying in my cheeks. You were my imagination and now my reality. Thanks for your blessed love in my life. I will always be yours all the time.

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