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Before You Say Yes to that Marriage Proposal, Think!

marriage proposal

What everyone wants to see is how many carats is your ring,and whether he was romantic when he was presenting the ring or not…oh there is even a more recent norm: the guy kneels and bring out the ring, if the lady is still in the process of faking the awe of being proposed to, and not giving a response to the man, he pulls her left arm and start helping himself by putting the ring on her ring finger.

What?! Who does that?!

I was asking a friend yesterday if he has seen a proposal being turned down (no, not the YouTube staged scenes but in real life) and he said yes and I further asked on what basis?

Now, I personally have often wondered why on earth would a lady say no to a marriage proposal when she has been with the guy in question for 5 years, but there are a thousand and one reasons that can make her do that.

Now is the time to stop bothering about what the colour of the ring is, or if he wasn’t crying when he was putting it on, or if he said the right words but with the alarming rate of divorce which has become a thing in vogue not only in the white man’s land but also in ours, but you have to be sure you want to spend every moment with that guy for the rest of your life…and if it’s a no, go ahead and give it. Remember making a big life change is pretty scary,but more scary is REGRET.

As a man,don’t go ahead to ask her hand in marriage because your friends are doing it or because she won’t stop disturbing you or you feel coerced in any way…make sure you TRULY want to spend the rest of your life with her!

– Adebisi Adesewa

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