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Midnight Messages for your Love

midnight messages

Midnight messages are unique and different. The moment you realize you can;t put your head to bed to sleep then share a couple of midnight love messages to the one you love.

Midnight messages and poems

I lay in my bed right now
Finding it so hard to sleep
I ask myself why and how
Then I realize it was me thinking of you
I appreciate all the beautiful moments
Spent together
And how our love has grown over the years

I miss you so much
I miss your touch on my body
I miss the way you stare at me
I miss those beautiful, burning and fiery eyes
As they stare down at me passionately
I just miss everything about you
And I hope you will soon be here again

I want to feel you breath on me
I want to feel your hands drive through my soft skin
I want you to ignite the fires of my soul
So that I can scream and call your name so so
You are the reason I’m awake
And why I don’t just want to go to sleep

I have this huge craving
For the softness of your lips
I want you to be close to me
So that I can run my fingertips all over your body
I want the heat between us to be felt
So that we can build up the passion
That will light up the love we have gathered together

I want to feed my desires
Lustfully wanting you my messiah
I want us to come together and become one
But only when the time is right and your trophy is won
I know that in time we will come together
Me and you in my bed forever

You are the only one that can really satisfy me
In this life where you will truly hypnotize me
You are the only lover that can fulfil
All my plans in life with me for real
You are my morning fantasy
And my midnight ecstasy

Midnight love messages

Some midnight love messages may come in handy at might as well.

Laying on my bed this night, finding it so hard and difficult to sleep. My bedsheets seem cold and my duvet can’t even bring the warmth close. You are the warmth I desire darling and I want us to be together right now. I love you my baby and may God keep our relationship alive for as long as we live.

You are wondering what I’m still doing up right? I am busy dreaming about us and how our future will be. Your beauty mesmerizes me and your friendliness is beyond what words can say. I hope you stay for as long as we both want it. I love you darling, continue to rest.





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