Slay Quotes for Instagram: Are you the slay type, and you want to bombard your fans with sweet and funny short quotes on your Instagram page? What a good platform to get those fantastic quotes to make your dream true. I have compiled these quotes for the queens on the internet.

Great Slay Quotes for Instagram

1. Today is a cute day, I just have to enjoy myself to the fullest.

2. Who else needs his Monday to be as nice as mine?

3. I am good to go just like a moving star at night.

4. I know I will fly higher than this; with a matter of time, the game is over.

5. I just want to feel like a game of throne, all alone in my palace.

6. Get merry and wipe away your sorrow, it doesn’t really matter.

7. Wow! This is one of the best selfies in 2019, I can’t believe this.

8. I just feel like to be alone, thinking good about my life.

9. Wishing myself a good day ahead, I am just been too cool this morning.

10. Put a smile on your face like this monkey, it’s gonna be ok with you.

11. Don’t you like to be cooler than the sea at night? It gives joy to the heart.

12. What a nice shot, I just can’t imagine what my eyes see.

13. Lolz, I am gonna be a mother soon, I have no time to waste.

14. Children are beautiful; they are cute, funny and can always make your day.

15. Hello, home is calling, let me take this last selfie before I resume again.

16. Nicely taken a selfie, my next adventure is to take the hottest selfie on Kilimanjaro.

17. I feel like to fly the world over. I wish you myself the best.

18. I don’t know how to make you happier than this, anyway I am just kidding.

19. Shine your eyes, when things got tougher, you should go slower to attack.

20. What a nice day to have fun. Have a wonderful day ahead, it reminds me of a sweet coffee.

Special Slay Quotes for Instagram

21. I think I’m cool to go, watch me do the best I can, and you will be surprised how I make my days sweet.

22. It does not really pay to be cheap; all I know is that I am a superstar.

23. I enjoy last night in the club, this is just the best clubbing ever I don’t tell a lie.

24. Hey there! What’s up, do you need some ice cream?

25. You like me? Pay some dollars to see my teeth.

26. I just feel like to soak myself in water. I need some rest over here.

27. Cute evening in my father’s garden, all alone in paradise.

28. I need an Adam to keep his Eve warm.

29. I don’t care about what they say; I am after my business always.

30. Anyway, give thanks to the spirit of beauty; I have never seen something ugly like this before.

31. I am not a gold digger, but if you get me some cash, I am all yours.

32. I love that pretty face around me; it gives me confidence and love.

33. I wonder how life will look without Instagram. So much addicted to funny posts.

34. Hey friends, how was your cute night?

35. What a day to say thank God for my life.

36. I was almost cut down and I don’t even know what I mean by ‘cut down’.

37. Hurray, today is my day, I am gonna celebrate it as I want.

38. What’s your business with my life? I just want to enjoy and that’s all.

39. When I see your face, it reminds me of a flower in a garden.

40. If life can’t bring me joy, I will buy joy for myself.

41. I have no time to say no way, I am always happy in winter and in summer.

42. Every day is my birthday, and I am not from the slum ok?

43. I am scared, just check this pose out, and am I cool?

44. Boredom moment with boredom reasons. I just don’t want to be bored that’s all.

45. Cute Monday coffee shot, I love myself so you don’t need to tell me.

46. It is sweet to have a boyfriend, but I have been happy with myself with any bad boo.

47. Do you have love to show me? I need money not love for now.

48. That moment you wish cash should rain from heaven so that you can have your share.

49. Sometimes, we just decide to be alone.

50. Don’t say why you are sitting; I don’t have to reply to your comment.

51. Don’t ask me why just feed your eyes and go away.

52. I have no time for bulls; they are too big for my liking.

53. Don’t insult me or just take my dish out of your basket.

54. I need an energy drink to make this dance hotter.

55. I am not more passionate than I am today; I just want all fun moments.

56. It is all about fun today been a weekend. I love you all.

57. Evening vibes with my funny friends on the beach.

58. I am not a bitch I just want to look like one and see what you comment.

59. I hate queuing in the bank it gives me too much concern.

60. I love the weekend, please don’t go away. I need to relax with my chocolate.

Badass Captions for Instagram

61. They don’t even know my gender, some thought I am a tomboy, others feel I am just a girl.

62. I just want to confuse my fans today, how do you see this dress?

63. Comment and I will inbox you a surprise.

64. Isn’t it cute to be happy? I am just passing by though.

65. I love hot girls in their hot dresses they are an inspiration to my soul.

66. It is not how you feel about me; it is how I feel about myself that really matters.

67. I need some beautiful moment with the best of lucks; this is what I just need for my birthday.

68. Yeah, today is my birthday; I hope you can book a five-star hotel to attend?

69. This is my boyfriend’s Ferrari; you will not dare to snatch him away from me.

70. Some said I am harsh, some say I am cool, and all I care about is that I am me.

71. No one can intimidate me, I am always confident about myself.

72. What a sweet day to say hello to the world.

73. I just want to say good morning to everyone; today is cute so I am sharing some gift.

74. The first to comment I love you without interruption will get $2000.

75. That moment I am ready to fire back, you don’t need to hold me back because you are gonna be affected.

76. Let it simple and straight.

77. I have got the best of friends ever.

78. Love yourself as you will never love anybody again.

79. What a cute family; my sisters from another mother.

80. I know I am playing a hard life game, but if I survive it, I am gonna celebrate myself.

81. Sometimes, I just decide to read some newspaper with my cute eyes.

82. Be confident about yourself, don’t allow anyone to intimidate you.

83. Instagram is not my father’s land, but I love it like chocolate.

84. Do you need some cute things? If yes, I am all yours today.

85. Wait, is all that is on Instagram a photographer.

86. Don’t judge yet, I am here to prove my worth if you don’t mind skip my pics.

87. Cute Saturday throwback.

88. If you want to enjoy me, just go get some cool cash.

89. Enjoy your life while you are young and be the happiest.

90. One thing I can’t tolerate is to give a damn about losers.

91. They want my downfall but God wants me up all the time.

92. I am a slay queen but I have got the gut to worship my Lord.

93. We have different categories of people, the classic, and the amateur. Judge my picture pls.

94. Just want to see how the market looks. What a sweet Monday in Lagos.

95. Life in Instagram is superb; I just can’t see myself being bored.

96. Sometimes, we are happy, while sometimes we feel like the world is over.

97. I don’t live to please you; I am always after what concerns me.

98. If I can get you, do I need to speak Chinese before you know my stand?

99. I admire me, myself and my beauty. I love everything about me, myself and my beauty.

100. Don’t gaze too much; you may lose your drive.

Slay quotes for girl

101. What a cute day, I have never felt relax like this moment.

102. Make it simple it is all about simplicity.

103. I woke up in the morning and see myself messed up like a baby.

104. Like it or not, I am just a rock star.

105. Just want to be me today; every day is not for a slay queen.

106. Hello! I just want to greet the world and that’s all.

107. This is the latest perfume in town. Just have it done the way it should.

108. You know what, I am happy to be yours forever; just learn how to spend.

109. Get me one Ferrari and I will be all yours.

110. I don’t care about your iPhone or Samsung, all I care about is your love—tell that to the local girls.

111. I don’t know how to pretend, if you want to get me, just learn how to be generous.

112. I am hot I know, but I can be hot if you want.

113. Self loves early Monday morning.

114. Self crush to my amiable self. I am cool and good to go.

115. I don’t mind how you judge me, I know myself better than you do.

116. I am alive to gain not to lose. Happy birthday to me.

117. If you want me to cry, just delete this picture.

118. Do you know what I need right now? Some cool cash.

119. How may I help you today? I am not customer care though?

120. You need love, spend well and a woman will give you everything.

121. Cute lovely angel, if you don’t admire me, I will admire myself.

122. I don’t wanna be left alone in my pain, please come and keep me company.

123. Trust me, I am the hottest girl in town; I gat what it takes to make you happy.

124. Try as much as you can to be as simple as you can. Good morning everybody.

125. I love my shape this morning. It gives me more confidence.

126. I love the way I smell; you are just the best for me. I miss you.

127. What a cute day ahead. I am happy to be yours forever.

128. Check me and my best friend for life.

129. How cute are we today?

130. That moment you wake up and can’t see your phone.

131. I believe I can fly, and I can touch the sky if I wanted.

132. Don’t be too confident, your money may not be huge enough to have me.

133. I think I need a man to make feel special today.

134. I am just the way you think of me, I have no business with grudges.

135. They have tried their best to bring me down but it is always in vain.

136. If you think too much of me, you may get yourself injured.

137. What a sweet day with my younger sisters.

138. The innocent look.

139. Wow! That innocent eye that’s not really there.

140. I just need some few minutes to tell you how gorgeous you are.

141. Every single day of my life is always a fun fair. I love myself like never before.

142. Love yourself, respect your dignity and play safely in life.

143. I don’t want to be sad all my life so I chose to have fun.

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