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100+ Questions To Ask Before Marriage

100 questions to ask before marriage

Check out these 100 questions to ask before marriage and you will totally love it. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself to show your readiness for marriage. When you can comfortably answer about 75% of these marriage questions, then you are in a very good position for marriage.

Check these questions out and let us see your readiness.

100 questions to ask before marriage

1. What is expected of me in a marriage?

2. How many children do I hope to have?

3. Am I really fit for this marriage?

4. What is the taste of the kind of husband I am about to marry?

5. How do I take good care of my husband and children?

6. What is marriage all about?

7. What is the most important thing I need to know about my spouse?

8. How can I make the pressure less for my spouse?

9. How shall I cope with family issues and resolving them?

10. Do I still need to work on myself to suppress my anger issue?

11. How well am I prepared to handle this marriage?

12. Why do I want to get married?

13. Why am I am getting married?

14. Am I prepared enough to get married?

15. How shall I handle a difficult time in my marriage?

16. What is the best solution to solve a conflict when it arises?

17. Do I still need to continue with this marriage process?

18. Will I be able to cope with my partner’s character living together?

19. What is the most important thing I must do before the marriage?

20. What is my stand about religion?

21. Even if we are compatible, do we still need to enjoy each other as husband and wife?

22. Can we make a good home together or we are just pretending?

23. What can I do to make things easy for me in the marriage?

24. Could there be any reason why we should marry each other?

25. What is the real reason why I am preparing to marry?

26. Do I have the job to sustain a marriage?

27. Is marriage really something I should enter so soon?

28. What about my state of mind, is it mature enough to enter into a marriage relationship?

29. Can I ever cope with issues or I am just pretending because we are not married?

30. What is the reason for getting married and does the reason really worth it?

31. How mature am I to get married soon?

32. Between my career and marriage which one deserves more attention?

33. How good is my relationship with others?

34. Have I been able to make things easy for people in my family?

35. Do I need to care about the attitude of my mother-in-law?

36. What exactly do I need in a marriage?

37. Do we need a division of labor at all?

38. How do I cope with house rent and bills?

39. I hope I am physically fit to marry the woman I am proposing to?

40. What is the best time for me to marry?

41. What kind of man or woman do I want as a spouse?

42. What is the level of our bond with each other and I hope we can cope together?

43. Can my income sustain the marriage for now?

44. Are we actually ready for this marriage?

45. What do I need to do so that this marriage I am about to enter will be successful?

46. What is the level of my leadership skill to lead navigate a successful marriage?

47. Successful marriage need a lot of patience and tolerance, do I have these two virtues?

48. How can we plan our future together?

49. How do we make sure there is food in the home all the time?

50. Can we stay together as a husband and despite this issue we have almost all the time?

51. What is my level of understanding of the person I am about to marry?

52. Does my fiancé really value me and really wants to marry me as a wife?

53. What are those things I must take care before getting married?

54. What kind of woman do I need as a wife?

55. When a problem arises, is there an existing means to figure out how to handle it?

56. How do I train my children if I have any?

57. Do I really know myself or I still have to work on self-awareness skill before getting married?

58. Could there be a reason why I should just stop processing this marriage?

59. How do I do to make my marriage last forever?

60. How can I make my spouse happy and enjoy life?

61. Is he actually the kind of man I want for a husband?

62. Do I really understand the importance of marriage?

63. What is the religious background of the would-be husband?

64. What is the major difference between me and him? Can we still settle down with this difference?

65. Why do I want to get married, is it really against my reasoning?

66. What kind of gathering should I subscribe after the wedding?

67. Do I still need to continue with my old ways or I need to change for good before marriage?

68. How good am I to men or women?

69. Can I really take good care of children?

70. How long do I need to stay outside to save my marriage from ruin?

71. Does my current work in any way sustain a marriage?

72. How will my job affect my marriage if I continue after the wedding?

73. What is my dream job after the wedding or should I still maintain this one?

74. How strong is your job earning capacity, can it hold a marriage?

75. What am I supposed to know about taking care of a family?

76. Do I need to go for a course to learn how to manage a family?

77. What does it take to take care of a child in the absence of the mother?

78. How am I going to act at home so that I may not unintentionally spoil my children?

79. Am I capable of planning for the wellbeing of my wife and children?

80. Does it really matter to make the marriage big or not?

81. Do I need to enter into a business so that I can support my family?

82. Should I marry a graduate or a secondary school graduate?

83. How do I arrange to pay for the kids’ school fees when I started having them?

84. How do I handle stress when it comes?

85. Am I physically fit enough to enter into a marriage relationship?

86. Hope we can spend much time together as husband and wife?

87. What if I quit smoking and alcohol to be able to take good care of my home?

88. How many kids do you hope to have?

89. How do you cope with children misbehaviors?

90. What if your child confesses that she is a lesbian how will you handle the case?

91. If you suddenly lost your child to an accident, what will be your next step?

92. How do you handle this case if you suspect that your wife is cheating on you?

93. Can you donate blood for your dying child?

94. How stingy are you and how will you work on yourself to be generous?

95. Will you still love your wife even if she loses her beauty due to childbirth?

96. What if we cannot have kids, will you be willing for us to adopt?

97. If I suddenly break down as your husband, how will you handle me even if I grant you the permission to either leave or stay with me?

98. If we had a fight, for how long will you keep malice with me, even when my question sound somehow?

99. If we couldn’t have kids naturally, will you accept that we seek medical attention?

100. What kind of school will my children attend’ private or public?

101. What kind of job kind I do to sustain the family?

102. If I must travel, should I go with all my family or I should travel with just one kid?

103. What kind of environment am I supposed to train my children?

104. What weather condition is best for a healthy home?

105. How will I handle the emotional pain that may come while paying children’s school fee?

106. How do I handle the case of my child that has difficulty in learning?

107. What if I recognize homeschooling for my children?

108. How do I help my children to learn faster and be smarter in handling life challenges?

109. Is it actually good to allow someone else to stay with my kids at home or take them to daycare?

110. How do I handle the health of my children? Should I take them regularly for check up or ask for a doctor’s advice?

111. How am I going to set good relationship for my children among themselves?

112. How do I handle special decision as a father?

113. Should I advise my kids when they do wrong or I should hit them with a cane?

114. How do I teach my children not to be violent no matter the environment they are exposed to?

115. How do I handle a fight between my kids?

116. Should I communicate effectively with my spouse if I am not sexually satisfied?

117. How can I be a better wife or husband to my spouse?

118. How do I control my anger so that it does not affect my marriage?

119. How do I take a decision at critical time?

120. How do you handle stress when it is getting too much for you?

121. Will you share your bank account details with your wife?

122. What if your wife denies you of sex, how will you handle such embarrassment?

123. What are your views about how to spend money on the family?

124. What if I am broke for a whole two month and I cannot cater to the family, will you be patient with me?

125. How do you handle the matter of debt?

126. Will you still be faithful if someone lied to you that I cheat on you before you find out the truth?

127. Will you mind if your wife wants you to travel to visit places?

128. Who should handle the affair of the kids the most?

129. How do I form a close relationship with my kids at home?

130. Should I temporarily let my wife travel for sometimes and stay with her parents?

131. If love decreases due to constant encounter at home, how do we do to make our love revive?

132. How often will my spouse’s family visit us?

133. If I sensed that my wife had a mental health issue, how do I respond to that issue?

134. Do I need to carry out some blood test before marriage?

135. How do I ensure that my family goes for regular exercise to sustain good health?

136. Will I even allow my children to engage in sport at the tender age?

137. How often should I allow my kids to play with other kids?

138. How do I handle the case of my kids if their mother tries to spoil them with pampering?

139. If my child is involved in stealing, how do I handle the case?

140. Should I give up on my wife because she is too harsh on me?

141. What are the important lessons that I must teach my kids if I had?

142. What kind of parenting approach should I adopt to teach my children?

143. How can I be a good husband to my wife or wives?

144. If my wife is black, how do I cope if she is been bully of been a gold digger by her white friends?

145. How are you planning to support your wife in terms of household matter?

146. How do I handle the matter of my stubborn wife?

147. How do I punish my kids to let them understand that what the wrong they do can have a devastating effect tomorrow?

148. How do we share responsibilities if we have kids together?

149. How do I tell my fiancée that I already have a kid before now?

150. What is your favorite food that if she does not prepare may cause some issues’ and how do you handle that anger from now?

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