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I saw this post on Nairaland yesterday:

Married men are the most desperate men. They can go any length to get a girl. Infact eh, if a married man means you, it will take the Grace of God for you to not fall. They have all kinds of tricks down their sleeves.

When I see married women cursing on girls who fall for their husband, I actually feel sorry for them. They are attacking the wrong people. You do not know how many times the girl has said no but your desperate husband does everything withing his humanly power.

Things single men don’t do.

Once you tell a single man no, he moves on already. So this is cheers to all the sisters that have not fallen prey to all the married men’s tactics.

You guys are strong and I commend you for that. And for those that fell, I cant blame you, but I urge you to be stronger and they will not succeed again. And for the wives, pls try and start apportioning more blames to your husbands .They are actually the problem.

Interesting post, don’t you think?

I remember when I went to Ikoyi for one of my photo-blogging activities. I had already stepped out of the venue, moving towards the Kingsway road when I overhead a man arguing with a young guy, from his look the man should be in his mid fifties.

The young guy, would probably be in his mid-twenties. The argument was ‘how the lady the young guy ‘arranged’ for him f**ked up and did not treat him right.’

He went further to say that his wife got a wind of his affairs with the girl and hell was let loose.

He now finally told the guy to warn the girl to keep secrets secret!


Just yesterday, one of my elder brother’s friends who just got married recently called and started disturbing me to hook him up with one of my female friends!

I asked “Bros, are you not married”?

He responded,

Ogbeni, shey you no know say, una bachelors no dey reign again?

After eating puna and chopping the girl’s food, una go still shatter her heart again. Men! Na married men dey reign now oh!! No time for single guys no more! No time!

I was perplexed and concerned! This premise does not make sense still.

Why will single ladies now decide to go for married men simply because the single guys broke their hearts, and why will married men continue to run after the single girls (It is obvious that they now have this ‘strange’ liking for undergraduates in fact.)

Still confused, I decided to interview an Undergraduate in one of the Universities in Lagos ( Don’t ask me about the name) as to why there is the sudden influx of cases of married men running after single girls and single girls doing same.

Her response:

Na married men fit do am oh!

Gone are the days where all we do is concentrate on useless f**k boys who will sleep with us, spend our money and still dump us!

It is better with the married men, we call them our helpers!

Infact they help us and we in turn help them. They provide the money, we satisfy their desires. No strings attached.

I congratulated her for the feat and my next question got her mouth hanging!

How will you feel if your father was cheating on your mom with your friend? Will you feel cool?

Anyway, not to digress. I think this is the inthing now, as married men now defy all logical and reasonable thoughts to focus on side chicks and girlfriends!

My question is why?

I know you would be wondering ‘why what’?

Why the sudden likeness for young undergraduates?

Why the increase in disrespect for your wives?

For the girls, Is dating a married man the solution to your heartaches?

Do you even care about the wives of these married men? What if happened to your mom? Will you be comfortable?

To the wives at home, why do you always confront the girls? Is it their fault sometimes?

Why not face your randy husbands and leave the girls out of this?

These are the confusing questions in my head!

I need someone to help find answers to them.

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