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Merry Christmas Quotes For Instagram To Share Right Now

Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas Quotes: Who doesn’t love Christmas quotes. Not me! I bet you love them too. Imagine the beauty of a text message entering your phone on an amazing Christmas morning. Who says you can’t also send some Christmas quotes too? Huh?

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Christmas Quotes to share

1. I am happy for you because it is Christmas; have a wonderful moment with your loved ones.

2. I want to make a shout out to my friends and family; wishing them a happy Christmas and Christmas in advance.

3. You prayed with great courage that’s why you are still alive to celebrate this Christmas with us; just believe in my assumption. Happy Christmas.

4. Happy Christmas to everyone at home; it is my joy to enjoy this season with each of my friends and family members.

5. Happy Christmas to all of you; I love the way your faces shine as sunshine may it be brighter while you celebrate New year.

6. Happy Christmas to my friends, brothers, sisters, well-wishers, neighbors, father and mother; may you find this year favorable for you.

7. We are entering into another beautiful flight of success this season; may we find the entire benefit of the Christmas working for us.

8. I just want to make a big shout out to all my colleagues in the office; happy Christmas to each and every one of you.

9. Happy Christmas put a smile on your face; make sure you are not sad today being a very beautiful and joyous day.

10. There is wisdom in Christ’s day celebration; if you are faithful enough you will benefit from it. Happy birthday.

11. I am wishing all my friends a big happy Christmas this period; may your entire heart desires be fulfilled for you.

12. I am happy today because it is Christmas; I hope you are happy too? Let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus Christmas together. Happy Christmas.

13. The Christmas was beautiful last year; I pray that it will be more beautiful this year. Happy Christmas to my beloved family and friends.

14. I had a very great gift for Christmas last year I hope that this year gift will be bigger; we hope for good fortunes from the Lord. Happy Christmas.

15. Happy Christmas to everybody, I hope I give your right carefully. Put a smile on your face and make today bright like sunshine.

16. Last year we were not as old as we are today; there was no much worry; as we celebrate this Christmas, I wish for our heart desires to be fulfilled. Happy Christmas.

17. Hello friends, happy Christmas, happy New Year in advance; may your roses be watered with lots of blessings of the Lord.

18. I am sorry I was in able to say happy Christmas last year but this year I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses accompanied with awesome Christmas wishes.

19. When I was younger, I had a puppy that made me happy; now that I am older, I have Christmas that makes me happy every year. Happy Christmas everybody.

20. I wish to have you around me right now; so that we can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ together in love, peace, joy, and harmony. Happy Christmas.

21. I am happy today and the reason is for the celebration of a blessed day. I am wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

22. You were happy last year because we celebrated this fabulous Christmas, weren’t you? This year, we are still alive to celebrate it together. Happy Christmas.

23. You don’t need to be tired of this season because it is already packaged with lots of funs and celebrations. Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

24. Hello friend, cheer up because we have plenty of time to get the fun started. This is Christmas day; let us enjoy ourselves together. Happy Christmas.

25. Last year I had a bad celebration because I had no money but this year is going to be a hot cake because I am going to enjoy myself to the fullest. Happy Christmas.

26. I was once a broke guy; now I am rich. I want my friends and family to enjoy this great day with me in peace and freedom.

27. Happy Christmas to everybody in the city; it is my pleasure to celebrate a precious day with you. I love you all. I am wishing you the best of luck.

28. Christians had a blessed day. It was the day Christ was born and anew salvation was born. Happy Christmas to my entire friends.

29. You are a good friend. You mean a lot to me and it is why I wish you all the best in this season; may your life be endowed with lots of happiness.

30. I just want to say happy Christmas; may you find peace and harmony in your heart. I wish you a wonderful moment.

31. Hello everybody in the house; takes good care of yourselves this Christmas. I wish you all the best and happy New Year in advance.

32. Today, faces are bright on the earth. Adult and children are happy to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

33. There is only one Jesus—Jesus of Nazareth, the man of Galilee; every other Jesus is a fake. Happy Christmas to my beloved parents.

34. I want to ensure that every soul is happy today; so I am wishing everyone a beautiful Christmas. Thank you all for your impact on my life.

35. I am able to send you this message because the Lord is my strength; you are able to read this message because you are alive. Happy Christmas and happy New Year in advance.

36. I wish you all the best in this uncommon time of the year; it is uncommon because it is full of unique blessings every year.

37. I am happy that you are all happy this morning; I hope you will celebrate this Christmas in love, joy, and great hope. Happy Christmas.

38. Yeeee! It is another Christmas for the year; let us celebrate it with all our heart; let every face glow with joy. Happy Christmas.

39. We are ready for Christmas now; it is not bad if we celebrate it to the fullest. Happy Christmas to friends and family.

40. I am wishing every single soul around me a happy Christmas; thank God for sparing our life to see this wonderful day.

Christmas Quotes for Girlfriend

41. I do my job to make you happy every day; it will not be a big deal to make you happier this year. I am wishing you a fabulous Christmas and a fantastic New Year in advance.

42. Happy Christmas to my heart passion; wishing you a colorful day ahead as you celebrate the birth of our comforter, Jesus Christ.

43. We shall have an outing tomorrow to mark our celebration of this special day in our life; happy Christmas to the sunshine of my life.

44. I want to say happy Christmas to everyone on here; you are all special to me; may the Lord be pleased with every single soul reading this message.

45. I will not write a letter to you; I will rather send you a romantic message containing lots of love, passion, kisses, and warm hugs. Happy Christmas.

46. I want to take the advantage of this beautiful season to wish my heartbeat a wonderful and sweet happy Christmas; may you find peace in anything you do.

47. There are only a few words to express to my love; you are my soul and life. I want to wish you all the best in this special day of our life.

48. The day Jesus was born was a strange one; it was accompanied by the visit of the three wiremen; isn’t it good to celebrate such day?

49. I am wishing the only egg I have in my heart a belated Christmas; may your hustles benefit you as desired. Happy Christmas sweet baby.

50. I wish every single soul reading this piece of wishes a brighter future; I pray that their life grows in success and prosperity.

51. Happy Christmas to my beloved angel; your presence in my life touches the innermost part of my soul. I am in love with you.

52. I may write a complete book but I cannot document the kind of love I have for you; happy Christmas to the lady of my heart.

53. I may climb the highest mountain but I cannot scale through the ocean of the love that exists between us; happy Christmas my angel.

54. Wishing you the best on this uncommon season; it is rare for the entire soul on earth to witness this day; happy Christmas.

55. One day, we may be no more; it doesn’t mean this life does not accommodate us but we just have to move on. Happy Christmas and I love you.

56. Have a wonderful shower of love this morning; I celebrate this glorious day with you alive—thank God for this great privilege.

57. I love you unconditionally; you are a great love for me and I love that because a man who finds a good wife has found the best in life. Happy Christmas.

58. I have a busy time today but I will still have a special moment to say happy Christmas to the lady I cherish with affection.

59. Happy Christmas, my dear, I am so lucky to be alive to celebrate this wonderful day with you; may you live long to enjoy your life.

60. Have a bountiful time with your friends; the truth is that I can’t withstand the pressure of missing you. Happy Christmas.

Christmas Quotes for him or her

61. Thank you for the love you show to me when I was in need of someone to rest on his shoulder; I really appreciate your support in my life. Happy Christmas.

62. I don’t have many things to say; I want to express is the true love I have for you; happy Christmas to my queen.

63. I may not be able to tell you the depth of my love but it is certain that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Christmas.

64. I want to say happy Christmas to the guy that my heart beats for; you are indeed a very precious companion worthy of being loved.

65. Get the best out of this holiday as we all engage in the celebration of the birth of Jesus, happy Christmas my love.

66. I am wishing you the most interesting moment in this world; may you find the way to your success from this special day.

67. I love you and I am wishing you the most beloved things this life can bring. Happy Christmas to all those who cherish me including you; my heartbeat.

68. The Lord shall stay with you in times of pains and distress; you will not regret coming to this world. Happy Christmas.

69. Get the best out of this incredible day; I hope that you find peace of mind as you are celebrating a special day in the year.

70. Enjoy the spirit of this season in good health and prosperity; may your Lord bring joy to your home in abundance.

Christmas Quotes for the Spirit of Christmas

71. The most interesting things are always rare; they come once in a year. Enjoy the spirit of this season with lots of love.

72. I am so happy for this wonderful day; it is in a high spirit that I am celebrating you this special day of your life. Happy Christmas to you.

73. Live in the spirit of this wonderful day of your life; it is always perfect to live together in the spirit of the season. Happy Christmas.

74. I wish every one of you; wishing you the most beautiful moment as we enjoy the spirit of this wonderful day. Happy Christmas.

75. I wish you the best of lucks in this sparkling time of the year; may your success have no limit, you shall be protected by the grace of God. Happy Christmas.

76. Success shall be yours forever and the entire plans you have on your mind shall be fulfilled for you. Happy Christmas; hope you are enjoying the spirit of this beautiful season?

77. Thank God for this wonderful celebration; it reminds me of the spirit of love of Jesus; the ultimate sacrifice that is rare on earth. Happy Christmas.

78. I am willing to make you understand that you are simply the best friend for me; your success will match with the spirit of this fabulous celebration.

79. May we reap the fruit of our labor; may the salvation of this day reach us now and for the rest of our life until the last day.

80. Congratulations, we finally reach the point; may we be blessed with endless success. Happy Christmas.

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