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New Year Prayer Points for a New Beginning

New Year Prayer Points

New Year Prayer Points for a New Beginning: Every New Year, we need a new prayer point that will keep us living in the blessings of the Lord. We need to appreciate God for His love and favors in our life; He deserves our praise, He so much loves us and this is more reason why we own Him lots of praises. We should also put hope in the work of God, let us believe that no matter how long it takes Him to answer our prayers, the fact is there that He loves us passionately. He does not want anything evil to happen to us. So, let’s be grateful to the highest God, the one worthy of all honors.

1. Behold I shall do a new thing this year; I shall be celebrated all over the world because I believe in Christ.

2. I shall leave my sinful life to embrace a new beginning full of a love of God, devotion, righteousness, and salvation.

3. I will be faithful to the Lord, my heart shall not wander about sins again; my life will become a new testimony to man kinds.

4. I shall not dwell in poverty again because this year will mark the beginning of a new success in my life. I shall smile for the love of God.

5. No matter what has happened in my life; my portion shall not suicide. I will stand by the Lord and wait until His help come to me.

6. All my hand-work and job may have been shattered, but I will not lose hope in God for He is my Lord and shall not forsake me.

7. Remember the story of Abraham; his wife could not give birth until old age. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving your dream if you have faith in God.

8. Remember that, as long as there is life; there is hope. Keep your faith in God, He will come to your rescue when you least expect Him.

9. In as much as God remain the same all the time; I will make it this year. He has always been with me since these years; He shall lift me up this time.

10. I believe that I shall not die until I achieve what the Lord has destined for me; I shall be happier this year than ever.

11. You will be stronger when you put all your hope on God. He shall bless you with what you don’t expect at all. This year will be different because your case shall differ.

12. Many predicaments might have occurred in your life making you depressed all the time; don’t give up, remember, many are out there in the worst situation. Pray to God for a new beginning.

13. I have talked to God about my life situation; He will take care of me, it is my belief because I have maximum confidence in the Lord.

14. O Lord, plant new beginning in my life this year; let me harvest lots of success that will put an endless smile on my face.

15. Lord, this year my prayer point is for you to uproot every evil thing in my life. Let me think straight to take the right decisions.

16. This year, I cancel every evil act that pushes me away from the mercy of the Lord; I praise Him for He shall do new things in my life.

17. Lord as this year begins; make me your sword to crush evil things out of my life; bless me with the shower of your mercy.

18. Lord, I call upon you to paralyze every spiritual soldier working against my life; protect me against their evil acts.

19. Every spells cast upon me to hinder my greatness in life; Lord begins to destroy them any moment from now to clear my way to success.

20. I cannot do it alone; Lord, support me with a good wife this year so that we can reach our goals together.

New Year Prayer Points for hope for the Year

21. Many reading this might have gone through a lot; may your sorrow be turned into joy for you as you see the light of a new beginning.

22. The Lord shall not forsake you for any reason and this New Year will bring lots of success and prosperity in your life and that of your family.

23. Your love cycle shall move smoothly and nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams in this world. Your hopes shall be fulfilled for you.

24. Glory is to the Lord for the benefit of this world; may He bless you with whatever you want or need; may His infinite mercy work on your life.

25. Let’s give thank to God in many situations we find ourselves; many were in good condition all through while others were in pains all through; it does not mean that we are hated by God.

26. If there is life, definitely there will always be hope in this gentle world we find ourselves; Let’s put our trust in God and everything will be fine again.

27. Last year may not be our expected year because we didn’t achieve our heart desires; this year may be one of the best for us, so don’t give up hope.

28. You can’t what God’s plan for you is; always be faithful in Him; He is the God of wonders and He shall perform miracles in your life.

29. We don’t know the reason for our sufferings in life but most of the time, it used to be a blessing in disguise; we shouldn’t lose hope in God.

30. Those who were able to achieve their dreams in 2018; we are happy for you and pray that the Lord should elevate you better. Those who are still struggling; don’t give up, for the Lord is with you.

31. Truly, the Lord is with those who are patient. As you see Him, so He shall appear to you; always believe in what God can do and you will enjoy life.

32. Lord, we thank you for the year that has gone; we thank you for the freedom you gave to us to express ourselves as another human. Thank you for always being there for us.

33. It is not our portion to lose hope in the promise of the Lord; we shall not commit suicide no matter how difficult things may look.

34. God is my strength and upon Him, I rely. No evil shall reach me this year and every other year to come.

35. As we enter this New Year, Lord, make my ways easier for me to achieve the purpose I was born with. Lord, elevate me to the top by your mercy.

36. I hope for your help in my life; as I search for a life partner, let it be easy for me to achieve. Bless me with abundant love.

37. God, we thank you for this marvelous year; we appreciate your help and support all through last year; may your Name be our strength in our life.

38. Glory belongs to God the most marvelous; we worship your Holiness for there is none worthy of praises but you.

39. Great indeed shall be my achievement this year because I have given my life to the only God who can make things happen in my life.

40. Blessed is the Name of the highest God; the Lord is my happiness and the success that keeps my smile.

New Year Prayer Points for Favour

41. With prayer, fasting and devotion to the will of God; every soul shall rise to the top of the highest mountain.

42. I shall not give up on the favor of the Lord; for I believe that a victory is close by and salvation is awaiting me in the hereafter.

43. Lord, I bring my problem before you; I kneel down before you for your goodwill upon me; give me the soft chance to win your glory.

44. Lord, as this year begins, I come before you to declare a new season upon myself; I declare endless favor upon my family and friends.

45. I shall rise above the sky when the glory of the Lord shines upon me; I shall not fail for I have a God who is perfect.

46. Lord, I beg you to give me the ability to surrender myself to you; bless me with glorious love for you; let this year be my year of complete devotion to your service.

47. I am praying with all my heart to the Lord this morning to please bless me with the heart that accepts that the will of God is the most perfect in all matters.

48. Lord, I don’t have the power to raise my status; you are the secret behind my success; I am here this year again; bless me with more reasons to worship you forever.

49. In your service I want to die; make this life favorable for me to carry out all your will; support me with righteous men in your service.

50. Lord, I beseech you to grant my friends the wisdom to position themselves to obey your rules and regulations in the most perfect manner.

New Year Prayer Points for Leadership

51. Lord, you have made me a navigator; make this life clear for me to sail through with my followers; let my congregations benefit from my tenor.

52. As the Lord led Moses and his people across the red sea; let Him lead me to the end of my service with my followers.

53. Praise be to the Lord for the blessing He has brought to me; my only prayer for nows for the Lord to make things easy for me as I lead my people.

54. O Savior, make this wonderful year easier than last year; show new ways to guide your servants to your path.

55. As the Lord leads us; we pray that the direction is clearer to us; we hope for His divine guidance upon us forever.

56. Lord, come and lead my financial and business prosperity for me; come and bless my brain to think faster for the benefit of my life and property.

57. You are the master leader; lead my way up and bless me with joy and happiness; forgive me and make my life a better one.

58. Lord, you have better plans for my life; let them manifest in a way that will be clear and lenient enough for me to bear and understand.

59. I surrender my life unto the Lord to lead and guide; I hand over my life and property for the Lord to take care of.

60. Lord, lead me to the right path and forgive me of my sins; break all obstacles in my life and admonish me followers through me.

New Year Prayer Points for People You Care About

61. Lord, I will wait patiently as you work to make my life better for me; I will not panic for your holiness is with me.

62. I understand that you are working for my favor; I will not be in haste until your favor is achieved upon me.

63. Lord, grant me the braveness to withstand those things I cannot control in my life; give me the power to benefit what is good this year.

64. I know that God will not forsake me; I know that God will not leave me uncared for; it is my belief that God is working to make my lifetime of joy and success.

65. In the end, victory will be mine; I will celebrate the entire patience I have been into and the Lord will bless me forever.

66. Lord, I am hungry. Lord, I have no reason to be ungrateful to you upon your favor in my life; I pray that your promise is fulfilled soon.

67. Make ways out of no ways for me and my friends. Let them enjoy your favor in their lives and make us be your humble servants as we await your favor.

68. Lord, I don’t know what you are planning for me; I am not sure of the next thing that will happen to me in the nearest future; Lord, protect me.

69. Lord, we ask for your incredible favor in our life; protect our secrets from our enemies; make us victorious against them.

70. Lord, only your favor we want; it is you we shall direct all our prayers. Thank you for the blessing of a new beginning.

71. O Lord of wonder, show us your mercy today; give us rest of mind and answer our prayers. Forgive our sins intentional and unintentional. Bless us with good things this year.

72. This year has come to an end O Lord, our surprise is with you; please let them descend any moment from now. Send your angels to us to bless our home with joy.

73. We have no power to do any good for ourselves but your grace; as we call upon you today, bless us with our heart desires.

74. We thank Almighty God who made us see this year; the big God whose size cannot be comprehended by human or any creature. Praise is to you. Bless us with prosperity.

75. The amazing God whose blessing pours like rain on the rock of success; bless our business this year so that we will give more testimonies.

76. Purify our heart O Lord; protect us against the will of a devil who suggests evils in our heart. Let your will be done in our life.

77. Your mercy is wide O Lord, spread it to our homes and count us among the people that will benefit from it.

78. I beseech the Lord to bless me and my entire family with great success. May His infinite mercy continue to reign in our lives forever?

79. Our Lord, our creator, has mercy upon us; forgive us your servants. Whatever our hands have done which may cause us evil in the Last Day, convert it to a good deed for us as we repent?

80. The blessing of the Lord shall remain with us as we wish; His love will penetrate our hearts and make us love Him more than ourselves.

81. I want to be a better person this year; all my prayer is to see it happening. Lord, draw me close to you and wear me your garment of light.

82. P Lord, turn me into a righteous man; put your fear in my heart so that I will be living my life according to your will.

83. Lord, every spirit of laziness, procrastination, unserious attitude and doubt that is disturbing should be banished in my life today.

84. As we are celebrating a New Year today, may the Lord achieve new success for us so that we will be celebrated too.

85. Lord, your Face we seek, your help alone we want; bless our hustles and prevent us from been robbed with shame.

86. I beseech the Lord from every angle of my life. Let your glory reach my home; protect my children and wife.

87. Great indeed is the name of the Lord; your name shall be glorified forever. My heart is seeking for your present, please come in.

88. Lord, boost my immune system; add more health to my body. Give me all the possibility to do my work as I wish.

89. May the Lord give us the chance to do works that will please Him; may He choose us among the people that will change this world into a better place to live.

90. We beseech the Lord to honor our heroes, dead or alive. Do not let their works go in vain. Protect their names and interest.

New Year prayer points for Boss

91. May the Lord give you the financial buoyancy to benefit from the contract proposal; as you push to secure a new site; may the Lord make it achievable with ease.

92. You are the best boss to work with. Your sense of maturity cannot be overemphasized. I pray that your business will begin to grow as you want.

93. Happy New Year to my able boss; your life will be bombarded with a series of success God’s willing.

94. You shall not be put to shame; your love for humanity will not go in vain. As you struggle to make us happy; so shall the Lord take care of your family too.

95. Every spirit of setback that is coming your way will not prosper. Every principality, evil and demons sent towards you to destroy you will not reach you.

96. Blessed is the Name of the Lord; may He bless you in an infinite manner that will benefit you and your entire generation.

97. Let the blessing of the Lord be your confidence and protection. You will always smile for the rest of your life. Happy New Year my boss.

98. Your skill in making us happy; your joy when we are able to execute your assignment will gather together as another step to a new beginning. Amen.

99. The most merciful will protect you. The Alpha and Omega will not leave you without being blessed. God shall protect your generations from errors.

100. Every single thing you need to make your business grow, may the Lord provide it for you. I ask the Lord to channel every good thing to your doorsteps.

101. Your wife is on labor as I send you this message; may her Lord grant her a safe delivery. Happy New Year to my able role model.

102. Your influence has really changed our lives and gives us much reason to love you more and more. We pray that your mission to take this company to the next level be achievable.

103. Blessed is the name of the Lord; your joy will never see an ending, you will always be happy with yourself and everyone around you forever. Happy New Year.

104. The angel of God shall be your companion as you travel for the benefit of our company. You will not enter a car that will lead to your death.

105. You will be protected by the will of God; you won’t have any reason to panic in anything you do. Happy New Year to the best boss ever.

106. I pray that your life is filled with all that you need to be happy. You shall benefit your children and properties.

107. The Lord will not leave you until He is pleased with you; you will not stop be blessed by the Lord even after your death.

108. I wish you all the best on this special day of the year. May the love of the Lord be a reason for the progress of your family and our company

109. The reward of your hard labor will not pass you by, your aim in this world shall be fulfilled for you now and forever.

110. God will not be tired of your matter. Every day shall bring a new thing for you. You won’t stop being happy for the rest of your life. Happy New Year Boss.

New Year prayer points for Colleagues in Work

111. My prayer goes to the able colleagues in work, it is fun working with you guys; I pray that the Lord spare our life for each other.

112. As we celebrate the holiday with our family; may we resume in peace and harmony, sound health and complete love for each other. Happy New Year.

113. You are the best of colleagues ever worked with. Your skills and motivations made me who I am today. I pray that the Lord bless you with your needs.

114. May we resume meeting each other in good condition; the Lord shall take care of our needs as we wish. Happy New Year to all my goons.

115. May the will of the Lord bring favor to our life as we await the resumption of the new day in work; may we find our heart desires fulfilled.

116. We glorify the Lord for modifying our life; we appreciate His work in our life through the year; may His mercy reach us this New Year too.

117. Let show gratitude to the work of God in our life as He blessed us with all our needs all throughout the year. Happy New Year.

118. May we find all the peace we need in this world; every evil mind that chases us without our knowledge should be destroyed without our knowledge.

119. Lord, you are the most marvelous; there is no one like you the omniscience. Your blessing that runs all over the world shall rain on us.

110. May the Lord bless our lives with great joy and happiness; may He spare the life of our family; happy New Year friends.

111. May the Lord be with you in anything you are doing; may His help always reach you when you need Him most. Happy New Year.

112. Great things happen only with the leave of God; when the Lord is pleased with you, everything will be fine. I hope for such life for every one of us.

113. May the honor of the Lord uplift us to a status we never think of; may the joy of success always be found on our faces.

114. I wish you the comfort of a special day this year; the New Year fortune will not skip your home for any reason. Happy New Year.

115. May the Lord put a smile on your face, bless your wife with safe delivery; anything it is that you need, may the Lord grant us.

116. We worship the Lord for the love He shows to us; we can’t pay you back forever. Happy New Year to my wonderful colleagues.

117. Happy New Year to all the best of colleagues I have ever spent time with. You are all fantastic workers and I learned so much from all of you. May the New Year be a great favor for you.

118. The Lord shall protect you against all bad predicaments coming your way, you shall be wrapped in the favor of God.

119. Anything you all touch shall become a thing of joy and prosperity. You won’t have any problem throughout your holiday and beyond.

120. I want to wish every single soul reading this message a permanent success in his or her life. May the Lord guide them all to the best path?

New Year prayer points for me

121. Happy New to me, I am so happy to witness this wonderful moment in my life; may the Lord always be by my side to achieve my success.

122. Thank God for my life; this year will be my year of success, my year of breakthrough and the year of my divine uplift.

123. Lord, I extend my pains and sorrow before you; take them away from me and make me free from all distress.

124. I wish you able self long life to accomplish all my dreams. I ask the Lord to bring my happiness which I have been expecting near to me.

125. Thank God for everything that I achieved in my life; my prayer is that the Lord should accept me into His Kingdom on the Last Day.

126. Happy New Year to my beloved self, I am also plus one today; I pray that the blessing of the Lord that changes life for good descend upon you forever.

127. I wish myself a beneficial season this year; I want to be happy all my life. I pray the Lord to make it so. Happy New Year everybody.

128. Thank God for this wonderful time of the year; the Lord has been my strength all this while. I pray for more success in my life.

129. May your name be glorified forever in my life; may your light guide me to the way of my fortune in this world.

130. Every single day has its own blessing, may the Lord make this festive period mark the beginning of triumph throughout the year.

131. I am happy today because it is a day worth celebrating for the blessing it brings to the life of a human. May the Lord make this year my year of greatness.

132. May the Lord put a smile on my face, give me the ability to achieve all my vision and mission. Happy New Year to my gentle self.

133. Lord, protect all my footsteps; let them step only on righteous places, bring to my heart peace that does not end.

134. I wish for myself this year all the best that will sweeten my heart. Let my joy be multiplied without limit. Happy New Year.

135. May this year be the most interesting one in my life; may it profit me in all direction of my life. Happy New Year to my Facebook friends.

136. I give thanks and lots of adorations to the lord of the universe; may He make my life find a new turn that will bring joy into my world.

137. May the Lord give me the privilege to excel in anything I am doing in my life; Happy New Year to me.

138. I wish me a great moment today marking the first day of my year of progress. I pray that the Lord should protect me.

139. Protect me in all ramification of life; make my life be filled with your grace and bless me with all that I need.

140. You are the greatest Lord of the world. You are the most blessed one in this life and hereafter. You are the one that created; provide for me all I need to maintain this life.

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