My Girlfriend Wants To Sell Her Eggs For N100,000

My girlfriend wants to sell her eggs

My girlfriend wants to sell her eggs for N100,000. 

She has been complaining about finances of late, and I have tried my best to help her. Things are not rosy with me as well, but since she is my girlfriend, I know it is my responsibility to assist her.

Just last week, she told me she had found a solution to her financial problems and it had to do with a part of her body. I was shocked because I thought maybe it was this Malaysia kidney issue and that she wanted to sell her kidney, only for me to realize that it was something different.

She wants to sell her eggs for N100,000.

I never could imagine my woman come up with a statement like that and I asked her where she got the information of selling eggs from, she told me that when she went to her friends for money, she was told to sell her eggs since that’s what her friends have been doing for sometime in order to make ends meet.

Now she is asking for my permission and I don’t know what to do. Truly N100,000 will be a nice to-have, but is it okay if she sells her eggs for that amount?

Are there any medical implications of doing this? Should I tell her to go ahead and sell, since there will be reduced pressure on my head as well. How does this egg selling even work?

I’m confused. Please advise me on what to DO!

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