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Month End SMS, End of Month SMS for You

month end sms

It is the end of the month, how has your month been? Fruitful? Eventful or spirited? While I ask you these questions, you should also ask your friend through the month end SMS that I have here for you.

Truth is, we all look forward to the beginning of a new month by sharing and sending happy new month messages to our loved ones or new month messages of prayers to family and friends, but we have forgotten that is the end of a month that brings forth a new month. Just as we are about to usher in a month, it is important to ask how the old month went. Don’t you think so?

Month End SMS to ask

1 How was the month, how were your plans? Did you achieve all what you intend to achieve? Were there disappointments along the way? Not to worry God has got your back and the new month is just all you need to rise and shine. God is with you. Happy end of month.

2 I know how the last month went, but remember that God’s plans for you are huge, and in the new month. You will never suffer or lack anything good. God is with you. You are blessed.

3 In this last month, you were favoured but in the new month, you will be more than favoured. The God will bless you in the new month than the last one. Believe it and it will be yours. The new month will bring good tidings, better than this last month. Go with grace.

4 You have heard goodnews, testimonies and miracles to other people this month, the next month will be your turn to hear good news, miracles. The almighty will show you why he is still the almighty. He will surprise you beyond all ramifications. Happy month end dear

5 This new month, you will be a point of contact and reference. You will become an ocean of blessing to those that are around you. You will become a glory of success, a symbol of greatness and a celebrated over-comer this new month. Happy month end dear, and welcome to the new month. God bless you!

6 Every obstacles you saw in this month will not follow into the next. God will be with you and fight for you. He will answer all the prayers of yours this month and all your expectations will be exceeded if you believe in me. Happy month end dear and welcome to a new month.


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    November 30, 2017 at 5:57 am

    i want more

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    Toye Elijah
    June 24, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    Thanks for these messages. God bless

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