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Prayer Points For Breakthrough

Prayer Points for Breakthrough

Prayer Points for Breakthrough – Prayer is really important. So very important in the life of man. One should always pray. Whether the prayer is for thanks, intercession, worship, praise or request. It is important to always communicate with God. He is our Maker and our Helper. He can help with whatever we need. All we need to do is to ask! And we can ask through Prayer.

This article is a compilation of forty five strong prayer points for breakthrough. There are many areas in which a person could be asking for breakthrough. It could be in their academics, their financial life, their spiritual life, their matrimonial life or whatever. Breakthrough is like asking for a way out of a particular problem that one has.

Praying for breakthrough is important. Because life is not a bed of roses. There will always be obstacles. The essence of praying for breakthrough, is to overcome these obstacles that life could present. Prayers of breakthrough help you face challenges and scale through them successfully. Because to breakthrough, is to be victorious.

Calling God to help you fight your life battles is a really smart choice anyone reasonable will take. Because God is the creator of the universe. He has all of the power in His hands and He can definitely help you. So why don’t you call on Him for your breakthrough?

So, below are some prayer points for breakthrough you could pick from. Enjoy!

Amazing Prayer Points for Breakthrough

1. Lord God, I ask for profound breakthrough from ancestral bondages that might be in. Help me to break free of such bondages. So that my full self glory and your mighty glory can both manifest in my life and unto the world.

2. Father I look up to you to help me breakthrough in my personal issues that I am facing in my life right now. Help me scale through and indeed breakthrough these issues. You are and will always be my helper.

3. Lord God, I need breakthrough in my financial life. I want you to open doors for me financially. Doors that I before hand had thought were closed permanently, help me open them completely, so that I can move into my breakthrough. Amen.

4. Dear Father, I ask for breakthrough in all areas of my life that I am lacking. Help me to improve tremendously in these areas Amen. You are my shield and buckler.

5. Dear God, I commit my family into your hands. Let us receive significant breakthrough in our individual lives. Meet us all in our points of need. Amen.

6. I pray for prosperity, success, and favour in my life. I want to breakthrough in all of the aspects that are left unfinished in my life. Amen.

Prayers Points For Breakthrough for Mothers.

7. Lord, I pray concerning my life, the life of my children and my husband that you allow us to breakthrough in any areas we might be found wanting. Amen.

8. I pray now, O God that you bless my children so that they breakthrough in their finances. Help them to be financially sufficient Lord. Help them.

9. Lord Jesus, I ask for breakthrough academically for my kids. Help them to excel and come out in flying colors in their academics. Amen.

10. Lord Jesus, I pray concerning my own finances as a mother, give me breakthrough in my own finances. Provide for me, help me to be financially sufficient. Amen.

11. Lord, I commit my husband and his work into your able hands. Help him and his work to receive breakthrough. Let his work continue to prosper and soar. Bless him abundantly.

12. Lord, I look up to the sky from whence cometh my help. I ask for your help concerning my career. Help my career to receive significant breakthrough. Let my career be catapulted into greater heights this minute. Amen.

13. Lord, I pray for breakthrough in the career of my children. In any areas they might be wanting in terms of their career, Lord please meet them according to their wants and needs. Help them breakthrough in their career.

14. Father in heaven, I look to you for breakthrough in the affairs of my family. Help us to be able to resolve our family issues responsibly always. Help us not to have issues. Amen.

15. Lord I ask for significant breakthrough in our level of financial freedom Inoue family. Help us to be more financially free. Help us to be able to say, “We truly broke through financially.”

16. Father Lord, I pray that by the power of the blood of Jesus, my whole family both nuclear and extended, receive breakthrough from the shackles of the enemy. Amen.

Prayers Points for breakthrough for children

17. Dear Father, any power that wants to kill my destiny because it sees I’ve got a big glory, help me to breakthrough from such powers by the mighty name of Jesus. Don’t allow the enemy have authority over me.

18. Dear God, anoint me your child. Your oil of breakthrough and triumph, pour it on me. The power to triumph in everything I lay my hands on please give it and bestow it upon me. Help me to breakthrough in Jesus’ name, Amen.

19. Dear God, I ask that you deliver me from the snare of the Fowler and from the deadly pestilence. Help me breakthrough from the shackles of the enemy Amen.

20. Dear God, as your child, I ask for the spirit of success to come upon me. Lord help me to be successful. Help me to break free from bondage of failure. Breakthrough is mine, Amen.

21. I know my breakthrough is here. For God has done it. You have freed me from ancestral curses and generational plagues. You have given me a new name and so I will rejoice and be glad. Thank you God!

22. Lord Jesus, though I am a child, I know I have sinned. I have sinned and so I have come short of your glory. Let not my sin be an hindrance to my breakthrough. Help me to breakthrough finally from sin. Help me not to sin any more, Amen.

23. Dear God, let the negative powers of the universe and of this world flee from me and my family, Amen. Help me breakthrough from them. Don’t let them have authority over my life. Let them see me and flee. For I am a child of Jesus.

24. Dear God, I commit my academics into your hands. Help me to top my class always. Help me to breakthrough from unwillingness to study. Give me the spirit to study hard and be motivated.

25. My Father in heaven, I ask that you protect my parents and break them free from all bondages. Help them to come out on top of their enemies. Help them breakthrough from bondages. Amen.

26. Dear Father, help my whole family including us the children to breakthrough from negative thoughts, feelings and experiences. Let us know only positive experiences and feelings from now on. Amen.

Prayers Points for breakthrough for the nation

27. Lord we pray for the nation we are in. The peace and happiness of a nation at large means equal happiness for each of its citizens. Help this nation to know complete and total peace and happiness. Help this nation to breakthrough from spirits of regression and war. Amen.

28. Father, I commit this nation into your able hands. We don’t want war, diseases, infirmity, or instability. Help us to breakthrough from poverty. Help the entire population of our masses breakthrough from poverty. Amen.

29. Lord help this nation to be free of all forms of economic crisis. Help the citizens to know economic smoothness. Help us to breakthrough from all forms of economic regression. We ask this in the name of Jesus.

30. Lord make a way for this nation. Make a way when there seems to be no way. Help this nation to know peace. Total peace. Help this nation to breakthrough from all spirits of war. Peace is ours in Jesus’ name.

31. Lord help to free this nation from all satanic shackles it could be in. Help it to breakthrough from Satan and his agents. Help this nation get beyond their grasp and power. Amen.

32. Lord, arise and bless this nation abundantly. Teach our leaders to know on how to rule this nation well. Don’t let this nation be found wanting amongst communities of nations. Let we the citizens be proud of our country. Amen.

33. Father Lord, be the shepherd of this country. Guide our footsteps, guide our decisions, guide our leaders right, guide the citizens right. Help us to collectively know You for who You are and also collectively praise You as a result.

34. Lord send helpers to this nation. Helpers that will elevate this nation. Helpers that will invest in our economy. Helpers that will turn the situation of the country around from negative to positive. Send these helpers to us, Lord. Let them be part of our journey towards breakthrough as a country, Amen.

Prayer points for breakthrough from Sickness

35. Lord God, I ask for deliverance from sickness. I know I am sick but you are a healer. Heal me completely. Help me to be free from sickness. Amen.

36. Lord, every weapon fashioned against me, shall never prosper. Could they be weapons of sickness? Destroy them! Lord, heal me and make me whole. Help me to be strong again. Amen.

37. Lord I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that You help me to be strong again. I have diseases that I am battling with Lord. I want these diseases to be things of the past as from today onward. I don’t want to hear of them in my body again. Help me to get whole and hearty again. Heal me completely, Amen.

38. Dear God, by your Almighty power, I pray that I am freed from the shackles of sickness that the enemy could have put me in. I rebuke any shackles of death that they might bring. Let their plans go futile. Amen.

General prayer points for breakthrough

39. Lord I pray for everyone out there that could be suffering in one way or the other. Heal their sufferings. Wipe away their tears. Heal their wounds. Let them have cause to be happy again. Help them breakthrough from these sufferings and pain. Amen.

40. Lord I rebuke every evil spirit that might want to take control of my life, my career, my family. I rebuke such in the mighty name of Jesus. Let their evil plans never be successful.

41. Lord, every decree or curse over my life, that might have been in full operation over my life for sometime now, I pray that you use your precious blood that you shed on the cross to wash away such curse. Don’t let such have power over my life again. Amen.

42. Dear God, I ask for help for humanity at large and the state we are in. Help humanity to be free from the shackles of the devil like war, diseases, famine, natural disaster, tribal conflicts, poverty, inequity and so on. Free humanity and the whole world at large from the shackles of Lucifer.

43. Dear God, I commit my life into your hands O God. My future I need not worry because You have it in control. I worry not about yesterday because yesterday is gone. Lord, let my today be good. Let it be sweet. Break me free from bitterness. Protect my future as well from bitterness. Let me experience total breakthrough from bitterness. Amen.

44. Lord, I ask for total breakthrough from sin. Sin is what You don’t like Lord. I want to always do Your will that means I want to be sinless. Help me to be sinless O God. Help me to breakthrough from the power and consequences of sin. Amen.

45. Lord God, help us all to break free from the power of temptation to do wrong. Help us to breakthrough from temptation to sin. Save us Lord, so we can always do your Will. Amen.

So, there they are above! 45 powerful prayers for breakthrough for you or anyone to pick from! Hope you enjoyed them?

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