I have always wanted to do unthinkable things, have unlimited fun. See life from a different perspective. Learn to value life the more.

You know why? It is simply because as Nigerians, some of us have been structured and conditioned to do certain things in a particular pattern right from the toddler stage.

I also noticed that growing up, my behaviour, movement has always been restricted. From basic school to University, there is always a reason to do thing that you do. Parents conditioning you to be better, ‘Deedee’ you must study Medicine and Surgery, when you know you love music and art, peer pressure and the fact that you intend to follow reasoning of friends. Work also having its own conditions; you must get to work by 8, you must work for a minimum of 8 hours before salary comes in.

Most of us are stuck in the office working our lives out, and as such unable to live the life of our dreams. We keep complaining and having grudge as a result of the non-fulfillment of our personal dreams.

What we fail to realize is that, there are people living their dreams. Not that they have all the money in the world, but they took their career, passion and future in their hands.

Which brings me to another angle of this article. My friends, if you are just starting out asan entrepreneur,expect to do a lot of free things. Do not be de-motivated because you are doing free, but let the passion drive you. I can notice someone saying in his or her mind, ‘who passion epp’? Do you know that there are som feelings in life that is so amazing and it is even more than the money you get from a particular project?

‘Yesterday, Photography took me to Ibadan. I did not want to go at first because it was an almost pro-bono project, but TEMMY my friend who needed me on the project was one very close friend i could ‘not’ say no to. So i agreed to the job. Got to Ibadan by public transport and proceeded to snapping off.

5:30pm; work concluded and it was time to move back to Lagos. All of a sudden, client said he was leaving for Lagos too and then informed me he was going on his Bike that I should join him if I ‘care to’

Care to wha?? I am game already. (One of the things I have on my bucket list was to one day ride on an expressway on a Power Bike. Now the opportunity presented itself and you are here asking me if I care. Infact I more than care.LOL)


Client smiling behind me. I was scared and happy at the same time! 100km/hr on Lagos to Ibdadan expressway on a PowerBike is not beans

It was one of the scariest but amazing feeling ever. I enjoyed every second and lived every minute of it. Imagine spending 45 minutes on Lagos to Ibadan expressway, when ordinarily you should do an hour on that road (at the minimum).

Now i can’t wait to learn to ride a Power Bike and eventually buy mine.

What is that stumbling block stopping you from achieving your dreams, what low demeans your high, What box do you find yourself that enhances your inability to exhale. Now it is time to take your future into your hands. Do not be scared, do not be afraid to make mistakes, do not say that ‘where do i go from here’. But say ‘i will take the huge step going froward’

Is it in love, in our career, our future or in whatever care it is. Do not be afraid to take the leap of Faith. Trust me, you will be amazed at the immense turnaround in your feeling and the level of happiness you will get from doing what you love and striking incredible to-dos off you bucket list.

Thanks to Temmy and Bayo for making my dreams come true. I love you both!

I still have huge dreams, lots of them. What are yours?. Let us talk about the dreams you have by dropping them in the comment section below then we discuss it. Let us dream together.

Yours in Love


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