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Expensive Christmas Gifts for Dad Above $100

Christmas gifts for Dad

What do you get for a father who has got everything? Try these Christmas gifts for Dad and become Daddy’s all-time favorite.

We are willing to bet that there is just something about dads that makes them spectacularly hard to shop for. Certainly, you are here because you need a Christmas gifts for your dad – a valuable and expensive one that will make him smile, right? You are just in the right place.

Avoid yet another Christmas where you wack your brain to figure out a last-minute gift item to put in your father’s stocking as we give you a range of available shopping deals, admirable and valuable gifts that would earn you that ‘best gift’ smile and hug from your papa.

From the sports-obsessed to the foodies, tech-obsessed and beyond, this year’s Christmas celebration with your dad should be no excuse with our list of original, practical and just plain expensive Christmas gifts for fathers.

We have spent some months in searching for unusual, amazing and simply voluptuous gift items that will make every type of dad happy during the Christmas season.

Take a look at our twenty-eight expensive gifts for dad above $100. From custom gift featuring great memories to classic gift sure please, we’ve got in stock all ideas for whatever your dad is into.

For this reason, we will not tell you to look no further, because there won’t be any need to after going through. If after going through these expensive christmas gifts for dad and you do not like them, we promise to create another extensive guide on expensive Christmas gifts for dad above $200.

Let’s get into the expensive christmas gifts for Dad

1. Cordless snow blower


There is gonna be some big piles of snow here and there, coming his way this winter. Help him tackle this without contributing to any air pollution.

Even when using batteries, the cordless snow blower is capable of doing the perfect job. Plus, it is cordless. That means he will not have to be bothered about roaming within the range of the house or filling up with gasoline. The cordless snow blower is on gift almost perfectly made that will suit your dad during winters. No doubt.


2. Coffee machine


Starting a fresh day with a hefty cup filled with a perfectly brewed coffee in the morning is something everyone needs, not just dads. And so, get your dad a coffee and espresso machine. He will appreciate it more if he is the hard working parent.


3. WiFi FPV drone with HD camera


Get him a bird’s eye view on this high-tech, WiFi FPV sophisticated drone.

Drones are new, and of course, exciting. Makes is seem as though you are flying with its HD camera, which streams directly to your smartphone screen.

These fantastic features do not stop it from being affordable and coming in various sizes and shapes. It is a perfect gadget for spying and some little adventure for your dad.


4. Noise masking sleep buds


Ease up his big day at work by giving him that warm noiseless sleep that he deserves. There is absolutely no other better way to do this than to get him a noise masking sleep buds .
This gift item will be more helpful if he is always spending a lot of time at the office or actively traveling.


5. Multi tool from leatherman

Make him have many of the things he needs all in one place, easy to access and use. The leatherman multi tool contains all the useful gadgets that can help dad fix things around the house if they get faulty. Save him the stress of carrying a big tool box around or storing up a bunch of tools.

It is simply compact and a nice thing every man should have at home in case something goes asunder.


6. Leather briefcase


Your dad puts on the Italian shoes, spiffy sleeves, and good wristwatches. Why not add to his elegance by getting him that perfect leather briefcase to match up.
This sleek briefcase is the best, ideal gift for any business man like your dad.


7. Sphere ice ball maker


Dad will be happy to see a different presentation in a glass of whiskey. The sphere ice ball maker will create ice ball instead of the regular cubes. Apart from the good look in glass of whiskey, they help to keep whiskey cold for hours, they are smooth and nice to use.

He can also use them for any of his favorite drinks like juice, soda … you name it.


8. The nest smart thermostat

This is one smart thermostat, it is a super duper cool heater for the christmas period. It lets you access your thermostat from anywhere your smartphone gets a signal, so you can actually pre-heat your home pending your arrival.

Plus, it can keep track your regular pattern so that it learns your habit and when you want to have the heat turned off or on.


9. A knife set

An ideal gift item for the foodie kind of dad. If your dear old dad can do the julienning, chopping, and slicing. Then look no further, get him this sleek set of knives.


10. Golf simulator

Your sport-obsessed dad can play as many games as he wants with this nice looking golf simulator that uses infrared beams to replicate where the ball would have gone with a real club swung on a real course.
Even when the weather outside says a firm NO, this is a fun way to let dad play golf, still.


11. Outdoor pizza oven

With this outdoor pizza oven, an appetizing home made pizza will become dad’s new summer come-on. You will probably be a beneficiary too.


12. iRobot roomba 650 robotic vacuum cleaner

Let’s talk about some real time-saver as a gift for your dad this Christmas.

Imagine a home with robots that are intelligent enough to think for themselves and walk among us.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is a life changing Christmas gift for dad that will last years upon years. Won’t you be happy to just let these robotic vacuum cleaner do the guzzling of the mess caused by the kids at home?


13. The BigOne


This is a bean bag chair like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It is 8 feet in diameter and is filled with soft memory foam so it is not actually a bean bag chair at all. Four or five people can fit as long as everyone sits down at the same time. Dad will love to kick back in this oversized chair.


14. 24-karat gold glasses


The 24k glasses are hand-crafted that will add some chic to his sips. They are wonderful mouth-blown glasses that would make dad happy


15. Wireless headphones

Any tech-obsessed man like your father should find the wireless headphone a great gift to receive. And they are really cool.

When you wear headphones as often as he does, they should make some noise – and send some message too.


16. Propane grill

Avoid seeing your dad messed up from dealing with charcoal by giving him a propane grill. This equipment will definitely make grilling cool and save your father the time and mess that comes thereafter.


17. Glass cutting boards

You will agree with me that every good chef needs a good cutting board. You can give your father the gift of quality and customized glass cutting board.
As a grillmaster or would-be Michelin stars, this is an ideal gift for him.


18. Telescope

So your father enjoys stargazing at night?

Does he give you different captivating stories from the arrangement of the star-studded sky? Investing in a nice, portable telescope will surely make him satisfied. It is amazing how most fathers want to tell stories from the sky (as though these stories actually fell from the sky). Asking him to take you along for the ride on his next stargazing trip will make him more happier than you could imagine.


19. Beard Kit

Perhaps, he embraced the no-shave since the month of October and now, wears a very unruly full-bearded look, gifting him with some beard oil and special comb can help him rock that new look all winter long.

With this beard kit, he bids farewell to the beard that borders on epic.


20. Favorite Cologne

A man is only as good as his signature scent, and if your dad has one he’s partial to, nothing says you pay attention to the details more than picking him up a fresh bottle of that cologne. Even better? If it comes in a set with a scented moisturizer and a body wash – you get a triple whammy gift he’s guaranteed to love.


21. High Quality Aftershave

An important part of any man’s grooming routine, a high-quality aftershave takes the experience to the next level. Plus, it will leave him smelling fresh and clean all day long. Look for an aftershave balm, a hydrating lotion with a mild scent, that will help soothe any irritation without the known sting of a classic aftershave splash.


22. Tile

For the forgetful dad who always seems to be misplacing his keys, a Tile is the electronic best friend he never knew he needed. With an app on his phone, the tile will help him locate his keys with a set sound anywhere in the house. Or, in the car…or at the office, wherever they happen to be when he starts turning back and forth, certain he had them a minute ago.


23. Books from their Wishlist

For the avid reader, a few new books for their never-ending collection is never a bad idea. Check a few off their wishlist (or take a peek at their Goodreads account to see what’s still sitting on their “to-read” list) and maybe even gift a book or two you know they’d love, but they just haven’t heard of yet! Expanding the literary horizons of a bookworm is always a welcome present.

Price varies.

24. Fitbit Blaze

Fitness junkies everywhere love tracking their activity. There are so many tools on the market now that help give us a better overall picture of our health and progress, so choosing one can be difficult. But if your dad is more interested in the fitness stats than smartwatch capabilities, along with sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, the Fitbit Blaze may be the perfect fit.

Price varies

25. Custom Canvas Christmas Ornament


Few things are as fun as canvas, and what makes a better Christmas gift than an ornament for the tree?

Price varies

26. Leather Keychain


If your dad drives a car, chances are he needs or has a keychain. Why not give him a little upgrade with a photo of you and your siblings for Christmas? If leather’s not his thing, we offer silver keychains as well.

Price varies

With these Expensive Christmas gift for dad, this year should end with a satisfactory smile from dad to you.

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