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Congratulations on your engagement messages you need

congratulations on your engagement messages

Have you wished that your friend, sister, brother colleague, cousin or anyone close to you congratulations on your engagement messages?

Or you are still looking at the perfect words to string together and make the congratulations on your engagement messages super-duper. You will not be disappointed with these messages I am going to put up for you.

You see?

To get the best beautifully crafted and artistic cards for your recently engaged friends and family is relatively simple. However, finding out what to write on the cards could be the most difficult thing to do. Do not fret too much, I have got you covered with the most reasonable offering and words to offer congratulations on your engagement messages.

Congratulations on your engagement messages: now is that perfect time to string the messages together just in case you looking at the possibility of ignoring sending any message and just walking up to their wedding ceremony. From writing a romantic quote, funny messages, to cute quotes, go on, throw hearty cheers of words to the couple, spoil them silly with words laden with a lot of emotions congratulating them on their engagement.

Who doesn’t need some congratulations on your engagement messages. Get on with it!

Congratulations on your engagement messages from me to you. You both are an amazing couple and I truly wish you the best of a forever journey together

My Congratulations on your engagement messages from me to you is that you will both live long in all fruitfulness, affection and joy together. May your home never run dry of love.

Congratulation on taking the path of forever fulfilment. God bless your new home

You are two perfect couple who are just ideal for each other. I pray for God’s full protection all through the wedding process and a blissful life full of love and fun.

I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful news and I wish you both an amazing life and future together.

Seeing both of you together has impressed me over the years. And now that you both have decided to take the plunge. I am happy and I wish you congratulations on your engagement.

Hearing this information from my colleague has left me with no choice than to send congratulation on your engagement messages to you. May God bless you as you have decided to go on the path of marital bliss and fulfillment.

A lot of people always try to avoid getting engaged and even if they do, they seek out the options and reasons for the engagement, but looking at you both and your life together, looking for a reason is completely out of it because both of you are reasons in itself. You motivate a lot of us and we are proud and happy that you are finally together. This not going to be the last message as I would be sending series of congratulations on your engagement messages to you. Cheers!

As you hold on to each other, and taken the plunge together! To share the future together, to chase dreams together, and expand the horizons of your affection together. Please remember that now the two of you have become one and every decision should remain unselfish and unbiased. You have exchanged rings and I look forward to an amazing future for you both. Congratulations on your engagement. This is one of my congratulation on your engagement messages to you. More messages on your way.

A lot of us look up to your relationship and was extremely excited when you got engaged. Always know that we look up to you and you are in our prayers. Congratulations on your engagement. May God be with you and your new home.

Cheers to the OKO and IYAWO, you are both about to start a new life and a new world together. As you have decided to join together as a double-in-one FAM, I pray that the happiness in your life will go on Double-Double. I wish send more congratulations on your engagement messages to you. Happy Engagement

Not only am I wishing you this as part of my congratulations on your engagement messages, I also cannot wait to be a part of your wedding. It has been an amazing journey over the year. The long-distance relationship, the emotional cute quotes that you exchanged over the years. Your communication levels which amazed me. Rise and shine into your new world Fam. Happy Engagement.

You have both planted the seeds to a happily married life, and I pray for easy and blissful germination to become a huge tree that will bear good fruits to the joy of the almighty. I am so happy to be a part of your engagement. Congratulations once again!

You are the definition of perfection. A trait that seems to be far-fetched in most of the relationships I have come across. On this blissful union today, I wish you congratulations. I can’t wait for your wedding already. God be with you.

Saying ‘I do’ is a very delicate step to take as a lady. Not only are you saying you are no longer only you, you are also joining another man in his life. I was scared and happy at the same time. Scared that I wouldn’t see you as I used to, because you would be leaving to join your hubby, and happy that you are finally getting married to the love of your life. I wish you all the best in my congratulations on your engagement messages and I pray God leads and guides you in everything you do.

An exciting future is about to commence. May you always be successful in all ramifications. I am so excited that you both have decided to make your relationship official. Congratulations on your engagement buddies.

Life road is very tough. We were created not to walk it alone but with a partner. Some of us are bothered about the partner we eventually get. But for you, you have always loved her with all your heart and you also understood what you wanted in a partner as you walk down life’s road. I am so happy and grateful to God for your life and your relationship, and I wish to congratulate you on this journey together. May God be with you Buddy.

I have always known the “forever” anytime I see you both having the fun of your life together as love birds. And it really came of no surprise to me when I heard of your engagement. I am so excited that you have made up the time now to start a beautiful future, and I am very sure that God has got your backs. Hold on to each other tight as you have done in times past, and you will weather all storms that life might bring. Congratulations on your engagement messages from me to you. It won’t end here, I am sending more!

Making a statement of commitment to another is a decision so huge it scares a lot of people away. I would advise people who are afraid to commit to take a cue from you and learn how you have been able to master life’s processes, and how flowery your life has grown. I pray that every day of your life will be in complete happiness and utmost contentment. I pray that your love will continue to grown and you understand your partner to utmost fulfillment. I pray that the seed of love that God has planted in your life will continue to germinate to be an inspiration to a lot of us still on the path of finding marital bliss. Congratulations Dear, God bless your togetherness

I bless (insert date here), the day you both met each other as cupid definitely had something instore for you. I wish you both the power, energy, patience and perseverance to deal with what life and marriage has to offer. My heart felt congratulation on your engagement to you and your partner.

I wish you everything amazing as you start this journey together.  You need to know that road is unclear, uncertain, not as smooth as you would have expected, but I am sure with the right woman you have chosen, you will scale through any trial posed by the marital journey of life. You will be blessed with more strength, affection, and understanding to wage through all situations each and every day of your life together. Congratulations on your engagement. God be with you.

Whooo Whooo, something amazing is coming up real soon. It is the wedding of my friend (mention name here). No statement can ever express my joy at your engagement today my dear. I am indeed excited and can’t wait to be a part of your wedding. Congratulations Baby, God bless your new home.

The road that led to this was long, but then your love was never wrong. You were strong and stayed through to love all along. I am happy to be a part of your story and I am going to share how you weathered the storm all through the time. God bless your home.

OMG! You are engaged to the woman of your dreams…WoW!! I was expecting it though, but I never even thought it could come early. Can we do lunch tomorrow afternoon, so you can share the story with me. I can’t wait to hear it. Congratulations.

It has been a journey. I remember your tears when he (mention his name) broke your heart. You gave him your all, yet he threw all that away. Then this God-sent came along and wiped all your tears away! He is the most amazing gift of God to you, and I am excited to see your tears of joy when you got engaged! May your river of blessings never run dry, and may God continue to turn your tears of sadness to joy. Congratulations dear. At last!!

I am sending you one of my congratulations on your engagement messages to you today. My wish is that you and your fiancé live a life of pure bliss and accord. May God’s rivers of blessings never run dry in your new home. God bless your marriage.

I feel so much happiness after learning two of my people are getting married. It fills me with so much joy that you have decided to plan your life together. If you need help on anything, just call me up and I am more than happy to be a part of the wedding process. Yes! Congratulations.

Cheers to the latest couple in town. May God’s love and compassion never depart from your home. You will spring up fruits that will be leaders of our generation here and unborn. Wedding date coming soon! I am excited. I am telling our friends to send their congratulations on your engagement wishes to you.

Remember to love one another, remember to share all grievances and sort out all issues, remember to deal with your problems without third party interference, remember to love and understand, remember to fear God and do his wishes. Wishing you the very best on your engagement and marriage.

I am really happy celebrating your together today. I am so excited and can’t wait to pop the bottles on your wedding day. I pray for a better life, future and stronger connection together than before. Congratulations.

This is just about time and delightful update. Your engagement! I am bringing all the best gifts at your wedding. I pray that your togetherness will last for eternity. Congratulations.

On this joyous occasion, my wish for you both is a love that shines so bright like the diamond, and companionship that grows so high and strong like the IROKO tree. Wishing you a blissful life together.

Days and night will arrive in your marriage but you love will grow continually. My hearty congratulations to you both on your engagement. Expect more congratulations on your engagement messages and cards from me on your wedding day.

I love you both so much, my heartiest congratulations on your engagement.

Now that you have seen the congratulations on your engagement messages you should send to people close to you, why not start texting already.

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