Hey soul brother
Beautiful would have been the perfect definition for you
Not for your look but for your heart
Soulful beautiful heart, that’s what you have got, you just don’t know how to say No.
You can’t skip that beautiful moment of the day when you become the shinning armour of someone
Maybe I should coin a name for you,a super hero name,something like…
Selfless superhuman hero. Nice right? lol

Dear selfless superhuman hero
How come no injustice can slide you by without you jumping into your costume?
Really, can’t you look past that crying beautiful sorrowful lids?
It’s easy for you to carry the shoulders of the whole world, I know you would have love to carry our full weight ,but oops!
That will means your death right? lol

Oh! How I wish you just have a fifth sense to detect from afar who to rush from and just who to help
Oh! How I wish your beautiful, soulful heart won’t know any pain if just maybe you have a heart that serves as lie detector
Then you would know when to risk all or nothing
And how I wish for your eyes to pop open to see how far behind you left yourself just to please others
Just to be their pain bearer and be their selfless super human hero

Hey selfless superman,
Please drag yourself along
Drag yourself along and love up on yourself
You can’t help everyone, not even at the expenses of self pity and devaluation
Just so you know,another selfless superman somewhere have you on his list to rescue and save you
that’s me whispering that to you
Please drag yourself along
Don’t save others while you ignore your own salvation.

Don’t push others forward leaving yourself behind
I know you just don’t want to face the fact. You are hurting!
Hey Soulful Selfless Superhuman hero, save yourself first.

From a Concern Self Loved Citizen……


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