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Must Watch: Emotional Docu-Series on Teenage Pregnancy on MTV Shuga Naija

teenage pregnancy

Tears dropped from my eyes watching this Documentary on Teenage pregnancy shot by MTV Shuga Naija and I said a prayer for the cast and crew of the Docu-series. It is a total reflection of our society and how much we need to be educated regarding sex and teenage pregnancies.

It reflects how much there is the stigmatization of teenage pregnancy in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It brought me into the world of how much teenagers go through when they get pregnant. I had no choice than to empathize with these girls and how much they have to go through.

Just so plain emotional.

Babies are bundles of joy and they and their mothers should be treated as one.

There is nothing shameful in getting pregnant outside marriage. The deed is already done! And progress should be the next steps.

Some of the comments on MTV Shuga Naija Youtube Page on Teenage Pregnancy


These three are very lucky to have such supportive family members. Pregnancy shouldn’t be the end of the world for a girl child. She should be able to go to school till close to her due date if she wants to. I hope Nigerian parents would put more efforts into enlightening their kids, both male and female, about sex so they are well informed and not make mistakes. I had to learn about my body and sex in general by doing extensive online research after I left home at 19. Thank God I didn’t fall victim of sexual ignorance before then, I would say it was a bit of luck. I hope to be different with my kids. While I wouldn’t want them to be sexually active before they get married, that won’t stop me from educating them on their body and sexual drive. We shouldn’t have to wait for our girls to get pregnant out of ignorance, neither should we wait for our boys to impregnate someone else’s daughter.

Njeri Njoroge

Sammy’s mom is exactly like mine. I got pregnant, my boyfriend dumped me, lost my job, lost my house when I was 6 months along.

My dad could not let me stay at home. so my mum left with a bed and a few utensils. She rented a place far from home (a single room). It wasn’t much but I was glad I had her. Fortunately, I had bought everything for the baby and saved some for delivery. Mum took care of me, cooked healthy meals since I was stressed out and my immune was weak.

was happy. I delivered a baby girl and named her after mum.the 2 loves of my life sharing a name. She took care of me for a month then looked for a job since we didn’t have any more money. She carried sand, cement and stones for building.shed come home very tired, sometimes sick.

When baby was 3 months I decided to help out.left her with the baby, travelled to Nairobi. Then I applied for a job abroad since I had all documents from 2016. I got a job,a good one. Now am overseas and she’s back home with my child. My father never accepted my child but mom gave up her marriage for us.she always wanted to anyways. I got her a nice house, fully furnished and with everything she desires. She’s my rock. am never stressed since I know my child is in good hands.shes turning 10 months in 8 days. There’s nothing fulfilling than the support and love of a parent. I LOVE YOU MUM.

Leaders, parents, pastors, Imams, Doctors, bloggers, fathers, mothers, SEX EDUCATION is important – TEACH THESE TEENAGE GIRLS.

Watch the Emotional Teenage Pregnancy Documentary Video HERE:

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