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Naija Wedding Story: She Called Me A Big Fool But I Never Stopped Loving Her

Naija wedding

This Naija wedding and beautiful love story of Felix and Desola are all you need to make your day lively. A love story filled with challenges, motivation, and all-round love will make you see that being called a fool is not enough to leave the woman your heart beats for.


Felix started with his story:

We happened to come from the same street, she was a boarder so she only comes home during holidays.

I have been seeing her for years, but I think the very first time I decided to woo her was when she was writing her SSCE Exam.

I was older than her with 6years. On that beautiful morning, I went to her. She called me a big fool but I never relented nor got tired until she finally me gave a chance.

Being that have known her for a very long time as a lady of good character and being respectful. That gave me the impression that she woluld be a very good companion.

I loved her from the first moment I met her. Her cherishable characters, simplicity, God-fearing attitude, kind-heartedness all got me swooning in love with her.

Speaking of relationship challenges and issues

There were lots of challenges even the worst one that was enough to tear the relationship apart. But my principles and understandings of life helped me to deal with it, and here we are still happy together.

I decided to propose when my financial strength is equal to the task.

Felix defined love as:

The ability to endure the unwanted and appreciate what God has made either blue or black

My advice for ongoing lovebirds is that please don’t date a lady you can’t marry.

Desola had this to say:

We lived in the same street. I was in my final year in secondary school and I Came home for holidays because am a border, so I only come home on mid-term breaks and holidays. I was helping my mum in the kitchen on that Beautiful morning 6th of Jan 2010 when I saw him

I thought he was coming to see my Dad not knowing he was there to see me. So I excused myself from my mum and went to meet him. I was surprised to hear him say He loves me and will want to date me. I was surprised because he is quite older than me and I didn’t even think he can come to my level (a secondary school student). I didn’t give him any reply then but I promised to get back to him wen I got back to school.

On getting back to school, I called him after having thought about it and after my final exams, I had the chance to give him more attention.

My first impression was that he just wanted to come and date for a while and leave me because I am quite sure he can’t settle for my type. He has been a very nice and easy going guy Since I knew him.

For me, it wasn’t a case of love at first sight because I felt he was not on my level. What would this man want to do with a small girl like me?

He got my attention with his calmness and easygoing attitude.

He asked me out on the 6th of January 2010. I said yes because I was convinced he will make a lovely companion. He had been a lovely guy before he came to ask me out.

On dealing with relationship challenges

Hmmmmmm, there are so many challenges. So many challenges to the extent that we almost broke up. Bt the fact that Our love was based on a solid Foundation, commitment and understanding, we come 2gether and face the challenges with love.

What excites me about him?

His Smile, Courage, Convivial and Humorous attitude.

We dated for an amazing 8 years before getting married. He proposed to me on the 4th of December, 2017. I said yes because I found out he is destined for me from above and I am ready to spend the rest of my life with him.

On the definition of love

My definition of love is the ability to understand, be committed to and be able to endure through thick and thin for your partner.

My advice for them is they should be contented with whatever you have. Commitment really matters in a relationship, it also keeps it growing when love stops. Don’t be in a competition with anyone. Be an architect of your relationship*.

DO NOT EVER COMPARE RELATIONSHIPS and above all make God the solid foundation of your relationship.

What a beautiful love story. On behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your togetherness and may God lay his hands of blessings on your home. We dedicate this beautiful ‘Teni’s song – Case to your family:

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