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It is indeed a beautiful love story as shared by Akintayo who recently wedded Bidemi, after dating for 5 YEARS. From having to apply maturity to deal with long distance to plenty shakara from Bidemi, it was indeed a love story that eventually ended in marital bliss.

In a world where it is now advised that ladies should allow guys get into their DMs for a chat in anticipation of a hangout or relationship, will ‘plenty shakara’ still be the order of the day?

Let’s get on with the story.

Ladies first, Bidemi spoke about how they met:

‘It all started sometimes in year 2012 in the University of Ilorin, Performing Arts Theatre, I was in my final year and he was an ex-student but came back to school to sort out some stuffs’.

Akintayo affirmed this by saying:

‘We met in school. Unilorin to be precise. Studied the same course, though I was a year ahead of her. Had some issues so I had to wait an extra year, and that was when we became close’.


Speaking on her first impression:

‘Akintayo was my senior course mate in the university of Ilorin, we studied the same course (Performing Arts) he was in year two when I gained admission, back then in school as a fresher we both don’t talk I just know him as my senior colleague it was just the normal “HI HELLO” thing and that all’.

Akintayo in his words:

‘Actually I did not really have her in my thoughts. Being in the theatre then, I guess I had a whole lot of things on my mind and as such I had no time for romance’.

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On love at first sight

Bidemi had this to say:

‘No it wasn’t, we weren’t really close back then’.

Akintayo said ‘It was love unexpected. It all happened at Ilorin during a performance we had. I remember dressing up and observing her with her friends, and it was like something snapped within, you know, like a veil being removed from my eyes’.

Speaking of attraction

Tayo said ‘I was attracted by her personality, her strength. Despite being diminutive, she is an enigma, and just like an onion, you have to peel layers upon layers to know the real her. Of course you won’t be forced to tears.

I am excited by her person really. She is fun, my partner in crime, and boy oh boy, her squinted eyes whenever I get her angry’.

Bidemi said ‘his energy towards life, he knows what he want in life and he can go to any reasonable length to achieve it.

How we started dating was funny and amazing. I never thought we would end up together this way but God has his own way of doing things. Akintayo is a person that knows what he wants and when he does, he goes for it no matter the challenges. He asked me out sometimes in 2012 but I take am do shakara no be small oh but he never gave up. He is a go getter, upon eventually I agreed to date him. I really love Akintayo’s sense of humor’.

Talking on relationship issues

Tayo said ‘When we were serving, I was posted to Abeokuta while she was posted to Benin, and after service, she moved to Abuja due to work while I moved to Lagos. Truth is that during those periods, it was difficult, especially when weird ideas come to mind. You are always like, where is she, what is she doing and who is she doing it with? But then, you have to trust , and know deep within that your trust is not misplaced’.

Bidemi in her words ‘Hmmmmm if I say there wasn’t issue I would be a great liar, as we all know that there is no perfect relationship so a lot of issues came up, but thank God for our level of maturity and understanding, we were able to deal’.



In 2015, Akintayo asked the big question, he booked my flight from Abuja to Lagos and when I got to Lagos he came along with his brother to the airport to come pick me up. Then the next day we hooked up again at the city mall in Ikeja with some family and friends.We sat for a treat in KFC when I saw his brother videoing us with his phone. I thought it was the normal Instagram video but to my surprise I saw Akintayo on his knee with a ring in his hand and he said “will you marry me” I was shy, surprised and happy, immediately I said YES!!

I said YES because I’ve waited so long for this day to come, and I really wanna spend my eternity with him. I remembered I once told one of my friend when I was in my first year in school that the person I will get married to was in UNILORIN. At that time I had never even met Tayo and here we are today!’

When asked about knowing when it was time to propose. Tayo only had this to say: ‘Well I just did, I just knew it was time to propose and I did’

Their definition of LOVE

Bidemi: ‘Love is an inexplainable yet incredible feelings for someone’

Akintayo: ‘Love is beautiful and love is when you see yourself in your partner, just as you are, imperfect but true’.

Their advice to LOVERS out there

Bidemi: The most amazing and challenging part of our relationship was distance we were always miles apart but despite the distance the relationship grew stronger day by day, I want to use this opportunity to advise youth out there, distance is not a barrier in a relationship when there is love, trust and certainty the sky will be your starting point. There is no relationship without ups and down, the devil will try to rise his ugly head but with prayer, fasting, understanding and trust the lord will prevail

Akintayo: ‘Never stop loving no matter what, that’s the only time you get to live’.

This indeed an AMAZING love story. On behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your togetherness and may God lay his hands of blessings on your home. We dedicate this beautiful  ‘Solidstar’s  song Wait (Refix) ft. Patoranking, Tiwa Savage’ song to your family.

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