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never give up quotes

You should go through these never give up quotes because quotes on never giving up goes a long way in calming calms and making one feel better in dire situations. My never give up quotes have been collated from the depths of my soul to me and you. I will always create these never give up quotes from time to time to encourage everyone going through a life of sadness and depression.

never give up quotes

This never give up quotes have been created by me to enable you fight through any situation that you find yourself. Do not ever give up!

Never give up quotes created just for you

Not for any reason should you allow your present predicament to determine your future. You should own it and take charge of it. No matter the ebb of disappointment that you may feel right now, just believe the fact that you are still alive and on the path way to redemption.

So many people feel sad, terrible, dejected and probably depressed but you should know that you still have life and when there is life, there is hope!

never give up quotes

You need a lot of not giving up quotes to help you on your journey. There are so many quotes on not giving up but this has just been drawn from the lowest ebb of my heart because I have been there and completely understand the process of finding oneself again after the lot that has happened!

It is not yet the end of the world when you look at the things and situations that have happened around you. People have gone through worse, trust me:

You lost someone?
You lost a job?
You broke up with a girlfriend/ boyfriend
You think you can’t fine love again?
Your purpose is lost from you?
You have decided not to try because of disappointments?

You do not need to give up on life. Look at it this way, What do you find it easy to think about whenever you feel so sad? What makes you smile in the middle of all the confusion? What gives you less stress when you engage in? Who/ what keeps you company when your soul is down?

Focus on these things; put your energy on what will distract you from your present condition. Look at how you could impact people that are close to you or are looking up to you!

The never give up quotes are just for you then. Read as many times as you can, and always know that you are not the only one going through this phase in your life. Someone has gone through worse and scaled through it!

Great Never Give Up quotes you should check

Our never give up quotes that are carved to enliven your soul through life and love’s rigours:

1 The most difficult moments of your life always lead to the greatest moments. Your difficult position today will build you to be a better human tomorrow. Never give up

2 When the tough gets going, open the door and trudge your feet in between. Use the left leg to throw the door wide open and just march on. No stopping, no shaking!

3 Do not ever stop dreaming. Do not ever stop believing in your abilities. Do not ever say it is over. Do not ever give up. Because when you think it is the end, you are just starting.

4 This not giving up quotes will make you feel that when life offers you lemon, crush the robust thing and juice out lemonade out of it. It is a step to self-actualization.

5 Don’t be sick, don’t be miserable, don’t look gloomy, don’t be dejected, don’t be cheerless. Just cheer up and feel glad, because your future is just starting. Your forever is just starting now.

6 Every disappointment is a blessing. You get disappointment today! Your blessing is sure bound to come tomorrow. Keep your path of distinction and take the leap of faith. Trust in God and everything will happen faster than you think

7 A door is closed, the future seem so bleak because opportunities are not forthcoming. Find something you believe in, work hard at it. Don’t you ever give up while working that phase. Heaven will smile down on you and your breakthrough will come when you least expect it.

8 The number of times you have failed does not matter in this discourse. What is very key is your stand up time whenever you fail. When you fall, what makes you stronger is the number of times you rise.

9 Now things have spiraled beyond control and you feel the end is near. Just before you think further, do you have a dream? We all do, don’t we? Gather all the guts you need and to consider your success as you follow your dreams, and hustle so hard by all means to ensure that it becomes a certainty.

10 Hey, stop, never give up now, not just yet. That moment you decide to lose hope. You have lost it all. But remember before you take the next drastic step. You should know that beneath all the loss, there is a ray of hope.

11 Keep driving, keep moving, keep forging ahead. Success awaits you in the end.

12 Do not fear failure. Never! For it will surely come. What you need to fear is not getting up and trying. Because the worst failure in this life is not trying at all.

13 Rise and continue to grow, till your goat becomes a tiger

14 When you are sad and depressed, then you get spasms of psychological cerebral obstruction. Face your fear, and break those obstructions, break them. Break the mental blocks and turn them into the blocks that will build your destiny.

15 You need to know that when failure happens, you may be the only supporter that you have. Do not ever believe that people will support you as you would need to provide the necessary support for yourself. But that’s fine, you are a true star, and that is all you need to light up a crazy world.

16 When the storm comes, dance in it. When the rain comes let the splatter of cold water splash all on your face and body. However don’t wait for the storm and the rain to stop. Step into it and pave your way, step on the watery ground and push your human force into the storm. If the rain and the storm won’t stop for you. You will pave your way in between them and see your destination as it draws closer to you.

17 Your motto in life should be I won’t give up. You know what that means? That you should continue to try and try! Trust me, when you try so hard, success will smile down on you. You should understand there would be barriers and obstruction, but you have to confront and challenge the dangers that are persistent. Continue to strive more! Strive harder! If you strive so hard towards your goal, just in a minute you will see your destination in no time. Your future is now!

18 Once you take a step, then you can walk a thousand miles. All you need to do? Is believe in your belief! And moving a step at a time. It may take a long time, but what is enjoyable is reaching the destination you have so craved for.

19 My never give up quotes should bring you from the depths of your sadness to trigger your desire button to keep working hard at what you stand for. Do not let it break you, Never!!

20 The most difficult times of our lives always catapult us to our greatest moments. Strive for gold, hard-hitting predicaments build strength in people.

21 When it is time for you to begin to fight for your passion, Be the fire, be harsh and hard. Burn every blockage along your path.

22 No one has the authority to smash your ideas unless you let them.

23 Some of the most remarkable things you own in life come from your mistakes

24 People will call you a fool, that’s okay. Accept it. There is no harm in being smart inside but acting idiotic outside. Just make sure that at the end of the game, you are the one with the aces.

25 Follow your passion; you will be surprised what you can accomplish

never give up quotes

26 Believe me, it is when you are close to your goals that you begin to ideas of Giving up. A certain voice appears in your head ‘Hey, What are you still waiting for. Give Up’. You tell that voice ‘Shut the hell up. Giving up isn’t for me’

27 Hold in your arms every new day in gratefulness, optimism and affection.

28 Those that conquer it all never give up. Those that give up never conquers

29 When you lack the resource, time and relevant support to achieve your dreams. The desire to quit comes to fore. But the truth is, nobody really cares about you until you are beginning to generate traction on your dreams. This is not an excuse for you to quit. Rather, channel your energy and creative resource into your dreams and you never can tell when you begin to gain grip of your dreams and can afford all the little things. Gaining grip of your dreams is still better than having no dream. Not having a dream can be a terrible feeling.

30 I saw a one-legged woman climb the steepest part of Olumo rock and got to the highest point. Who says your disability is a set back? Do not lose faith because you are tired. When you are tired, rest then and continue. Quitters never win.

Amazing Never give up quotes

I hope these never give up quotes are beginning to motivate you. I have added more never give up quotes for me and you. Continue Reading below:

31 Sometimes I think I should be proud of what I’ve gone through. I have been frail, miserable, discouraged and depressed. I have gone through my sad moments alone, sad moments that affected me significantly to the points of depression but wasn’t enough to kill me. Now I am proud, not because I am successful but because I am still here, waging on, fighting the war. I am stronger fighting my dreams, creating my path, struggling each day. I will never give up until I get to my destination. The point where everything comes to place.

32 You know life is a real bitch, or you want me to tell you that? It forces us to be so sad that we try to give up on what we are building. The most important thing is to believe in the building project and live in the moment as we build. Keep building your dreams, don’t stop. Don’t let the situations of life stop you from completing your project. Never you give up! We need to strive so hard and make life worship us, we don’t need to worship life.

33 Let people throw bricks of disappointment at you. You just pack them all and use them in building not just a house but an empire!

34 Remember, that the world is waiting for you, so take advantage of the day and make the most use of it. You never can tell the next best thing. Just believe and dream on to achievement, If you believe it then you can achieve it.

35 When everyone is saying impossible, just smile. Leverage your determination and forge ahead. He who gives up is weak.

36 Don’t let people downgrade your goals, Don’t let them intimidate you by saying it is impossible. They are only scared of how huge your goals are.

37 You can not determine being a winner by just winning one game. It is all about repeated situations of persistence winning. When you win back to back, people will respect you and they will begin to ask you questions. Then sit them down and inform them of your hard work, persistence and consistency.

38 You need to get your winning DNA

39 If you want to visualize your dreams, find your purpose and become fulfilled in life. Do not ever give up on your passion.

40 As long as you are strong and keep at it, you can conquer all predicaments.

never give up quotes

41 Wait for your dreams with constant prayers

42 To triumph over the sorrow in our lives, we must keep in mind the happiness in our mind

43 Do not ever worry about ‘could haves’. Always look at the ‘can haves’ and wrestle for these. Anything that can still happen is worth wrestling for, and that is where your happiness and fulfillment lies.

44 No one can ever stop you from being great. They can only delay it. Remember, when anyone delays your greatness, they are only making it bigger and better, because when greatness is delayed, new vigor is gained as well.

45 Our pasts do not define us. It makes us better people

46 Don’t you quit. When you put energy into it and it fails, don’t quit. When people mock and scorn you, don’t you quit. When people berate your talent and skill and say you are no good, don’t you quit. When you come last in any competition, don’t you quit. When you seem lost and in a quagmire, don’t you quit. When there is no supporter and you are your number one fan, don’t just quit. When fear and despair is your best friend, don’t just quit. When you feel like giving up, don’t you quit. You will wrongly think quitting will present the tranquility you need. You will think quitting will bring your rest of mind. But note this, quitting at this time will make you regret your decision to quit. Disappointment will be your best friend for not forging ahead. Be a victor, don’t you quit. Quitters are losers.

47 Many people truly fail because they never realized how close they were to success before they quit. Do not let your name be among those that fails. Keep striving.

48 To be the greatest, you need to pick yourself up even when people have given up on you.

49 It is simply not winning that makes you a winner. It is your ability to forge ahead in the middle of the failures.

50 For you to make it, your desire for success should be greater than your dread of failure

I hope these never give up quotes has motivated you as much as it motivated me to keep fighting. As you can see, my energy had made me create don’t give up on me quotes and I sincerely hope they motivate you to keep fighting. Life may seem bleak right now. The future may look desolate, but consistently read these never give up quotes created for me and you.

never give up quotes

Do you have addition to these never give up quotes? Feel free to add more in the comments section below.










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